iPhone Nano

Rumors of an "iPhone Nano" are certainly not new, but it's been some time since there's been any mention of such a device. Today those rumors got a breath of life, though, as Bloomberg has heard from "people who have been briefed on the plans" that Apple is working on a new model of the iPhone that's one-third the size of the current model and could launch at a price of $200 off-contract some time this summer. It's important to note, though, that the source saw the device last year and says that the device may have since been delayed or even axed altogether. The sources also claim to have some dirt on an upcoming iPhone, saying that Apple plans to release a handset that would be compatible with both CDMA and GSM support.

Finally, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is working on an integrated "Universal SIM" technology that would allow iPhone owners to select which carrier they want to use and jump between networks without having to worry about SIM cards or swapping devices.

I've always thought that the rumors of a mini iPhone seemed kind of ridiculous, but today it doesn't seem like a completely terrible idea. After all, Android is already infiltrating the pockets of users all over the world, and we've recently see quite a few cheap but still capable Android handsets hit the market (the Comet and Optimus devices come to mind). The iPhones have pretty much always been more high-end and more expensive, but a new cheaper iPhone, free on-contract could entice a new set of customers. Apple would have to make some compromises with an iPhone Nano, like using a lower-res display and perhaps more plastic than metal, but it would be a pretty interesting move. Do you think a smaller, cheaper iPhone is a smart decision?

