PhoneDog 101: Setting up email on your iPhone

Taylor Martin
 from  Concord, NC
| Published: February 28, 2011

One of the most important roles of smartphones in our daily lives is keeping us connected by email. Whether it be for our personal use, business use, or anything in between, email is a very important part of the way we operate. Setting up email on your iPhone is a fairly simple task, especially for generic accounts like AOL, Gmail, etc.

First, open the Settings application and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars." The first thing you will see is a tab that says "Add Account..." Tap this and choose which type of email you are trying to add (Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc.). Depending on which account type you choose, you will have to enter different criteria.

For MobileMe, you will simply need to login using your Apple ID and password. For Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, you will need to enter your name (this is the name people will see when they receive and email from this account), address, password, and description (whatever you want to name the account for display purposes). Setting up an Exchange account is slightly different, you will need to know the server address, too.

(Note: If you are wanting to configure contact sync with a Gmail account, do not select Gmail as the account type. Simply enter it as an Exchange account, and you will be able to sync your contacts.)

If you need to set up an account that doesn't fall into any of the preset categories, choose Other. After entering the basic information (address, password, name, etc.), you will need to determine whether you are trying to setup a POP or IMAP account. Next, you will need to know the incoming and outgoing mail servers. The User Name that is required is usually the same as your email address. If you run into any trouble setting up a work email address, you will need to contact the IT department where you work and get your incoming and outgoing mail server addresses.

With most of these accounts, synchronization options like contacts, calendars, and notes are available. If you choose to sync contacts, it will ask if you want to keep or remove the existing contacts. If you sync your contacts with iTunes, you will likely want to keep the existing ones.


To edit the settings for your email accounts, open the Settings application, and select Mail, Contacts, Calendar. When you scroll down you can set how you want your iPhone to fetch new mail data. You can either enable push or set the fetch data rate to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, or manual. You can also set the amount of recent messages that show, minimum font size, and several other settings. Signature settings are also available from this page. Unfortunately, if you want to set a different signature for different accounts, you will not be able to do so. Once you are finished tweaking settings, go back to the main Settings page, and you are done. 

You can now send and receive emails from your iPhone! Repeat this process for all of your emails accounts. Now you can move on to setting up your contacts or configuring Safari.

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