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The HTC ThunderBolt launch saga continues today, as another Best Buy location has given up some info on the handset's potential launch date. The Roseville, CA Best Buy tweeted earlier this morning that the ThunderBolt launch has been delayed and that it "may launch on Thursday, March 4th." March 4th is actually a Friday, so we'll just assume that the tweeter meant March 3rd since Verizon does tend to launch new products on Thursdays.

This certainly isn't the first time we've heard of a ThunderBolt March launch, but it does seem likely that the device is going to slip into next month. Like I said before, VZW usually releases new products on Thursday, and today is the last Thursday in February and there's no TBolt announcement in sight. Still, there is still plenty of daylight left, so we'll continue to wait and see if something materializes. In the mean time, keep your salt handy and feel free to begin speculating on how many potential March TBolt launch dates will emerge.

UPDATE: An Android Central forum member was reportedly in attendance at a Verizon training event last night, and he says that the TBolt is indeed set for launch on either March 3rd or 4th, "but most likely the 4th." The same poster also claims to confirm that unlimited LTE data will be priced at $29.99 per month, adding credence to previous rumors.

Via Android Police, @BestBuy129, Android Central (1), (2)

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"Will you still buy the Thunderbolt, even if the launch is pushed back to March?"

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Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega No I'm waiting for the EVO 2. Verizon is expensive, your going to pay a lot more using LTE. I'm happy with the unlimited everything Plan for 79.99 on Sprintpcs.
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas Why doesnt Vzw lower their plans Jesus!!!!!
Cody Moore
Cody Moore Yes I won't have enough money till June anyway
Rigel Tong
Rigel Tong Umm... I saw the Verizon tv commercial fir thus phone 2x in the past 12 hours. Why isn't there any info on verizon's website?
Jason Ortiz
Jason Ortiz Depends on the cost of lte data
Adam Hokin
Adam Hokin YES
Dave Torres
Dave Torres Waiting on the DUAL CORE PROCESSOR PYRAMID.
Bob Fitzgerald
Bob Fitzgerald I love my Incredible but I really want that Thunderbolt! I'll wait..
Molly Thayn
Molly Thayn Bionic, Bionic is the phone @ this time 4 me...
Dell Lenovo
Dell Lenovo If ya are talking about delay, then I should say Optimus 2x, Samsung Galaxy S2, even Motorola Atrix on their way already, another thing is that one or more of em r available for pre order, this time my personal preference would be Samsung Galaxy S2 or Motorola Atrix, or may be Optimus 2x but still Samsung Galaxy S2 cus I want best possible camera in my smartphone.
Christopher Frechette
Christopher Frechette Well androids hate you too
Francis Phimphivong
Francis Phimphivong Ew. I hate Androids. >.>
Jamel Taylor
Jamel Taylor Yes I am still copping!
Heather V. Crutchley
Heather V. Crutchley If I were on verizon, i'd go for the verizon iphone. But the thunderbolt look like a clone of the evo, which I want, being on sprint and all.
Jose F. Barbosa
Jose F. Barbosa is this the new intel connector? looks weird?
Nitin Rai
Nitin Rai This thing is fucking fast to bad I live in the UK or I would buy it
Monique Renee Heidenberg
Monique Renee Heidenberg Yes. Ill wait. Although I'm sick of this game with the date being played with.
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters Yes this or the Bionic. Thinking of selling my Droid X for one of these Bad Boys.
David Hore
David Hore Of course. I can't wait and my upgrade isn't until March anyways
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama I really don't see the hype of the Thunderbolt, its just an Evo+, specwise... yea it outshines the Evo, but I don't find anything exciting w/ it. I'll stick w/ my Evo 4G
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León No. BlackBerry all the way!
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson Yes Im going to wait.... already waited this long suffering with my Crackberry Storm 1. I used to have Sprint and had dropped calls daily and poor service where I lived. With Verizon cant remember the last time having a dropped call with it being on my end and not on the other persons poor phone service. My brothers both have the EVO 4G and say they never use the 4G because its not that much faster on Sprint than 3G. And with Verizon not charging extra for 4G (for now) still a better deal than the EVO /Sprint. Its coming soon... just have to be patient. They are probably trying to have the issues fixed with Skype and the mobile hotspots that they previously said wouldnt work when the phones released.
Keith A Fortunato Jr
Keith A Fortunato Jr I hope its soon I was so exticed about now I am so tried of delay after delay
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson MetroPCS has commercial LTE already up and running, and the Galaxy Indulge is the first LTE smartphone on the market. The Thunderbolt should have been here already. Skip the Thunderbolt, get the Bionic, even if it has Moto Blur. HTC is really dropping the ball so far in 2011....
Marvin Oubre
Marvin Oubre I decided a long time ago that my next phone would be dual core. Either Galaxy S 2 or Droid Bionic
Derrius Byrd
Derrius Byrd No. I hope no units sell now. They playing games.
Chris Golden Boy Smithson
Chris Golden Boy Smithson Really? LTE is nothing new? Verizon is the only major U. S. carrier to have LTE. And the Thunderbolt is supposed to be the first LTE handset. How is that not new? Make some sense.
Robert Salender
Robert Salender See, my enV touch (how I'm typing this up) has the death grip, ala early iPh4. I grip the right side while browsing the Net and whenever I click a link, the pages wouldn't load. I let go, it works. I tried out Mobile Facebook on the Fascinate via the demo bar... it works for me. But since this damn Thunderbolt keeps pushing back, I'm just gonna get the Fascinate. :3
Mike Friedrichsen
Mike Friedrichsen Yes, of course I will wait - is this even a question? Little bummed that HTC didn't include the dual-core processor, but still worth the wait.
Victor Rios
Victor Rios No Verizon sucks!
Adam Loyal
Adam Loyal and by sloghtly fast you mean twice as fast :)
Adam Loyal
Adam Loyal the touch 7 pro is not andriod.
Muneer KhanVict
Muneer KhanVict Its pretty much just an evo with a slightly faster processor and lte nothin new
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson Might as well wait for the Bionic :/
Robert Salender
Robert Salender Was thinking of getting it: upgrade is 3/6. But Walmart wants to sell the Fascinate for $48.88. I need an android phone that's fast, so... yeah.
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards I wanted that phone. They keep delaying and delaying, i gave up on that phone.
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay noo .. im waiting till Galaxy S2
DAaron Damous
DAaron Damous verizon. i think i'm good witn my htc running WinDroid
Daniel Marcano
Daniel Marcano Sprint is releasing the touch pro 7!!!!! Something to replace my evo and keep me on sprint for a little while longer.
Chris Golden Boy Smithson
Chris Golden Boy Smithson False. The Evo is slower, and is not LTE.
Adam Loyal
Adam Loyal I would if it were on sprint.
Erik Traslavina
Erik Traslavina Just a copy of the evo
Neal Daringer
Neal Daringer What carrier's are going to have it?

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