Sony's S1 Honeycomb tablet leaks with Tegra 2 and interesting design

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: February 16, 2011

Sony S1 Honeycomb tablet

Just about every manufacturer under the sun either already has a tablet out or will within the next few months, but there is one notable exception: Sony. That finally ends today, as info on their "S1" tablet has leaked to the masses. Some specs of the S1 include a 9.4-inch 1280x800 display, Tegra 2 core, front and rear cameras, and Android 3.0 running beneath a customized interface. The device is said to have a heavy focus on Qriocity, a service from Sony that offers music, games, ebooks, and other content on demand. Additionally, it'll come packed with PSOne games and Playstation integration, although it's not clear yet whether that just means that it's getting Remote Play or full access to the PlayStation Suite. Oh, and that interesting design you see above? Its purpose is reportedly meant to make the owner think of an open paperback book or magazine and also make typing and holding the S1 with the one hand easier. The current plan is to launch the S1 in September for $599, but nothing is concrete just yet.

It's no surprise that Sony wants to get in on the tablet market, and it certainly sounds like they've got a pretty competitive offering in the S1. It'll be interesting to see how people react to the design of the device as well as the skin over Honeycomb, which is something that we haven't seen just yet, although I'll withhold judgment on the device until something a little more meaty than a mockup leaks. What do you all make of the first bits of info on Sony's Android tablet?

Via Engadget