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Along with the iPad 2 and iPhone 5, a cheaper iPhone has been one of the more oft rumored Apple devices as of late. We first heard speculation of a more affordable iPhone in the middle of this month, and today Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi is adding fuel to the fire. During a meeting with Apple COO Tim Cook, Sacconaghi claims that Cook “appeared to reaffirm the notion that Apple is likely to develop lower priced offerings” and said that Apple doesn't want its products to be "just for the rich." Cook went on to hint that Apple has some "clever things" planned for the prepaid market. Finally, the COO said that he believes that the tablet market will eventually become larger than the PC market and that he expects quite a bit of competition when it comes to tablets, although he believes that Apple has a head start on their opponents.

When Apple introduces a new iPhone, they typically give the previous model a bit of a price cut and let it stick around for another generation. If they were to unveil an all-new, discounted device alongside the new iPhone, though, the company could attract a new set of users that don't want to or can't pay for a new $200 smartphone. It'd be pretty interesting to see Apple do something with the prepaid market, too, although it's tough to figure out exactly what they may have planned. What do you all think of Tim Cook's statements? Is a cheaper iPhone a good idea?

Via MacRumors, Forbes

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"Would you buy a cheaper iPhone?"

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Prabhath Jay no .. I prefer android ...
Tony Ward I had a 3gs and what a huge pile of poo they are, if I ever need to buy a child's toy or a expensive paper weight then the iPhone is at the top of my list, other than that I think ill stick with my htc desire because android lets me be unique instead of a isheep.
Joe Steiger For free maybe
Precious Love CLay i have the new ipod touch and samsung vibrant so i wouldnt buy it at all maybe if it was with tmoblie but the unlimited plan with AT&T and verison is to high
Zach Cline I don't think it would sell honestly. The iPod touch 4 is basically the iPhone 4 minus the cell radios so what would be the point.
Alex Lechuga I would buy a iphone 3g 3gs or 4 if it was on virgin mobile or cricket. Fo show
Kevin Koshy What's the point? They may as well make the 5th gen iPod touch a whole lot better. It's already a scaled down "iPhone" since it doesn't receive calls/texts or go on the Internet when there's no wifi. Apple should make an iPod touch built like the current iPhone, minus the antenna and SIM card slot. That's something that people would buy in a heartbeat next September. I seriously wouldn't mind an iPod touch built with most of the hardware of the iPhone 4.
Benjamin Padilla No, but a lot if people that aren't phone freaks like me would. It's a good idea for Apple.
Chung Yew Whatever the price, Apple fan boys are still selling their wives to get one..
Zach Cline @Joshua ryan Willis. My response to that is why are so many brainwashed by android? Seriously. Android fanboys are far worse than apple fanboys could ever be. At least you don't see them calling you an idiot or telling you you're just too stupid to comprehend something because you have another preference.
Simon Grunander iPhone = no! iPad = yes!
Kay Njuguna Cheap or not I wouldnt take it!!! All they are gonna do is have accesories to upgrade
Tyrone Rupert Android baby
Tyrone Rupert I had a iphone design since high school and i laugh now because apple just might have thought about it. Apple being a cheaper will not affect android at all. They waited to late to play catch up in todays game. Android only need one thing and it will destory ios. Make android smoother then ios and faster then wp7 keep everyting else the same and its a rap. Android for life. galaxy tab reply. The businesses will follow "corp" with all the apps when this task is completed.
Joshua Ryan Willis Why are so many people brainwashed by apple? My cousin has an iphone 4 and when I visited, we traded for a few days, I didn't like it at all...i later got an ipod touch 4 and only liked it a little aster I jailbroke it...the only difference in an iphone and an mp3 player is that you don't have to download skype to talk to people on the phone...and jailbreaking opens the door for it to get bricked...so there's no point in doing that when my Droid X does everything and more than an iphone.
Teron Facey If It's going look like the iPhone 4 then no. If it came with qwerty keyboard and the price was under 300 then maybe.
Zack Craig I Wouldn't take that over rated piece of crap if it was free!.. perfectly happy with my windows phone 7 Samsung focus
John Alves No! iPhone is the greatest phone in the market, by far, and it should be paid like so! You can't sell for 100$ the greatest phone created so far. Apple 4 ever :)
Justin Zollar I wouldn't buy an iphone
Steve Clocher I would rather go without a phone for a month than use an iphone. That's why I got the MT4G!
Eric Kroh nope...size wouldnt matter of any phone..its specs n battery life
Marti Ruiz No Wainting gs 2
Maitreya Solanki Cheapest android phone have flash support, removable battery, SD card support, wifi hotspot and the list goes on Give me one reason to choose any of iPhone
Miguel Rodriguez ive buy an iphone running gingerbread! or an Atrix 4G running iOS4
Erik Balster They already make cheap, knockoff iPhones...they are called droids.
Monika Delfierro I phone 5 ? Are you kidding me didn't the iPhone 4 come out a couple months ago ? Jesus I Phone 5 better have holographic features or shoots out lasers. Star wars FTW !!
