HTC ThunderBolt leaks show another possible launch date, $299.99 price tag

Alex Wagner
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Published: February 25, 2011

HTC ThunderBolt March 10th launch Best Buy

The HTC ThunderBolt may very well hold the record for most rumored launch dates for a handset, which includes most of February and is now stretching into March. Yesterday we saw a random Best Buy tweet (which has since been deleted) claiming that the TBolt would be arriving March 3rd or 4th, and today a new Best Buy-related leak shows a new March release date. As you can see above, a Best Buy Mobile document has leaked out, showing that the TBolt will be landing on March 10th, which is, in fact, a Thursday.

On another ThunderBolt-related note, an upcoming Best Buy ad was just leaked and it features the 4G handset with a surprising new price tag. Rather than the $249.99 price that we've been hearing up until now, the new flyer has the TBolt priced at $299.99 with a two-year contract. One would think that maybe that price would be before a mail-in rebate or other discount, but the ad says "After Savings" below the $299.99 price.

The above BBY document certainly looks legit enough, but there's no telling exactly how old it is. Interestingly, the doc has been passed around to a number of sites, leading some to believe that it's another Thunderbolt-related controlled leak. As for the possible $299.99 cost, well, that price just seems crazy. Sure, the TBolt is an attractive, 4G-capable handset, but $300 is asking too much, especially considering that AT&T is only asking $199.99 for the Atrix 4G. So, Verizon, you wanna 'fess up and give us the official launch details so all of this madness can finally end?

HTC ThunderBolt price Best Buy ad

Via VZBuzz, Android Central, Droid-Life

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