Apple to improve iOS notifications by snapping up app developer?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 11, 2011

iOS notification

There are some aspects of Apple's iOS that people can argue back and forth about, like whether it's easy to use or just too dumbed down, but there's one thing that many can agree on: the notification system is not great, especially compared to webOS and Android. After featuring the same pop-up, intrusive notifications since the original iPhone's introduction in 2007, a new report claims that Apple may finally be working to improve the situation. According to Cult of Mac, Apple is attempting to buy a developer with presence in the App Store to help improve the iOS notification system. Just which dev Apple has its eyes on is unknown, but one of the possibilities is Appremix, which is responsible for the notification app Boxcar.

It seems kind of surprising that, with iOS 5 likely coming this summer with the iPhone 5, Apple has never taken the opportunity to revamp its notification system, so I'd say that this upgrade, if true, is long overdue. It's tough to think of what Apple could do to create a new notification system off the top of my head, but just about anything they try would probably be an improvement to what is in place now. What kind of changes would you all like to see Apple make to the iOS notification system?

Via MacRumors, Cult of Mac (Image via AnandTech)