Jan Rozbicki Nope, because I'd be known as "that guy who wanted to be cool and have an iPhone, but is too poor to afford the real deal"
Richard Dubiel No iPhones r better wit iOS less crashs Android has one to many crash when it comes to apps... I had a droid nd then just got a iPhone nd like the iPhone better
Aaron Couts My dog could use a new chew toy sure
Lester Dedrick if they gave me a free one and paid me, then id get one
Cody Sulouff They do have a cheaper iPhone... it's called the iPhone 3GS and it's $49 at At&t
Jordan Mosley Of course, it probably wouldnt serve as my main phone, but it would be fun to just have one.
Justin Spry I love my iPhone. But if I get it for the same price fine. They need to make the laptops cheaper too.
Danny Vintila That's the stupidest question ever. Why would I buy an iPhone when I have Android?
George Espinosa If the "cheap iPhone" doesn't feel or made so cheap like android phones then no...if they make it the way they make it now and just lower the price....of course!
Saransh Sharma Rate has to be reduced to capture market of android phones
Emmanuel Castro No thanks.
Prabudh No way. Even i if they time for free. Rooted Android + Samsung galaxy s rocks..
Joernie Berrios Yes...but a 99¢ store...i have a Android(samsung vibrant)..thats whyy!
Anthony Maddox Well I have an android phone I love the fact that I am able to use wifi calling video chat with 4g and I've had an iPhone as well. The only downfall I have with the iPhone I hate that I have to sneakingly jailbreak and unlock to use it the way that I would like to I'm happy that they have iPods so I don't have to spend alot of money for an extra iPod that you can talk on. So it's a no for me
Damien Brooks Hate Apple, ANDROID ALL THE WAY!!!!!
Joel Gomez The cheaper the better. But i guess the question is refering to the iphone nano. A more crippled version of the current crippled version. My answer is no. If all i need is a phone then ill just buy a cheap nokia phone.
Robert Salender Easier to root than jailbreak, imho. 6 more days for my Fascinate. Why not?
Wei Yan Androids littered with low end androids that I absolutely hate. But their high ends are zippy quick. Htc in particular makes the best quality android devices bar none.
Wei Yan It will do fine and perform great if it is not nano sized. If it's like an htc aria then there should be no problem with quality. Glass and metals could be used and no one would complain. The price if anything is going to drag this phone down. Smaller iPhone should be at the lowest $400 but no more than $550. My two cents.
Nic Gruwell android fanboys and girls get off this post. no where does the question mention android so shut up... and to answer the question an "iphone nano" sounds pretty stupid when last year's model is always discounted after the new one is released
Jonathon Whipple I will not buy anything with the apple name on it.
Patrick Souza If I had an Old White Piece of Poo for Sale, and Lowered the price,,, would u buy it? Let me knw. Lol
Sam Bahhur cheaper iphones=less features
Rudy Anthony Alvarez Android baby.. Never liked iphones.. ;)
Anh-Tuan Le Well, I would, but I don't want to be a scaled-down iPad.
Juwon Howard Nope that just means they scaled back on something
Francis Phimphivong Maybe.... :3 Jk I'd buy the newest one out.
Stu Wells If someone gave it to me, I'd use it as an iPod, it did that pretty good.
Sam My MAEMO 5
Bris Don Not even thinkin about it..Kudos to Android..
Zak Taylor Everyone says "no" but I doubt at least half of them have actually used one for a period of time outside the Apple store. I have an Android phone, but I may consider an iPhone, it depends on what they change really.
French Twist No. Android, baby!
Thomas Felton I will never buy an apple product...
Christian Von Menstruation Iphone is supposed to cost cause its awsome. Budget phones suck and poor people isnt awsome so whyy..?
Edward Madera The icrap sucks no creativity wat so ever!
Himanshu Mane duhhh !!! yeahhh............. major drawback is the price... same with blackberry...... people are sad to pay 24000 rupees (INR) for a 256mb ram and 3.15 mp camera, that we can get in 20% of the cost in nokia ... less the BBM
Chris Hagood I couldn't own another iPhone (owned a 2G before). There are soooo many more options and capabilities with my OG Droid.
Johan Hulander i want to see flash in iphone, facetime 3g calling, improved antenna, larger screen, longer battery life and bluetooth sharing... i know this is alot to ask for but why not set goals? :P
David Hilgendorf Nope sure wouldn't and I agree with Jason Janisch would only take a free one to jail break and load it with that android goodness
Brandon Flores No id wait for the iPhone 5
Federico Fernandez Of course. And people having any doubt about buying an iPhone or a BlackBerry Now they wont hesitate and they will buy the iPhone
Nakul Khanna Noo way... i hate iphone... android is the best man...
Luis Reich I wouldn't take a free one...
Guillermo De León No iphone for me!
Ted Needham Love my droid had an iphone and wouldn't go back for free
Miguel Gosteelers Lopez I am wating for the I-phone 5, lots of talk about the i-phone 5. I hope it's better then the I-phone 4.
Aldo GaGaism i have an expensive one, so why buy cheap ?
Lester Dedrick I wouldnt buy an iphone at all
Eskias McDaniels still no flash player/wifi calling? Nah I'm cool
Frank Spicher Jr no. happy with my android
Edgar Sotelo yes bitch!
Patrick Taylor Nope...wouldn't by the expensive one either!
Danel Abera it depend on y is it cheap?
Shatia Lonesome still wouldn't waste the money.
Jason Janisch I wouldn't take a free iPhone except to try and put Android on it. ;)

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