Rumor: iPad 2, iPhone 5 to be delayed [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 22, 2011

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Many have expected Apple to release the iPad 2 in April and the iPhone 5 in June/July, following the company's yearly refresh schedule. That may not be the case, though, if some new analyst claims are to be believed. First up, Yuanta Securities Co. analysts Alison Chen and Vincent Chen report that, according to their "checks," Apple will be launching the iPad 2 some time in June. The reason for the two-month delay? Chen and Chen believe it's due to “production bottlenecks” caused by design changes made by Apple.

So if the iPad 2 will be taking the iPhone 5's assumed place in June, when will the new phone arrive? September, says FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger. Berger says that various suppliers and vendors are either still ramping up production or have yet to even receive components, meaning that "that a July launch is unlikely."

It's entirely possible that Apple could end up delaying these two iOS products, but I think it'd be pretty surprising if they did. When it comes to the tablet market, there are going to be a number of real competitors coming out in the next few months, like the XOOM and the G-Slate. While I'm sure that Apple and Steve Jobs aren't too concerned about those competing products, they likely wouldn't mind having a new iPad to go up against them, either.

As for the iPhone, a delay would certainly make Verizon iPhone buyers a little happier with their purchase, but the downside is that it messes with Apple's refresh schedule. Like I said before, just about everyone expects a new iPhone this summer, including those previous iPhone owners whose contracts will be expiring around the time that a new model is expected. Without a new iPhone to tempt those users, they may decide that they don't want to wait and pick up an Android phone or some other non-iOS device. What do you all think of these new analyst claims? Share your two cents with us!

UPDATE: Perhaps the iPad 2 won't be delayed after all! All Things D has gotten word that Apple will unveil the iPad successor on March 2nd, aka a week from tomorrow. It's possible that they may announce the new iPad in March and wait until June to launch it, but that's pretty unlikely. We'll update you if/when the event is official!

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