Rumor: HTC 7 Pro arriving on Sprint early next month

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 15, 2011

Sprint HTC 7 Pro tweet

When Microsoft detailed Windows Phone 7's first big update the other day, they reiterated that CDMA WP7 devices would begin arriving in the first half of this year, but failed to get any more specific. However, it turns out that we could be seeing one such device much sooner than expected. Rafael Rivera, one of the hackers behind ChevronWP7, tweeted recently that Sprint will be launching the HTC 7 Pro as soon as the first two weeks of March alongside the NoDo update that will bring CDMA support to the platform.

Even if some Verizon execs aren't completely enthusiastic of WP7, I'm sure that Microsoft wants to get its OS on the biggest and third-biggest carriers as soon as possible. I just hope that Microsoft is working to get multiple handsets on the CDMA characters as fast as possible. Sure, the HTC Trophy and 7 Pro are nice phones, but MSFT is going to need a bigger presence to fight off the likes of Android and iOS. A nice marketing blitz to raise awareness certainly wouldn't hurt, either, especially considering how much publicity Verizon's been giving the iPhone lately. How many of you still plan on checking out WP7 once it hits VZW and Sprint?

Via WPCentral, @WithinRafael

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