Samsung What's your Tab life CTIA

Samsung's already got 7-inch and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tabs on the market or arriving soon, but if you'd prefer something in between those two sizes, Sammy's got something up its sleeve for you, too. The company just posted the above image on its Facebook page, teasing a "What's your Tab life?" event at CTIA on March 22nd. Samsung didn't give up any other details, although they did say that if you liked the Galaxy Tab 10.1, they've "got more surprises in store" for next month.

Ever since Sammy put up the teaser earlier today, there's been plenty of speculation about what exactly they've got in store for us on the 22nd. Initially, some thought that we could be seeing a pair of tablets, both an 8-incher and a 9-inch model. After letting things stew for a bit, though, many think that we could end up seeing Samsung reveal an 8.9-inch tablet, which would line up with previous rumors we've heard. What do you all think Sammy's got planned? Would you prefer two differently-sized tablets or one 8.9-inch device?

Via Android Central, Facebook

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Matic Krmec A 7inch Android 3.0 and a 10.1 is / whould enough.
Jabin George Hell no!!!!!!!!!! Update my epic 4g. !!!!!!! Hell its getting to long and you are pissin me off.
Masood Jamily Well I like samsung products but htc flyer kind of disappointed me.
Evan William Samsung is garbage these days, and these tablets are grosslt overpriced...
Darryl Hutton Samsung sucks. If you bought a galaxy tab then you're a numpty
L.c. Tooflyforafullname Carter Ppl samsung is a business and they are in it to make a profit. Of course they will release a phone with a new OS before they spend money to release a free update for an existing device. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if they attached a fee just to update your phone. Thats the world we live in .
Zach Cline If you think the iPad is a big iPod touch you're clueless.
Mike Mota Why do you all complain about the 2.2 update? Root your phone and install custom roms. They get updates from developers much faster and have more features. Knowledge is power people.
Mario Alan Perez Arreola Own a se xperia x10 and i wont buy another se product se sucks at updates
Douglas Russell Samsung I'm sure isn't all at fault I blame verizon also for the failed 2.2 upgrade it should be mandatory for all phones
Eric Stephenson No a seven and ten inch tab seem to cover the spectrum nicely. A nine inch will just canabolize the other two.
Steven Crisostomo If it has honeycomb. Dont want a giant itouch like the ipad
Marti Ruiz If android is for kids apple ios is for guy and grandparents
Leonardo Perez I would buy one only and only if its as big as the ipad I hate the small galaxy tabs that'd why I haven't bought one
Rickyo ODaniell The Tab isn't bad. I'm writing this on one right now - I've owned it since last year and it is made better than the Epic that I had before this. BUT, I plan on buying a new Asus and will give this to my wife. I need more flexibility and a net/tablet like the one Asus has coming out would do the trick. By the way, this Tab wad released with 2.2 installed but I haven't rooted it yet. I'll teather the Asus with my EVO (running Gingerbread) if needed. If you haven't tried the Tab, don't be hating... It isn't bad at all.
Zach Cline @Yan. Mo they aren't, everything they make is plastic even the galaxy s android phones. They are cheaply made .
Joel Gomez I had a bad experience with samsung. No more samsung for me.
Zach Cline @Justin young. No they don't.
Yan Zhenghao Can't blame Samsung actually, Android updating process is actually complex as they have to cater to a lot of models, it isn't as easy as iOS anyway. This is what you will expect when you buy an Android phone.
Yan Zhenghao @Eric, hell no. Look at their other products such as bada phones, its a full metallic design.
Derrico Brown No...I still can't justify buying a tablet for more then the price of a laptop. Just because it has an app market? Fail. My Evo has a big enough screen 4 me when I'm not on my laptop.
Mickey Gonzalez Yes,anything. Free
Eric Kroh Samsung makes everything plastic and calls it "lightweight"..might as well make from recycled materials..all of it!
Benjamin Padilla I'm with Nic and Zach. Never buying a Samsung again...
Manny LaughsAlot tablets r just another device for phone companies to charge u more....they r a waste.....most people that have them use smartphones anyways.....they dont even have word processing...or a flash drive port to atleast type up the documents and transfer to hard drive....otherwise its a big waste of money and just another gimmick to have layin around the house and just to say u have one....i still prefer a netbook....still small...cost is much more affordable...still fits anywhere ...and besides anywhere we go...theres usually free wi fi availabe...
Patrick Taylor Who in the world are buying all these tablets...I never see anyone buying them...I from each company a year should be enough
Keith Howells Negatory!! Froyogate.. 1st android last samsung device..look elsewhere next device
Dae Hwan Kim maybe when they decide to actually care about their customers in terms of the mobile market then maybe. TVs are f*cking awesome though
Jason Ortiz I only like their media hub
Brian Busyapongpakdee I'm not really hooked on the tablets...I would definitely take a free one though
Tim Gruber not really I'm hooked on htc quality
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Who cares for samsung products when they don't care for Their consumers......
Esa Edvik under 7" is a mobile phone. 8.9" is quite a nice sweetspot for a tablet
Justin Young Why's everyone hating on Samsung. The make decent products.
Manuel Comparan Haha never!!! After the whole fascinate 2.2 froyo incident...NOT!!!
Alexander Quizon sorry Samsung, you've lost all credibility with me.
Douglas J Kmiotek I like the idea of 5"-7" Samsung tablets,...form & function that's more "carryable".
Juan Jose Rios only if they are cheaper than they are now and don't require a contact with a carrier.
Kerri Kershaw WebOS if they ever get it out lol
Zach Cline Nope never buying samsuck again
Erik Balster Android is for kids, so no, not me at least.
Ilan Volgershteyn no. just the ipad 2
Niko Hofmann No way. Never buying a Samsung product again.
Sam Platz No...
Derick Ulac nope. mention htc and i'm all ears.

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