Motorola XOOM 4G upgrade details leak

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 23, 2011

Motorola XOOM LTE upgrade details

While it's kind of disappointing that the Motorola XOOM won't sport 4G capabilities out of the box, especially since that's part of the reason for the device's $800 unsubsidized price, the good news is that the upgrade will be free of charge and will be made available "approximately 90 days after launch." The bad news? You'll have to send your precious XOOM in to Moto and could be without it for six whole business days while the upgrade takes place. One other interesting note: according to the document, users that add LTE capabilities to their XOOM won't have to make any changes to their existing data plan. That tidbit adds credence to the rumors that Verizon's 4G data plans will be priced the same as the 3G plans, at least initially.

I'm sure that there will be more than a few XOOMers that won't like being without their tablet for nearly a week, but considering that the upgrade is free and won't require a new data plan, I'd say that the good outweighs the bad. What say you? Has the subsidized pricing, Honeycomb OS, and free 4G upgrade convinced you to buy a XOOM tomorrow?

Via Droid-Life

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