Motorola XOOM bootloader can be unlocked

Alex Wagner
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Published: February 22, 2011

Motorola XOOM bootloader tweet

While we usually leave the Android hacking/rooting news to our good friends over at DroidDog, this news was too interesting to not share: the official Motorola Twitter account (@motorola) just announced that the XOOM will feature an "unlockable/relockable bootloader" that will give users access to the hardware for development purposes. The news was reiterated by good ol' Matt, the Motorola forums manager, which you can check out below.

The details about the XOOM's bootloader are still limited, but this is certainly big news for those of us that love to tinker around with our Android devices, and I'm sure it'll help to sell a few more XOOMs. There's no telling if Moto will begin featuring an unlockable bootloader on their upcoming handsets like the DROID Bionic, X2, etc., but one can certainly hope. So, for those of you that were on the fence about picking up a XOOM this Thursday, are you convinced about buying one now?

Motorola XOOM bootloader forum post

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