AT&T taken to task for the lack of HSUPA on their Android handsets

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 1, 2011

Motorola Atrix 4G HSUPA

There's been quite a bit of hoopla lately about AT&T and their HSUPA speeds, or lack thereof, on devices like the Inspire 4G and Atrix 4G. One user has decided to try and do something about it by posting a complaint on Groubal, a site that lets consumers band together to issue complaints in an attempt to get the attention of a particular company. Zack Nebbaki, the originator of the complaint, explains that his new Atrix 4G often gets slow or no data connections, and he wants AT&T to do something about his poor data speeds, particularly the uploads. So far, Nebbaki's gotten 225 signatures on his page.

AT&T has been pretty quiet on this HSUPA situation so far, and it certainly isn't sitting well with consumers so far. After all, Ma Bell has really been touting the speeds of their 4G network lately, and with high-specced devices like the Inspire and Atrix arriving lately, users expect speed all around. The fact that the iPhone 4 is capable of HSUPA on ATT's network but those devices aren't certainly doesn't help the situation, either. Here's to hoping ATT gets HSUPA going on their Android handsets soon, for both their sake and for their subscribers.

Via Groubal (Image via Engadget)