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Last summer, Consumer Reports was unable to recommend AT&T's iPhone 4 due to its "death grip" antenna woes. Fast forward eight months or so, and the same thing has happened to Verizon's version of the iPhone 4. In its review of the VeriPhone, CR says that the device falls victim to the same signal problems as its GSM brother, seemingly confirming claims that we'd heard a few weeks ago. The report explains that, although Verizon's iPhone 4 does have plenty of positive aspects and Verizon's network has gotten top marks from its readers, the VeriPhone won't be included in CR's list of recommended smartphones.

There hasn't been nearly as much noise made about the Verizon iPhone's supposed antenna problems compared to everything that happened with AT&T's model, but it certainly seems like the death grip problem is still present in VZW's version of the iPhone 4. I haven't been able to replicate the signal loss on a Verizon iPhone 4 in my testing, but users with less than ideal reception could very well see some issues when the device's lower left seam is covered. The good news is that all of this mess can be avoided by slipping on a case. While it's certainly not an ideal situation for those of us that prefer to leave our phones naked, the protection and signal saving benefits that a case brings seem worth it. Have any of you experienced the death grip antenna problems on a Verizon iPhone 4?

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"Have you had the "death grip" issue on your Verizon iPhone?"

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Tony Ward Would you buy a mac over a pc? apple products are overpriced rubbish. android devices are cheap,fast and 100% customisable and the os is on over 100 devices. why stick to one basic os, keyboard,icons, layout, zero flash, same screens with boring icons and no widgets. its because steve jobs wants his phone to look like yours, you iphone owners must be very dull, boring, isheep steve jobs look a likes lol. a boring fisherprice toy that is only popular by a 3rd rate expensive app store.
Mitch Schuller It's cause these dudes are taking the death grip on their junk. Makes em' feel special to talk about some bullshit that doesn't exist.
Tera Kurtz what was with the "death grip" anyways?
Tera Kurtz why do people fight over which is better? They are both good phones. Geash.
Jess Gonzalez planning on changing to Verizon currently with T mobile
Joe Medley Galaxy s 4g!!!!
Joe Medley Why do we try and choose between android and ios??? Get both, i hv ipad and android phn, bc when i had iphone 4 and and ipad it seemed really stupid, im taking advantage of the pros of both.... Tadaaahhhhh!!!!!
Farley Maddy Motorola Atrix is Best
Teron Facey I had bought both phones in the past. The last iPhone I had was the 3G I see no big difference in all of them that's my opinion. I still have my 3G works fine.
Sean McCollum Let's be honest here? Who deathgrips their phone while making phone calls?
Luz Scott Long!
Luz Scott Lol... I agree with nathan... There i said it! Now, so
Luz Scott @Nathan.... I co
John Smith Droid x
Gary Hardt I have not experienced the "death grip" on my Verizon iphone. It has been great.
Benjamin Benoit Mine is working well i love it
George Espinosa @ Zach - well said! I've had both android and iPhone and I prefer the iPhone. I don't talk trash about android because it's a good OS but again...I just prefer the iPhone. To answer the question, I havent had any issue with death grip.
Jon Jerico Calanio iOS is incredibly smooth and polished, I give you that. Far more seamless experience than the rough-cut Android interface. But the closed ecosystem - i.e. tied in with iTunes, etc. makes me feel... limited. Sure I can jailbreak it, but it doesn't solve the fact that the iOS architecture is still reliant on Apple's proprietary suite like Springboard. Integration means power is consolidated - in this case Apple. I gave the iOS a fair amount of time of usage - 1 year to be exact, but Android felt better for me. Power users are definitely more inclined to use Google's sandbox OS, despite some quirks, due to near-zero restrictions even on developer-level files. You can basically strip an Android build bare of most Google apps and it will still run. Fragmented, yes. But it's highly accessible by anyone. Sorry for the OP post! :P
Jason Vargas People who get mad at android fans for defending it against iOS and talking shit saying that theyre stupid for getting so mad need to realize that by getting mad at them and talking shit is doing the exact same thing theyre doing. And the only people who get mad is the people who have iPhones and if it pisses you off when they talk about iOS then that makes you an apple fanboy so get off ur high horse and stop acting like your better then android fanboys. BTW. Android and iOS are both goo OSs but I'd choose android just because it has better phone options. And up until this month you had to be with shitty ATT to get an iPhone
Thomas Li @Ryan... I did some HW :p http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-20036552-233.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20
Zach Cline As it was said before, the android idiots need to get a life. When the next thing comes out, in three to five years time they'll be saying android sucks.
