Does Samsung have a 3D device in the wings?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| February 17, 2011

LG is taking the innovator cap and wearing it proudly with the upcoming release of 3D technology in not only a smartphone, but also a tablet. Some think that LG’s endeavor could see some pretty interesting results, while others believe that 3D on a smartphone is just a guinea pig of sorts, testing the waters before LG and other manufacturers put the 3D focus where they really want it: tablets. But Samsung doesn’t think that, right now, 3D is all that necessary.

I was expecting to hear some responses from the other main manufacturers in regards to 3D, but Samsung managed to surprise me. Not because the company doesn’t think 3D is necessary right now (I was expecting that), but because of the last bit at the end of their statement. “We just don’t see [3D] is needed yet – good luck to the innovators though, it will be interesting to see if it works, and if it does you’ll see a response from Samsung quickly.”

First, there’s no way that Samsung hasn’t already tossed around the idea of 3D in smartphones or tablets before now. I think the first part of the comment alludes to that. Saying that the company has had discussions on the technology and particular platforms without really saying it, but decided that for now, they’ll stick with what they’re doing. But, it’s that last little comment that makes me think Samsung’s already working on a handset, or even a tablet, that features the technology.

Only because they include the word “quickly.” Now, to me, that means that Samsung’s already working on a 3D-capable device, but they want to see how LG does out there with their first smartphone and tablet before they make their move. Perhaps it’s the expense of a 3D device that has Samsung hesitant to launch anything before the market proves whether consumers want it or not. Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

I think if they weren’t working on a 3D-capable device, they wouldn’t have said that consumers should expect a response from them quickly. Unless of course Samsung thinks that a year later is quick (and I guess that's perfectly possible). I think the big question is: if Samsung is working on a 3D-capable device, is it going to be a smartphone or a tablet? Or both?

Let me know in the comments what you think. If LG is not the manufacturer you want when it comes to a 3D-capable device, is Samsung? How about HTC? And do you want a 3D phone or tablet more?

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