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Considering how long we've been hearing rumors of a Verizon iPhone, and how often people have complained about AT&T's service, you'd think that the VeriPhone would be seeing huge sales numbers since its February 10th launch. According to an source from Apple speaking to BGR, though, that's not the case. The site reportedly has sales figures from five different Apple stores and, while the Verizon model did sell more than AT&T's, the difference isn't as great as one might expect. You can find those numbers below. As for these pre-order estimates, it turns out that they may not have been far off, as the source believes that Verizon and Apple accepted 550,000 early sales. Finally, some stats on just who is buying the VeriPhone: 30 percent were Android users, 25 percent came from BlackBerry, and 14 percent were AT&T iPhoners.

Apple store iPhone sales numbers:

  • Thursday: Verizon = 909, AT&T = 539
  • Friday: Verizon = 916, AT&T = 680
  • Saturday: Verizon = 660, AT&T = 471
  • Sunday: Verizon = 796, AT&T = 701
  • Monday: Verizon = 711, AT&T = 618

It's true that these sales numbers aren't bad for a device that's around eight months old at this point, but I'm sure that they're aren't quite what most of us expected from one of the most rumored, hyped up phones in recent memory. So why are the sales somewhat low? I suspect that a lot of customers that are interested in the device, especially current AT&T iPhone owners, are either still locked into a contract or know that there's going to be a new iPhone this summer. When that device launches, it should be a more interesting battle between Verizon and AT&T (if it launches for both carriers simultaneously, that is), as it'll be a fresh device and many ATT owners will have the option of jumping to VZW without paying an ETF. So what do you all make of these iPhone sales numbers? Are you surprised that the VeriPhone didn't sell more?


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"Verizon iPhone 4 sales not quite as high as expected?"