Mark Goodrich Nope I got my Verizon iPhone as soon as I could and I've had no problems at all with anything! I love it!
Jenn Lewis I haven't had ANY issues! LOVE my iPhone :)
Thomas Li @Justin - just have the same feeling as: "How I hold to phone is decided by myself, not the manufacture" compare with "How I navigate the web with flash is decided by myself, not the company"
John Cruz Verizon is the best
Zach Cline @Justin. Agreed.
Mario Aguilar Out since June of 2010, 8MP Cam, 1.3MP Front Facing, HDMI Output, Snapdragon Processor, 4G... wow... and the iPhone barely gets a 5MP cam?... ATT or VZW, the iPhone is still a failphone
Justin Peahi there's no death grip issue. this issue is retarded. the antenna breaks are changed and the only way to have that issue on either carriers devices is if you don't know how to hold a phone. you android idiots need to get a life
Mario Aguilar The Evo pwns all smart phones, THE best Android phone on the market
Ashley Vaughan This is flame bait guys. All phones lose signal when held unnaturally tight covering the majority of the phone. Give it up, let this die already.
Zach Cline Well that's a given . The env touch is horrible. I had it before my droid and liked it at first, but after five months in of owning it it was shutting itself off ten plus times a day. It did that 4 times in under 20 minutes which pissed me off. LG phones are just crap along with samsung.
Robert Salender Death grip on the enV touch as well. :/
Zach Cline Lol oh really? It runs flash just fine numbnuts. No issues at all.
Nathan Parks Your inc is a dud. Can't even run flash properly. Ios is for women and idiots. my droid does just fine. I'm rooted so its all good.
Catherine Booth VERIZON ALL THE WAY!!!!
Jodi Scott Nope. My iPhone is great. I've had ZERO dropped calls. LOVE IT!!
Zach Cline And you're assuming a whole lot my friend. I've never had a problem with my incredible which destroys your droid in more ways than one. Please stop talking out of your ass.
Zach Cline Hardly Nathan. I'm not the one saying non- droid users are idiots because they don't prefer what android has to offer. Grow up.
Nick Dushack My iPhone has been great. 0 dropped calls and great reception. I have no issues with droid phones, they just don't sync well with my MacBook pro. If I ran windows, I probably would've stayed with a droid.
Brandon Folch No, because I own an Evo 4G. That has two radios, neither of which has a death grip spot.
Tony Ward @KD how about the NVIDIA tegra phones with the dual cores running Android, did you forget about these? And what about the tegra 3 phones and the quad core phones, did you also forget about them too? The iPhone 5 will look like the iPhone 4 with a better camera and a dual CPU (out on android first) and that's it, it will claim it multi tasks but really it saves apps to its memory (not multi tasking) and it will have a option to change wallpaper and move icons around. I think ill sell my HTC desire and buy one NOT! IPhone fancy lol.
Nathan Parks @Zach. Its cause you have the incredible. I gave the first Droid and don't have problems like that. You can mess with the settings to only load flash when you want it to. You sound retarded
Tony Ward The real reason why most of the major magazines and websites like t4 and stuff have the iPhone at the top of there lists is because the editors and webmasters of these publications are taking back handers from Apple. The iPhone is one big marketing hype and I can see that most of the general public are starting to see what a huge pile of worthless rubbish the iPhone is, who in there right mind would buy a phone that can't make calls, that's what a phones main purpose is but Apple still even to this day tricks people to buying them. Now Android is here I think its time for Apple to throw in the towel and go back to making 3rd rate computers.
