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BlackBerry Monaco Storm 3

The BlackBerry Monaco, aka Storm 3, has leaked a couple of times in the past, but we've only ever seen still photos or renders of the handset. If you're a phone addict like me, though — and if you're on this site, why wouldn't you be — you know that video leaks are always way better than photos. To that end, a video of the Monaco in action, complete with Verizon branding, was just thrown up on YouTube by the folks at CrackBerry. The handset does indeed have a touchscreen/trackpad combo and is running BlackBerry 6, although the experience looks a tad laggy. Considering that the handset hasn't even been announced just yet, though, I'll let it slide. Check out the full clip below.

RIM's Storm devices haven't really been the most popular BlackBerrys ever, but the Monaco really looks like it has the chops to hang with its Android and iOS contemporaries. The touchscreen/trackpad combo may seem kind of strange to some, but after using a Nexus One that features a touchscreen and a trackball, I have to say that having both navigation options available is pretty nice. So after watching the video, what do you all think of the Monaco? Does it have what it takes to be a hit?

Via CrackBerry

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Eric David Alvarez
Eric David Alvarez I had a blackberry for about 2 years now and pretty much sick of it I can't wait until my contract is over and get an iphone 5 this summer
Akmal Yusri
Akmal Yusri nope!!!
Bart Van Oosterwijck
Bart Van Oosterwijck 99% of the dumb reactions of the people here never once touched a BlackBerry!!! Android and iPhones are for kids and would be's. I had a Curve and now a Bold 9780! The phones are very reliable and everything I need is available! It's still one of the most selling smartphones worldwide! So all the haters shut up and get a life!!!
Gainaako Munyal
Gainaako Munyal Blackberry? probably not they need to play catch up with Android OS and iOS.
Stephen D Zahar
Stephen D Zahar I've had the 9780 since November os6 is rubbish I'm done with BBs ,Android here I come
Facebook user
Facebook user Since we buy used cell phones and have bought a lot of Storms I will tell you to beware. We have a lot of issues with broken screens. Over time they tend to stop "clicking". It was a cool idea but if you want a Blackberry Touch screen I would go with the Torch or hopefully Blackberry comes out with a Torch version without the QWERTY slider (although I like the QWERY keyboard myself).
Roth Rous
Roth Rous Blackberry is soooo obsolete! Iphone or Android any day.
Amir Feisal Ruzainee
Amir Feisal Ruzainee maybe not.. Blackberry looks nice but most made from plastic and are very big and bulky.. Plus expensive and not sexy at all.
Zac Hooper
Zac Hooper Blackberry is dated crap. Android is the way to go.
Karine Lalonde
Karine Lalonde I just did!
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters Probably not.
Julio DeJesus
Julio DeJesus I never bought an "old" BlackBerry...why start now? Android is my shiznit!
Harsha Halyal
Harsha Halyal i hate it....
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones Droid 4 life
Ryan Prince
Ryan Prince Yes
Jason Fischer
Jason Fischer Android 4 life.
Monique Renee Heidenberg
Monique Renee Heidenberg Poor blackberry =( lol But honestly no. The speed is horrible as well as the technology. But hey I give it to blackberry for introducing us to the smartphone world =)
Fayez Noor
Fayez Noor no
Sandra Dusek Furtado
Sandra Dusek Furtado Nope once you have had a droid. BB sucks!
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales Lol no one wants blackberrys now a days XD but the reality is that they suck... They always have a problem, they are too slow, the browser is even slower than the damn phone itself! The only thing that's highly respectable about them is their keyboards, nothing else..
Yasan Sui
Yasan Sui No
Tim Fuhrmann
Tim Fuhrmann I can't wait for the new berries
Santiago Alexander Cruz
Santiago Alexander Cruz I'm going to honest; I was " anti BB," I had the HD2 and that phone was horrible, till someone gave me a Curve and ever since, no complaints; very easy to use, responsive, durable and it does what I needed to do. So would I get another BB? Sure why not! Just give me nice hardware and a improved OS and I'm on board!=] (and make it for T-Mobile please)
Brian Blaauwbroek
Brian Blaauwbroek If they improved their OS it would be great. Their devices are solid and reliable but the software is just yesterday.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama HTC Evo 4G
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama BB = No Go
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Android # 1
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez N O spells no!
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras never
Art Carlson
Art Carlson Without a doubt. That is at some time in the future when my refurbed Bold 9000 finally completely give us the ghost. BB is my my favorite platform and works very well for me.
Benjamin Gehlke
Benjamin Gehlke No I hate blackberry
Terrence Cartwright
Terrence Cartwright Fuck yes!!!! Blackberry for life foo!
Terrance Thompson
Harold Bias
Harold Bias Hell no!
Wanda Poppins
Wanda Poppins yep the torch
Kerwin Sulcer
Kerwin Sulcer No! Not even if it granted 3 wishes and one of the wishes was for an Android phone. I don't care.
