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Earlier this month, we heard a rumor claiming that T-Mobile would soon be dropping its FlexPay option in favor of a more traditional deposit-based system, and today a leak has confirmed the carrier's plans. Our friends over at TmoNews got hold of the image you see above, showing that Magenta will be introducing its deposit option on March 13th, which they believe is "improved and less complicated" compared to FlexPay. Customers will be subject to a credit check and, if a deposit is necessary, there will be $50, $100, $200, or $400 options. The deposit will be returned after the 12th month at the consumer's request.

There will likely be quite a few customers disappointed by the fact that T-Mo is putting FlexPay out to pasture, especially those of us that'll now have to pay a large deposit. At least we have those cheaper Even More/Even More Plus plans and new unlimited data plan to look forward to, I suppose. How many of you out there have taken advantage of T-Mobile's FlexPay option?

Via TmoNews

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"T-Mobile fans, are you frustrated that FlexPay is getting the axe?"

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King Bricks Kennels They need to keep Flex pay bcuz sum customers can't afford the regular tmobile contract......
Brandon Extravagant Jackson So what does these mean for the customers on flex pay????
Meg Ann Barrera I might get boost if tmobile wants a high deposit to keep them
Meg Ann Barrera does boost have android
Nicole Draper flex pay was a good deal til i just got BoostMobile! $50 or less a month for unlimited talk text pic n web. no contract. no fees.
David Mcqueen Never used it before
Meg Ann Barrera i just got my mytouch 4g last year and signed a 2 year contract with flex pay,i been with t-mobile almost or about 2 years,i hope i dont have to pay a lot to keep them?
LaCheryl Garner I wonder if it has anything to go with their new partnership with Wal-Mart "T-Mobile Family Talk" you will probably have to switch over to the Wal-Mart plan to keep the plan or something similiar. Everthing is a gimic these days.
Thomas Benjamin Robbins Finally TMobile will stop giving discounts on phones to scrubs. Step in the right direction. They should rid the evermore plus plans too.
Alex Ward Yes,sucks for sales.
Camille Robinson ugh r u serious!! im on flex pay right now...what's gonna happen
Sam Sun ... ohh and yes i'm happy to see flex pay go.
Sam Sun hahaha gotta agree with Millhouse
Danny Spaide Flexpay is simply the dame thing but NO contract! That'd why they want to axe it. I have had it for a year. And I am satisfied with it, now maby its time to go to Verizon anyways!
Justin Kendrick Flexpay is a terrible service and it should be gone!
Tyrone Rupert As of lately im going to switch over to pre paid or verizon for future. Tmobile service is gettingvworst and worst. Signal between walls and buildings is falling off to much. Futhermore, the 4g is only good in the area. I been with them for 8 yeara but when the time is right im gone. Lte right now in long beach to la is averaging 12-21 and its freaking awsome. Well see how there future goes. Wp7 is also borning.
Curt Popejoy With tmobile hemorrhaging regular customers, they have to lean on pre-pay. Sad for those of us who've been with them a long time. Been saying for a year once you sign the contract they don't care about you, and this exodus is proof.
George Millhouse its about time!!!!!!!! and to those that complain they have to get internet on their phones...how the hell do you think you get your 600$ smartphone for 200 or less??? everyone loves to think they should walk into a store and get something for nothing. If you dont want internet on your phone dont buy an internet phone. Period. Or just pay full price for your phone. Stop whining you self absorbed people
Mark Shryock Never used it, but I hate to see options go away.
Jeff Opp Mpls Thank god! Flexpay is such a head ache and pain in the a**
Jamille Browne @Juan Rios - T-Mobile ISN'T making you do anything, you have an option to not buy on contract where ou wouldn''t need the internet but if you want a discount then you have to help out t-mo and buy their service.
Jess Gonzalez care less about flex pay!
Derrico Brown Flex pay customer care was based in India, unless you got a post-paid customer Rep that was trained to do flex pay accts too. (Ex T-mobile cust care Rep)
Ara Boss Zakarian What's the flex pay plan I am on T-Mobile . I get AAA discount is it going to vanish. :(
Billybob Reid frustrated and comfused im due for a upgrade since its been two years but whats gonna happen to me im on flex pay
Ikem Zeek Onyejekwe Thats more customers to metro and boost
Charlie Durie So i wonder what happens to those already on the flexpay?
Amanda Rivera Hell yeah. Its about time!!!!
Adelmo Vasquez I hated flex pay customer service i always got indian ppl and they are annoying
Neal Daringer can someone explain flexpay? never had it.
Danny Téllez Whaaaat?
Sedrick Drake October Mack Just got the 50$ plan
Tim Hublou @cody Moore Pew pew, androidify, mspot, words with friends, angry birds
Stacy Smirlis I have some family on Flex pay. I am glad to see it go. Flexpay customer care is terrible. I have already had them move their accounts over to post paid.
Matthew James Nope. Good riddance. Can't even begin to understand why anybody would have a problem with this. Rumor has it, the majority of those that would be approved for a flexpay CONTRACT will be approved for $50-100 deposits. This means their 'cost-of-entry' will be on par, or lower depending on the situation, than if they signed up for flexpay requiring first-month bill payment at point of sale, and often times getting less of a subsidy on the device. Ex- FlexPay customer wants HD7 at WalMart w/ 80 plan: Customer pays $150 for phone, ~$100 for 1st bill. Total? $250 Same customer under new system: $50-100 deposit, $78.88 for phone. Total? $128-178. Plus, the benefit of better customer service etc... It's a no-brainer.
Justin Young @ cody angry birds :D
Marti Ruiz Yess Im angry
Eric Kroh whats that?..lol
Shaun David So what happens to us that have FlexPay?
Jason Weaver Yes! (from my work iPhone, as my MyTouch 4G gave up the ghost and is on the charger).
Marvin Oubre Never used flex pay
Cody Moore what is a good app for a droid incredible
Dat Boy Named Dannee @Nick, I totally agree with u
Jeremy Von Tussant Jaeger my credit was always good lol
Juan Jose Rios I could care less but I do hate that T-Mo is making me put internet on a phone when I don't need it!!!!
Nick Miller These big-time carriers are becoming so competitive that they're forgetting about the best interests of their customers. It's really starting to become sickening. I can honestly say that I've lost faith in most of these big carriers, and I'm going pre-paid or local now.
Charlie Durie So what hapens to those on the flexpay plan?
Bee Gee YES!

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