Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook will gain ability to run Android apps

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: February 10, 2011

Android BlackBerry PlayBook

Last month there was a rumor claiming that the BlackBerry PlayBook may be able to run Android apps when it launches within the next couple of months. Today that rumor has been substantiated by BusinessWeek, who claims that RIM is creating a way for the PlayBook owners to install Android apps on their tablet. Contrary to the previous bit of speculation, though, RIM won't be using the same Dalvik engine used by Google. The functionality will be enabled by a piece of software being developed by RIM, says BusinessWeek's sources, and could be ready to go by the second half of 2011.

If true, this would be a pretty bold move by RIM, but it could be a pretty smart one, too. After all, while the App World has around 20,000 applications available, the Android Market's total is around 130,000 as of this writing. That would not only substantially up the number of apps available to users, but it could also raise interest in the PlayBook from Android fans that normally wouldn't give a BlackBerry device a second glance. What do you all make of this rumor? Would the ability to run Android apps influence your decision to buy a PlayBook?

Via PhoneScoop, BusinessWeek

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