In a recent note from Telecom Pragmatics analyst Samuel Greenholtz, who spoke with sources familiar with the matter, the next iteration of the iPhone will not be supporting LTE connectivity. However, it will be supporting AT&T's HSPA+ network, which the wireless carrier has dubbed its 4G network. While not confirmed in the slightest, the information could change in the months between now and when the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple decides to call it) is launched, so take the analyst's predictions for what they're worth.

Though, Greenholtz does say that LTE will be part of the iPhone 6, which will launch in the summer time next year. There's no surprise that the iPhone banter is starting to pick up, considering the iPad 2 is all but confirmed. And it wouldn't be surprising to hear that Apple would skip LTE support in the iPhone 5, as they did just release the iPhone 4 for Verizon's network not too long ago. Do you think this is a good move on Apple's part? Let me know in the comments.

Via PhoneArena

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"Will the iPhone 5 be skipping LTE support?"

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Roger Rodriguez Maybe it would help if many owners of android-powered devices were not so cheap. I can't believe so many of them complain when a good android application is sold for $0. 99 or $1. 99. On an app's comments page, they say that they would give the application 5 stars, were it not its price. Come on people! $1. 99, even $5.00, is not out of anybody's financial capabilities! Stop being so cheap, and pay android developers for their hard work!
Tony Ward It's not looking good for Apple does it, it seems that they only design a phone for Steve jobs and don't listen to what the customers want, that's why I chose Android because my phone is customized to me and my needs and nobody else.
Marti Ruiz Who cares
Mike Tilton @jason I get up to 10 mbps on my Evo 4g in some areas of Boston...the only problem us the Wimax network is nor complete yet here so my 4g coverage varies depending on the area of the city I'm in...but my friends mytouch 4g stays in the 2-4 mbps range everywhere in the city
Shawn Meadows Probably apple's new slogan "Everything you've ever wanted in a phone BUT no LTE"
Jason Vargas @Ahmad What do you mean no manufacturer has released a true 4g phone? I get 8mb/s on my mytouch 4g. Ok so they say HSPA+ is "Enhanced" 3G but what its called doesn't matter it's the speed that counts. And so far I haven't seen a phone right now with faster speeds
Francis Phimphivong I'd rather have 4G than 3G. Pfft. I want fast than the AT&T's shitty network.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Don't expect 4G in Iphone before the launch of 5G, Steve is too slow in launching 'G' iPhones; remember launch of first iPhone, it didn't came with 3G when there was 3g available everywhere...... and BTW no manufacturer has launched true 4G phone till nw.......
Eric Kroh who cares if it does..iphone is about 2yrs outdated other than its diaplay
Ray Garcia So why didnt apple go with tmobile? Doesn't make since.
Mike Tilton @kevin, while I am a proud Android user (evo 4g) I have to agree with Erik that ios apps are generally better developed than android apps. It may be due to the fact that the App store exploded and attracted every developer under the sun to start developing iPhone apps. Or it could be that ios has more or better APIs to work with, I wouldn't kno because I'm not a developer. I am a phone enthusiasts who has spent Alot of time with ios and Android phones and find ios apps are generally better looking and functioning.
Scott Bitters If they wanna be competitive no!
Johny Alvarez No LTE? Then I wouldn't be a upgrade, would it? But who cares apple guys would keep buying whatever jobs grows at them.
Stephen Gamboa Very much agreed kevin... Android lacks in the aesthetics department but carries just as much punch as iOS if not more and has room to grow
Jason Vargas Whoever thinks that it doesn't need LTE support is dumb. Yes, 3G is fine but because you've never tried LTE. O have a mytouch 4g which straight out kills my friends iPhone 4 in speed. ALOT of Verizon android phones will be coming with LTE Support so for Apple to think they don't need it this would be silly. I can understand why they wouldnt put it on the iPhone 4 but they HAVE TO put it on a phone that's not even out yet. This year is the year of Dual Core. And 4g so to compete with anyone they need it. Especially since Verizon doesn't really have iPhone fanboys so they would have no problem switching to a 4g android phone
Maitreya Solanki Who cares I M Android
Kevin Pham erik, you're sorely mistaken. android apps are just as good as iOS apps. the only difference i find is that iphone apps are more pretty looking. this is coming from someone with both devices. im calling troll.
Seawright Darnell Iphones suck
Stephen Wagner LOL to someone who thinks Verizon 3g is good and that the iphone is better then android.
Erik Balster My Verizon iPhone 4 is cruising along just for with 3G. No buffering on streaming any music services or YouTube so 4G isnt a necessity like with android phones that have apps that just don't work well due to poor programing and implementation.
Mitch Schuller When they released the iPhone for Verizon it was mentioned that it would need a complete overhaul to support LTE for Verizon. Rumors at that time were that they would not release a model that supported it til 2012. I think simply assuming they will release a new iPhone for Verizon for this summer simply because they release one every year is probably wishful thinking.
Dave Torres Yes because Mr. Apple doesn't want anyone messing with his baby. Can u imagine what they would have to go thru to have it be an LTE device. Its more complicated than it seems.
Kevo Francis Rosario wohoooo#2 :D
Ziv Damari ???? ???? ??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ?????? 3 ????? 2020 ??? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??????? ???? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?????

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