Via Bloomberg

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Paul Stelljes
Paul Stelljes then he messed something up on the jailbreak lol ive never had that problem. idk then again every problem ppl say about the iphone i have never encountered them.
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega I hope Sprint doesn't get the shitty Iphone. Android surpasses Apple this was posted on Phonedog.
Steven Davis
Steven Davis Well I say symbian is the best OS.....what.... to soon?
Luz Scott
Luz Scott Nah... It sux as it is!! Id stick wit the htc incredible or the mythouch!!
Tony Ward
Tony Ward OK firstly I own a HTC desire, I owned a apple iPhone 3gs before that and a HTC tytn 2 before that. Now having owned all the top players devices I know what I'm talking about and im not a fanboy. I think that with Nokia owning the largest mobile share and with the backing of Microsoft then if Nokia and Microsoft promote these new devices then it will be the end of apple and android, so there is no point in apple creating new devices now.
Mundo Castaneda
Mundo Castaneda The why does my friend complains to much about his jailbroken iPhone he says that it freezes to much and is laggy as hell and when it freezes he just have to wait until the stupid phone goes off because u can't even remove the stupid battery
Paul Stelljes
Paul Stelljes with my experiences with androids. way to slow, freezes way to much. battery life sucks ass on every single android ive seen. besides everything android does....do a simple jailbreak. even with jailbreak on my iphone4 (even 3g/3gs) and the whole HDD full. no lag no freezing at all. (if this was brought up before im sorry i got lazy reading all the comments lol) i dont know. but main point is i do not like android i see way to much faulty "wiring" and they try to focus way to much ideas into one area. such as the bragging on the camera when the evo came out. iphone4 camera takes much better pics and vid. i will say though iphone is the only product of apple i like. their comps can burn in hell =]. MAINLY making the iphone smaller is just dumb. bigger but not evo big will be nice. then again im content with the size of the iphone4
Roy Portillo
Roy Portillo Heres a fact: My phone was jailbroken and you could clearly see it was. I went in to get my iphone warranty upped. They looked at the phone to see if it able to be extended. They extended it. Didn't void it or mention anything about it.
Roy Portillo
Roy Portillo @Henry: You fix it. Apple will never know. I do it all the time. Nothing happens. People worry to much about the smallest things
Danielle Marie Morales
Danielle Marie Morales heck no! try a B I G G E R screen, then maybe.
Steve Goria
Steve Goria No, and F*ck haters
Chan-Li Tine Chan Prayitno
Chan-Li Tine Chan Prayitno actually if your phone fucks up from jailbreaking, no one can even tell so they give you a new one anyways.
Chris Yetter
Chris Yetter Nope the screen is already small by today's standards
Eric Stephenson
Eric Stephenson I wouldn't even buy a regular iphone because the screen is to small.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Maybe a sufflephone lol
Henry Montoya
Henry Montoya @Roy jailbreaking voids the warranty so if it fucks up what then?
Dustin Newton
Dustin Newton This is for the people saying apple is the best phone ever and saying android sucks. You only like apple because someone big said it was cool. So you followed and got it. I don't want steve job telling me what I can or can't do on my stuff. Android is wide open to explore. As far as the lag,no lag on my droid x. Apple is over priced and is any better.
Dustin Newton
Dustin Newton Droid
Ty Ivory
Ty Ivory If you think about it, the iPhone made android what it is today.
Ninh Rango
Ninh Rango No. I like a Iphone with over 4 inch screen.
Manuel Comparan
Manuel Comparan No way!!!!
Reed Reimers
Reed Reimers I am planning on getting an iPhone, but switching from the larger screen of my Droid would seem like a huge change even to the regular sized iPhone. I wouldn't ever get the miniature iPhone
Thomas Tenkely
Thomas Tenkely Nope. Nor a regular sized one.
Alex Abawi
Alex Abawi Android!!!!!
Mark Gittens
Mark Gittens I wouldn't buy anything apple
Joel Elizondo
Joel Elizondo Uhh no,iPhones screen is small compared to the new phones coming out now days, Why have small when you can have large for the same exact price.smh Android ftw!
Kristian Dominguez
Kristian Dominguez Not even free........ Android all the mother fucking way
Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall nope I wouldnt even buy the actual size ones!
Robin Schade
Robin Schade @Andrew...if your going to throw out slurs at least learn how to spell them! That is all!
Jose F. Barbosa
Jose F. Barbosa uh no
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz iphone was made for grandparents they jus make call an taking picture
Patrick Bishop
Patrick Bishop 3.5 is already small
Patrick Pierre-Louis
Patrick Pierre-Louis Nope
Benjamin Gehlke
Benjamin Gehlke No but my mom would.
Amanda Nicole Sauceda
Amanda Nicole Sauceda "I'll buy anything if its shiny and has an apple logo on it." -Apple fans. Also, what's the point of buying a phone if you have to hack it to make it tolerable to use?
Harold Hidalgo
Harold Hidalgo No
Googoo Bong
Googoo Bong simbian 3
Edward Madera
Edward Madera Wats iphone??????
Andrew Biorn
Andrew Biorn Android is for qweers
Bebe Grant
Bebe Grant iPhone nano?....WOW is all I can say.
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Not unless it was hacked and had android on it
Klas A. Lilja
Klas A. Lilja WP7 all the way! Just love it except from some parts but they will fix that in updates ;-) Doubt that i would buy a iphone with like a 3" screen, uh not a pritty thought...
John Cruz
John Cruz Android is the best
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock You fAndroids are a hell of a lot lot more fangirlish than the iPhone crowd.
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock I do what I want with my iPhone too. Take a minute to jailbreak it. Makes the best mobile OS that much better than the mish mosh nightmare called Android.
Keith Go Packers Boror
Keith Go Packers Boror No f en way
Matt Brownie Cake
Matt Brownie Cake Isn't that just an iTouch
