Sony S2 features Honeycomb and two 5.5-inch displays

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: February 21, 2011

Sony S2 Honeycomb device

Sony's rumored S1 tablet sports a pretty interesting design, especially compared to the sea of nondescript Honeycomb tablets that we've seen so far. A new leak claims that Sony's got an even more uniquely designed Android 3.0 device in the works that features two displays with a clamshell form factor. As you can see in the mockups above, the device, known internally as S2, sports a cylindrical look that opens up to reveal two 5.5-inch displays. Other specs include a Tegra 2 core, front and rear cameras, WiFi and 3G capabilities, and likely a skinned version of Honeycomb thanks to the device's interesting design. Sony plans to launch the S2 in the U.S. before the holidays for $699, although the sources of the leak say Sony still isn't sold on the S2, in part thanks to the a gap between the two screens that currently a bit too large.

It's pretty tough to make any decisions about whether or not the S2 would be any good based off of a couple of sketches, but you've got to give Sony kudos for thinking outside of the traditional tablet box with their designs. The S2's dual screens kind of reminds me of the Kyocera Echo, which got a less than enthusiastic reception when it was unveiled earlier this month, so it'd be interesting to see how people react to Sony's clamshell device. What do you all think of the S2? Does it sound like something you'd consider checking out or is the dual-display design simply not rubbing you the right way?

Via Engadget