Samsung Captivate getting Android 2.2 starting tomorrow, Feb. 24th

Alex Wagner
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| Published: February 23, 2011

Samsung Captivate Android 2.2 Facebook

Exciting news for Samsung Captivate owners on AT&T: the time for your Froyo update is near. AT&T just announced on their Facebook page that Android 2.2 will be made available to the Samsung Captivate beginning tomorrow. There's no other details available right now, but ATT promises that they'll share more, including a link to download the update along with instructions, tomorrow. ATT also included a short video fielding some user questions about Android devices and updates, and in it they reveal that the HTC Aria will see its own update to 2.2 "very soon." Check out the full clip down below.

It may have taken longer than most of us would have liked to see Samsung's Galaxy S devices get updated to Froyo, but ever since T-Mobile's Vibrant got the call to 2.2 last month, the upgrades have been coming pretty quickly. Now that the Captivate will be getting Android 2.2, that leaves the Fascinate as the only Galaxy S phone without any Froyo in sight. Verizon's been pretty quiet about the update, but with the Vibrant, Epic, and Captivate all getting bumped up, hopefully we'll be hearing more soon.

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