Verizon launches the Apple iPhone 4

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: February 10, 2011

After years and years of rumors, leaks, and waiting, the Apple iPhone 4 is officially on Verizon Wireless.  Despite an incredibly successful pre-order period (with reports of over 500,000 sold on day one), Verizon corporate locations opened at 7 AM to handle the increase in foot traffic.  For those unable to snag one at a corporate location, never fear - Best Buy and Walmart are also carrying the device.  The 16 GB version can be had for $199, and the 32 GB version is available for $299.99 (both with two-year agreements).

While we're hearing some scattered reports of antenna issues ("antennagate" is back!), it appears to take place when holding the top part of the unit.  I'm no statistician, but I'd venture to guess that most people hold their devices by the bottom, not the top.  While signal attenuation is certainly frustrating, I've seen the issue in several non-Apple devices.

My unit arrived earlier in the week, though I missed the FedEx delivery due to my travel schedule.  The full review will come shortly, but I have to ask - did you purchase a Verizon iPhone 4, or are you holding out for the next iDevice?

Image via @VerizonWireless (Twitter)

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