Emmanuel ALvarez Verizon's iphone is just the samething as the att iphone 4. Same issues and same apps is just more expensive cause verizon likes charging more for less
Richard Dubiel Ya no problems
Brian Edwards Sorry for the postjack.
Brian Edwards @justin, thank you. @michael, just because one person does not know grammar, don't slam the whole group. That is a condition of the person. I myself used to own an original iphone and a 3gs, and now a Nexus One and Captivate on AT&T. I have seen MANY people who cannot talk correctly in many forums. Check modmyi or xsellize for proof. (I am bedwa or b_edwa at either). I prefer Android for customisability, but go with what works for you.
Jeff Albert I have a Droid and liked it but if I had the money I would upgrade early to the iPhone. My Droid sometimes lags. Like if I back out of a app., to go to the home screen it, the home screen is blank and takes a little while to get back to normal. It should never do that. The iPhone doesn't do it.
Al Cerulo No problems. Older tech but it still works better than most newer phones
Gerardo Ortega Ha Ha Ha
Zach Cline Nathan you're an idiot. I own the droid incredible so I'm fully aware of what android is capable of. It is better than apple in some aspects , in others not so much. And yes flash sucks. Anytime I've had a website crash on me it was flash related.
Zach Cline @Jon. You do realize that not everyone has the need to do that.
Steven Crisostomo Don't have that problem with the evo
Ryan Nusbaum Okay, your android can do so much but keep your opinions to yourself. I have had both an android and iOS device, both have there pros and cons. I may prefer to use an iOS device that doesn't make me an idiot.
Aaron Early Jon Jerico is spot on. For instance... I am running Android 2.3 on my sprint hero which was released in 2009 haha and its not even laggy.
Nathan Parks Ha people that don't have flash are hating on it Haha. Ios is so boring and ugly. I just figured the only reason why someone would pick ios is because they aren't smart enough to utilize all the great stuff with android
Thomas Li @Ryan: I may not know everything and of course, I admit I didn't do very much HW on this topic, but I watched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MzES3h_i5Q the video says everything
Jon Jerico Calanio @Zach: There's so much more than just Flash on Android, sir. The fact that people can develop custom ROMs by themselves and access the root kernel files easily mean that Android is an open OS, the Linux of mobiles. Tons of customizations available on anyone's fingertips. That's why they prefer it over iOS.
Tom Tanza Anyone have an old android or iphone they don't mind donating to me?
Richard Davis I know it's off topic. But I switched from android to apple. Android was an ok OS but it did have it's share of problems.
Richard Davis Nope have not had that problem with my iPhone 4
Thomas Li well.. in my opinion, it's users preference to whether or not use flash... and it should not limited by the device/company... Also... I don't think, but who knows, any eBook company will want to give 30% of their profit of a eBook for apple... meaning no eBook for iphone/ipad... (in case you don't know, apple doesn't allow company to sell products in app.. meaning company need to sell those via iTunes meaning 30% of the profit will go to Apple)
Jeramie King Apple Blows!! It's an OS For Dummies! DROID ALL DAY MOFO! Damn I Phone people make me laugh cuz they envy the shit my OS Can Do.
Ryan Bassil Yousif And @Thomas Li, the Verizon iPhone 4 was redesigned to fix the death grip issue. Do your homework before acting like you know everything.
Ryan Bassil Yousif @Zach Cline, I agree with you
Zach Cline God people are idiots. How hard is it to answer the question and not come in saying stupid shit like droid ftw or iPhone users are just stupid because they can't understand android? Where did you get that from? It's called personal preference. Grow up. These arguments over what is better is stupid also. Who cares, People will buy what they want regardless of what others think. And apple is still doing well despite the idiot android fanboys hating on them for no reason . The only argument you have is no flash. So? Flash sucks. So kindly stfu.