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson The screen is one of the main reasons people rated the iPhone 4 so high, rumor is that screen would be dropped for this mini phone, to me of your gonna buy the iPhone you might as well go all in, that's just my view on smartphones in general.
Steven Davis
Steven Davis If apple made a Cheeseburger Phone I'm sure someone would buy it. Or Maybe an Iphone with two screens...or maybe 3. I don't know I just feel like apple suckers people in like a cult. "If you don't have an Iphone your a cave dwelling turd who eats rocks."
Mauka Side
Mauka Side Negative! It's already dainty enough.
Mark Shryock
Mark Shryock No
Alice Negron
Alice Negron @Roy lol That is not true
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen what the hell would be the point of a nano iphone? It already has a small enough screen it does not need to get any smaller. What's next? The iPhone shuffle?
Roy Portillo
Roy Portillo @Chuck: Have you ever heard of Jailbreaking. Once an iPhone is Jailbroken it slaps Android on the face
Mario Sauceda
Mario Sauceda Android pwns ibone.... :p
Chuck Xu
Chuck Xu Weak azz ifail4 with a small screen, no way of turnin it to a router and no macromedia flash..basically its a poor mans version of what an android fone is. Fail.. Go team htc/team android. Apple just stick to what u do best...ipods
Fan OfDreaming
Fan OfDreaming Already bought an IPOD Touch. That's enough for me thnx
Nick Koval
Nick Koval No
Jay Perez
Chan-Li Tine Chan Prayitno
Chan-Li Tine Chan Prayitno This bitch
Fan OfDreaming
Fan OfDreaming Hell 2 the no
Cesar Trevino
Cesar Trevino Apple presents the iPad Nano!!!!! Featuring a 3.5" display with front facing and rear camera, a Headphone jack, a home button... Wait... Isn't that just an iPod Touch?...
Ian Barratt
Ian Barratt id buy it
John Zanatta
John Zanatta I wouldn't buy a regular sized iPhone. Buy a smaller version? Meh. WP7 is the new one to watch.
Luis Reich
Luis Reich @Steve... LOL Read all these comments... The iPhone was great when it came out... Now its just a mediocre mid-range phone dude...
Johan Hulander
Johan Hulander No i would not but i would buy a larger iphone
Dishant Shah
Dishant Shah Who cares wat apple makes anymore.....seriously? Lol Android all the way!
Catrina Caulk
Catrina Caulk I miss my droid but I LOVE my iPhone. def don't want a nano of it, screens already decently small compared to other smartphones
Brian Hamilton
Brian Hamilton @Steve, you sir are an uninformed Apple fan boy. Android users do what they want with their phones...not what Steve Jobs wants us to....seems maybe all Steve's have issues.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz iphone is already a miniature screen
Alice Negron
Alice Negron @ Justin Zollar I agree lol
Alvaro Astudillo
Alvaro Astudillo 4" screen should be the minimum size for a smart phone nowadays, specially since these devices are being used for their GPS capabilities. You need a nice big screen.
Justin Zollar
Justin Zollar no.. and i'm still waiting for you to give away like what.. 60 more tablets?
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le Wow... this should scare the crap out of Google. They're going to eat into Google's mobile search market share.
Kareem J. Lanier
Kareem J. Lanier Nope. Apple sux.
Kristijan Hresc
Kristijan Hresc No thanks, bigger the better!!!
Alice Negron
Alice Negron And hell no! Why would I buy that crap? I'm very happy with my Android phone :D
Alan Lawton
Alan Lawton Android on any make of phone is crap. Fragmented, slow,sloppy software and just open to virus's!!. Why would you want a +4" screen on a mobile phone(sorry cellphone for you american types lol) too big!!! Iphone5 this June will do me nicely
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez What a stupid idea
Alice Negron
Alice Negron @ Steve First of all, being uneducated has nothing to do with people not liking the Iphone. If you seriously believe that the Iphone is better than Android, then boy you need a reality check. I admit, at one point, the Iphone was the phone everyone wanted. But not anymore! Android can do so much more and people know it!
Simon Yu
Simon Yu I think people want an iPhone HD.. with a large screen you know 4 in sounds about right.. and I am not an Apple advocate.. but I'm just saying.
Andy Bangor
Andy Bangor No. If anything, they need to up the size to 4-4.3" and make the current size the Nano.
Brock Allen
Brock Allen I'm liking how many Andys (Andies? Andii?) are active in the PhoneDog community.
Caleb Helms
Caleb Helms Ha no
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Androids are crao end off ppl BIG UP TO NOAH AND AARON
Derrick Craig
Derrick Craig I have a droid and love it. But have you not seen an iPhone 4? So much sexier and can do a lot more.
Konner Shea
Konner Shea Isn't the iphone small enough already?
Andres Escobar
Andres Escobar Nop!!now android much better
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock The iPhone will always work better than Android. Hardware acceleration and better apps make fragmented Android phones feel slow, jerky and outdated. That's just the way it is, no matter how much uneducated people bash it.
Ali Jasim
Ali Jasim Why are android owners haters on the iPhone? You don't see us saying stuff about droid? Seems to me droid owners are not very happy with the droid so they try to put the iPhone down a notch. No question iPhone is the best phone out their!!!
Alex Reed
Alex Reed Screen is already miniature compared to Wats on the market
Sabrina Gonzaga
Sabrina Gonzaga wtf I'd rather have an iPod touch.
Griffin Flais
Griffin Flais Apple ftw
Ramon Quintero
Ramon Quintero Would be a good idea for those teens but i wont buy it. Ill stick with wp7
Omar Lmt
Omar Lmt Iphone is a big ass phone wit a small ass screan to me. Its a thick phone to
TJ Hahn
TJ Hahn i have a ipod touch and a android phone, best of both worlds, why the hell would i want this bucket of moose piss.
Joaquin Oreta
Joaquin Oreta Yea if it has qwerty keyboard
Tyler Barnes
Tyler Barnes u mean a ipod nano 6g that can call people? nah, i think i'll pass
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez You mean Apple saw the HP Veer & read how industry experts actually liked it so they decided it's time for iPhone Nano? :)
Tim Miyashiro
Tim Miyashiro The screen is already too small.

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