Is Samsung saturating the market?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| February 28, 2011

Samsung’s tablet plans are robust and pretty intriguing. They want to make sure that they’ve got the market covered in just about every way possible, and while they’ve already made a pretty good impact with the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet device which launched recently, that’s not stopping them from aiming larger. But, rumors have it that the company also has plans on moving in the mid-range, too. And now it’s starting to look like they’ve got even more plans waiting in the wings. But, is Samsung’s saturation of the market a good thing?

When the Galaxy S device was shown off, and Samsung announced that they would have a device for every major wireless carrier in the United States, not many considered the fact that the company would create different devices for each carrier (more or less). But they did. And now, the Galaxy Tab is available from many wireless carriers in the States, but the 7-inch version may not be alone for long.

We know the 10-inch Tab is coming soon, and with rumors suggesting that an 8.9-inch version is incoming, it’s a wonder where Samsung will stop. Is a 5-inch tablet-like device getting ready to be announced at CTIA? Or should we start expecting an even bigger tablet at 12-inches?

It’s likely that Samsung has more than one thing to show off, too. Their invitation to the Samsung Unpacked event near the end of March says that they’ve “got more surprises in store” for the event. So, will they show off a tablet for every size range, and every kind of demand that a customer would want?

For me, I think having the 7-inch Tab and the 10-inch Tab is perfect, and that’s where Samsung should leave it. It's obviously working well for Motorola and their recently released Xoom tablet. You’ve got your bigger tablet for at-home use, sitting on the couch or in your bed. And then if you want a tablet you can take around with you outside, or on a trip more easily, the 7-inch Tab fills the gap.

I’m not saying having more options is a bad thing, because it isn’t, more or less. But if Samsung is just going to saturate the market with tablet after tablet, all I can say is this: Samsung, you better stay focused on updating your software on all of those devices. What do you think? Should Samsung focus on what they’ve got, or should the manufacturer keep pumping out the tablets? Let me know in the comments below.

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