Thomas Li It is no different between AT&T or Verizon... the fact is iPhone4 does have "death grip" issue.. it is a hardware design problem
Itzel Jeronimo Android winssss.the Droid 2 global is great.
Nathan Parks @Adam. When the iPhone 4 came out it was already old hardware. Atleast other phones have hardware that can atleast stand it'd ground. Only reason people like ios is because it'd easy to use for people that can't comprehend technology. @Michael. I honestly think you might be retarded.
Armando Campos I think the death grip on the verizon iPhone is worst
Kandace LetsgoGamecocks Layton I loved my droid and I love my iPhone 4. I think they solved the death grip issue just invade a gorilla needs to make a phone call. Idk why everyone feels the need to complain and bash what they don't have. If it doesn't pertain to you just go away
Michael Mcdaniel What is the death grip I have an iPhone and I don't get it
Brady Kenniston I get better reception. Go figure
Patrick Bishop Whats an iphone, is it that really small 3.5 inch screen phone that was stupid enough to sign up exclusivley with only one carrier for so long. Thought they died along with att's signal strength
Brian Soberano droid x all the way. iphone is for simple people
Kent Skiles I've had it since 2/5 and with or without a case I've not experienced the death grip issue.
Ben Broyles Verizon iPhone........ dislike button!!!!!! To little to late apple
Brandon Thompson Michael, I actually love Apple and plan on getting the iPad 2 on launch. I just perfer Android on phones right now but I will prob. get an iPhone if it gets a bigger screen...
Brandon Thompson Wow it seems like I'm the talk on this feed. Uhhhh I would like to thank God.
Brandon Meier My dad does on his. but it doesnt drop calls, just goes down to one bar.
Adam Schwartz @Nathan every time you buy ANY phone in a week it's behind the curve. As far as I see it apple is still ahead as it has two cameras with FaceTime and my iPhone has never slowed down or froze like my android phones used to do. The iOS is probably the best os out there right now and apples phones are designed well and feel good in the hand. Some android phones feel cheap.
Brian Hamilton Preach it Nathan!
Ross Silva fuck apple and fuck the iphone
Michael Patrick Brandon is still a bias retard. I wonder if he would lose signal if I give him the death grip? It is called a death grip for a reason, to kill off what ever is in your grasp. The whole death grip topic is garbage. Apple should make bigger handsets, 5" or so. Try and death grip that. I used death grip 5 times in this comment!
Susi Prola Loving my Verizon iPhone! Favorite thing: FaceTime with Hubby (who works out of town weekdays). Only issue I've noticed is while driving through my town & the next over (we live in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mtns) the coverage has been randomly spotty VS the usual great coverage of 2 wks ago. Possibly from influx of new customers? I know they planned for it but it's the only semi-reasonable explination I can think of. Anyone else (that has Verizion service) experience this?
Jennifer Kaploski Lantz No. And I also don't get the constant rebooting I had on my Droid X either.
Rip Lu Death grip is stupid. Who holds their phone like that? Who holds their phone that tight? I have the AT&T version and haven't had any problems in the Atlanta area
Nathan Barclay Eelectech reviews and more Launching March first what phone do you want a review of?
Nathan Parks Agreed with jerimiah. Michael is just a hater because he's stuck with his iPhone which us already behind the curve
Deejay Wiersma Why does it matter? Still realy slow and your 911 calls get dropped. Why would you want a slower network and a network that could lead to your death?
Justin Bunch I hate how this post is about the iPhone and for some reason immature people still come one and say bad things about it. GROW UP!
Michael Mincey Well, if I had one, it might be an issue, but I've been on Android since the OG Droid was released on November 5th, 2009. So.....what's the problem again? Oh yeah, none here and I'm my 4th Android device.
Turone Wyley Nope,I have a G2 lol.
Aaron Early @ michael You should get an elitest phone to match your awesome attitude.
Kerleem Shah The issue exists but I use a bumper anyway so it's not a problem. You don't ever lose service.
Alex Barnhart Um yeah iPhone 3GS FTW!

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