Josue Fonseca Rivera
Josue Fonseca Rivera I would not get one even if it was free.
Manuel Comparan
Manuel Comparan The CRACKBERRY!! Hell noo!!
Charles Noble Bridges
Charles Noble Bridges not even if it was free
Marcos Acosta
Marcos Acosta no...im trying to get rid of my old one.
Bill Felice
Bill Felice Only if they have a great capacitive touch screen with flash support.. Physical key board would be great as well.
Allen Pudge Sells
Allen Pudge Sells Yep if they come out with one that is a 1gig or better
Omega Missingno Octagonapus
Omega Missingno Octagonapus small phone is small.
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Hell no boring
David Brand
David Brand They still make blackberry ?
James Gehm III
James Gehm III I like it
Jeffrey Vivar
Jeffrey Vivar Android > blackberry
Matt Percan
Matt Percan NOPE
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Hwak no
Wil Kemp
Wil Kemp There is only iphone and android blackberry is the laser disk of the 21st century
Angel Miguel Peguero
Angel Miguel Peguero If its good
Wei Yan
Wei Yan I am a former berry owner and now I'm an htc desire and iPhone owner. I do plan on getting q berry on the future too. Have the top three. Not windows phone 7.
Alexandro Lai
Alexandro Lai No
Ben Khuc
Ben Khuc No
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz no . iphone if you couldnt get a android high end
Nikolas Gloyn
Nikolas Gloyn No
Hunter Remington
Hunter Remington Yes.
George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez No I hate it
Gabriel Sotomayor
Gabriel Sotomayor Downgrade!?!?! No thanks
Kenneth L. Jackson
Kenneth L. Jackson When I was uninformed, I owned a Storm. But, I have since moved to Android (DX), and I plan on staying with the Android os...
Larry Deshields
Larry Deshields Nooooo . Android is the way to goooo ! HTC all day everyday :D
Susan-Marc Perez
Susan-Marc Perez Never
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone No. I had the original Storm and man was that one of the worst phones I have ever owned. It was slow, froze constantly in the middle or texting and had to be re-booted, sometimes I couldn't answer a call because it would just keep ringing and not respond to anything at all. That was my first and last Blackberry. I'm not making that mistake again. Also Blackberry app world is light years behind the Android Market and the iTunes app store.
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Nope. Can't wait till my contract is up on the one I have now
Eskias McDaniels
Eskias McDaniels If my last name was kardashian then yes
Mark Greentree
Mark Greentree Naa!
Dee Motto Love
Dee Motto Love Naw I wouldn't I love androids free apps
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson Hell NO! Am waiting for the Tbolt so I can get rid of this damn Storm 1. My last and ever Crackberry!
Daniel Fares
Daniel Fares I would...if it ran on android...
Scott Ushiro
Scott Ushiro if i wanted to be behind the "curve" right off the bat with a new phone then yes sign me up!!!
Christian Crow
Christian Crow It was good , then iPhone came along and is still champion !!!!!
Ray Dull
Ray Dull ummmmmmmmmm,NO!!!
Angelo Y. Zaldivia
Angelo Y. Zaldivia My bro have an htc wildfire and its a nice android phone..
Jeff Jay
Jeff Jay No
Jimmy Romanelli
Jimmy Romanelli No
Skye Villanueva
Skye Villanueva Hahahahahahahahahahaha.....no
William Howser
William Howser Either way you should follow eddierotten.com. I talk about phones there......and zombies;)
Sheri MzSheribaby Harrigan
Sheri MzSheribaby Harrigan No blackberry sucks
Angelo Y. Zaldivia
Angelo Y. Zaldivia I have blackberry curve 8520.. and its really useful.. but I think androids are much useful because of high os and resolutions..
Christian Crow
Christian Crow No way even if I see a unicorn in the sky hell no
Juwon Howard
Juwon Howard A thread full of no's lol and here's another NOOOO G2
Ramesh Ram
Jonathan Hayes
Jonathan Hayes Fuck no!!!! Never again
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas No
Kevin Mybigman
Kevin Mybigman yes if the next storm3 could run android app.... like rumor said the playbook with run android app...
Noel Barcellos
Noel Barcellos no
Gabriel Castro
Gabriel Castro I had 4 Blackberry phones and hated all of them. Upgraded to the iPhone 4 when it first came out and loved it since. Hated both storms when I had them. Blackberry app world blows too.
Ele Garcia
Ele Garcia Nope it's pretty much old technology compared to the iphones & androids..there processing speed,OS & screen resolution just cant keep up anymore..a couple yrs ago BB's were the shiznit..but I cant wait to get my HTC thunderbolt.
Andrew Veale
Andrew Veale No.
Michael Jarvis
Michael Jarvis Doubtful. I'm digging my 4G LTE Android.
Frank D. Rosario
Frank D. Rosario no they suck
Cynthia Flores
Cynthia Flores IDK..my cell comp. gave me one 2 try out and its comp. Once u have a android cell you. Really kno' the diff. Good thing I get to trade it in a month. For what I really want
Joe Noyola
Joe Noyola Nope; Android is the way to go....
Andrew Christopher
Andrew Christopher Hell no! iPhone all the way! Android if I couldn't get an iPhone.
Luis Reich
Luis Reich No. pretty sad for rim to see the stream of no answers...lol
Rafa J. Torres
Rafa J. Torres Fuck NO! Android the way
John Zold
John Zold Never again! Way too quircky and there are much better smartphones. Pick any HTC and it will squash block berry.

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