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Luis Scratch Torres Its because it brings nothing new to the table at a high price range...if the iPhone would be cheaper it would sell way more...Apple has to face it its loosing steam and fast. Im not saying this while claiming another platform is superior. Just facts when the first iPhone released it wasnt innovative just took a bunch of concepts and made them work...now with every new version the iPhone seems like the same thing every year with a new face lift...Android is taking over because its cheaper not superior......also it is widely available on all carriers. Android devices are the same as an iPhone touchscreen+apps...they just do it in different ways. One is open sourced the other a closed platform. thats all their is too it...all phones lately look the same regardless nothing impressive going on really.
Caleb Fleming I think if Apple doesn't step their game up. Android will knock them out of the business.
Matt Dobson I want to see what #5 will be. Verizon or ATT.
Roger Rodriguez It amazes me that a good number of the posters keep comparing a phone (iphone 4 or 5) to an operating system (Android)!
Ryan Edwards because droid is taking over, iphone is old news...
Mike Trieu Yup, definitely because of the vaunted "iPhone 5".
Michael J. Tinley I find it funny how far people go to hate on Apple products. As if they are part owners of Android and Google. Then to call people who buy Apple products names is just beyond me. I've personally owned 2 Android phones and while they have their pluses they have a lot of minuses too. A bigger screen and larger MP camera doesn't make it the best and I can testify to that. I picked up the iPhone for Verizon because I was tired of issues I had with Android including fragmentation when it comes to updates. Makes no sense to have your friend running one update and you're running another after buying the phone within weeks of each other. Apple products have served me well and I'm enjoying this phone. People are probably waiting for the iPhone 5 but if you play that game you'll never buy anything. Technology moves too fast and Android lovers should know that all too well because a new Android phone is out as soon as one is released.
Joshua Bowers The only thing iPhone has over Android is better resolution and that will change soon, you won't be missed iPhone.
Joshua Bowers Who cares its an iphone, old news, let's get on with more exiting things like new Android apps.
Israel Barajas Well , Apples expectations are pretty high . Why would you buy an iPhone 4 knowing 5 is around the corner ?
Clint Riddle Yeah I don't see the point don't they come out with a new iPhone in the summer. It would be stupid to get the old version when the new one is so close.
Monique Renee Heidenberg That's because Android rules....That is all.
Marti Ruiz Yap iphone is for grandparents ang g#¥§
Sam Platz iPhone 4 is old news, I'm going with the Thunderbolt next week.
Matthew Harman Reallly?...Wow...that's a shocker....
Derick Williams Lol the truth is iPhone is just a status symbol. What happens when status symbols become common place? They lose their shine. My friend and I both have android devices and it feels like two different devices. My moms iPhone 4 feels just like every other iPhone in the world. Square icons arranged in rows. Oh also, iPhone looks to feminine for me. I like having a phone that doesn't remind me of a ladies compact.
Marti Ruiz Iphone uncustomizable suck
Zach Zollo First of all android is garbage. Second of all of course they're not going to be as high on verizon because everyone who really wanted an iPhone switched to AT&T before it came out for verizon.
Walter Nunez How about we dont care what apple does with there little apple phones an just move on to the next generation of phones which is ANDROID
Tim Miyashiro Because the iPhone is last years tech?
Dan Hansen If it went to Sprint, it would crash their crappy no coverage network!
Justin Peahi Android was birthed and gained it's ground from angry "I can't have an iPhone" customer and will always be second best. Sad, brain washed android users!
Carlos Ramirez It's because Verizon is expensive iPhone should have went to Sprint
Phi David Tran Boo to the iphone such an overrated phone got plenty other phone that is better for example evo or my touch 4g same features plus cheaper price android taking over
Oanh Kim Nguyen Duh cause at&t already provided services for iphone 4 first!
Steven Crisostomo An evo 2 would be sikk. Jus as sikk as cyanogenmod 7
Scott Bitters Its a combination of people waiting for the iPhone 5 and most people aren't up to upgrade.
Gerardo Ortega Everybody is waiting for the Iphone5, I'm waiting for the EVO2
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Everybody is waiting for nxt itinerary from apple which is just round the corner, so who wll risk investing their hard earned money on the model which is stll having problems.......hope apple comes with sumthng better or upto the standard of Atrix and Galaxy S2.......
Richard Davis Bought the iPhone 4 through verizon and over all I am satisfied with the product.
Victor Rios No s#!t its Verizon...they suck! Also it could be because Android is taking over...
Joshua Ryan Willis Imho, iphones are overrated pieces of crap that came out with a new software before any other phone, and hyped it up so much that only stuck up rich people and die hard apple fans bought it, and now apple hasn't made any major changes other than body, video recording, and backgrounds...i think android and windows phones have really flipped the game on apple, but people are just so used to the thought of the iphone starting a cell phone revolution that they keep all the hype going when apple makes an addition to the iphone that most other phones already have
Nick Koval Hahaha
Manuel Comparan No iphone 5 for verizon! Why would they do that after the release of the 4?? Makes no sense!
Aj Green I didn't get it because I'm waiting to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer. And if they get rid of the home button I'm sticking with android.
Jacob Solace iphone 5 is around the corner. i will decide then whether to stay with my droid x.
Ben Broyles Serves them right
Joel Gomez All the fans are stuck with AT&T
Micah Watkins The next iPhone dosen't come out until Q2 which will have a chip for both CDMA (Verizon, Sprint & GSM (ATT & T-Mobile). There's word of an iPhone Nano and a iPhone with a physical keyboard which sounds cool.
James Barger III Timing is everything.
Tony Ward Maybe because people are starting to realize that android powered devices have better hardware and software and are cheaper to buy, oh dear apple lol
Matt Weber Its because people don't want to give up voice/data at the same time and don't want to go to Verizons dial up speeds
Mitch Lopez Why would they be? Many people might actually have a clue and chose to wait for the iPhone 5 which is only months away.
Gabriel Castro Yeah. People are just waiting for the new one in june.
Duldulao Ryel We want to know when is the release of iPhone 5 and what carrier AT&T Tmobile or verizon?
Tony Ward Because people want to buy a handset that you can make calls from, apple just can't seem to get it right can they lol
Ken Scott Kletzin It's definitely flawed & buggy, I'm on my eighth AT&T iPhone 4, it's the device, not AT&T, I have to contact Apple to try to get a new replacement device.
Micah Watkins I agree with Brandon it's time for the iPhone to be on all 4 major phone carriers in the US. Android is on every carrier worldwide.
Adrian Jordan Verizon pre-orders sold out in only two hours. That's bananas!
Derreck Haverty The iPhone 4 is almost a year old, and with the 5 due in about 4-5 months, who would be dumb enough to buy it?!
Fabian Narez Because people don't want to go threw the trouble of switching
Emross Mariano Coz a lot of people already have iphone 4 from at&t and the phone is flawed and kinda buggy specially the signal. They would rather wait for iphone 5 which is coming out later this year.
Brandon Mims Verizon isn't giving any real incentive for those at&t iPhone owners to jump ship to their slower network. Apple should have giving the iPhone to the big 4 once the contract with at&t was up
JMichael Rodriguez Uh yea, whats the point if the next iphone is around the corner.
Christopher Maurer Verizon has so much going on right now it's hard to decide exactly what phone to go wtih. Nobody knows what will happen when iPhone 5 comes out, and if it goes to both carriers or just AT&T. LTE phones are coming out. What if iphone5 supports LTE? I don't think theres anything exciting enough with this iphone that a lot of people are willing to break their AT&T contract or pay full price to upgrade their existing Verizon phone. The smarter thing to do, it seems, is wait for this all to shake out over the next 6 months.
Fred Lindsey III I got mine!!
Dwan Harris iPhone 5 will sell at a fast pace which vZn should dropped instead of 4
Matt Sassi Knew that would happen
Brian Hamilton They waited too long. iPhone is old news. Anyone that wanted one got one. People that are unhappy with AT&T are not going to immediately drop them and pay the fee to cancel just to go to Verizon and have to shell out the cash for a new iPhone.
Bryan Callahan Everyones waiting for the iPhone 5
Karla Bates That's bc the die hard apple fans already have it through AT&T. Had they put out an iPhone 5 I am sure they would have been slammed. Also I am sure some are waiting for their contract to b up so they don't have to pay full price.
Kaelen Carling i told everyone this but no one listened to me

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