After its first OTA rollout, Windows Phone 7 is all grown up

Darren Humphries
Columnist from  Oshawa, ON Canada
| February 24, 2011

HTC Arrive

Windows Phone Update works! Well...sort of.

Microsoft’s first update for Windows Phone 7 is now being pushed out but it doesn’t appear to be the smoothest rollout.  Some users have experienced freezing devices while others simply can’t see any updates available yet.

First, about the update; there really doesn’t seem to be anything in it.  By that I mean there are no new features from this update.  It is either strictly a test update or adds something to the device to get it ready for the update we are all waiting for, the one with cut & paste and other features.  Either way it does seem to be more of a test, and it’s a good idea as it’s obvious there are some problems.

As with any update like this Microsoft wanted to roll this out gradually to keep from overloading the networks and servers.  The result is that there are many geeks like me that look for the update as soon as it is announced.  If we don’t see it on our device there must be some kind of catastrophic problem!  Relax geeks, it’s probably just being rolled out more slowly than you’d like.  Either that...or there is some kind of catastrophic problem!

If you don’t see the update yet just be patient.  I can say this calmly because I’ve already been able to update my LG Quantum, otherwise I’d be hitting refresh with the rest of you.  The update included updating the desktop Zune software first, then the phone.  The computer shows it as a 10 step process and it worked flawlessly for me.

Others have not had as much luck with the update.  Some have reported that their device has frozen during the update process.  If your windows phone freezes the fix is pretty simple; unplug it and pull the battery out.  Your phone should then reboot without a problem but Microsoft suggests you don’t try the update again.  If that doesn’t work you may need to do a “hard reset” (consult your manual).

All this drama for an update that doesn’t add any new features...but is important to Microsoft.  This is a new method of update for them on a new platform.  While I’m sure Microsoft would have liked for this to be flawless it isn’t shocking for there to be some problems.  It’s the challenge of having multiple manufacturing partners and carriers to work with.

Lets hope Microsoft can figure out the problem quickly and roll out the REAL update soon.  I am dying to see some new features on my windows phone!