Sprint CTIA 2011 invite

Sprint's got a whopper of a CTIA show lined up for later this month, where they say they'll be revealing "the latest in wireless innovation" to all of the event goers. Just what do they have planned? No one is quite sure, but an anonymous source speaking with Engadget claims to be in the know. Here's what the tipster claims we can expect to see unveiled during the multi-hour gala:

  • Nexus S 4G, which is, you guessed, a Nexus S with WiMAX support built in. Engadget says that this could either be the SPH-D600 or SPH-D720, both of which recently got certified by the WiFi Alliance, although the D720 is the more likely of the two.
  • EVO 3D, another device with a fairly straightforward name. Unfortunately, there's not much else known about this particular handset just yet.
  • EVO View, which could end up becoming a CDMA-powered HTC Flyer.

It's been a while since Sprint put out a handset that made us drop what we were doing and drool just a little bit, but if these rumored devices end up materializing at CTIA later this month, well, I'd certainly be impressed. A 4G-ready Nexus S would be pretty awesome, especially since Sprint was supposed to offer the Nexus One but ended up dropping it for reasons unknown. Plus, I always love to see stock Android devices hit the market. An EVO 3D doesn't immediately make me think "Wow, I want that," but I'd be willing to give it a chance and, considering the success of the EVO 4G, I'm sure more than a few consumers would do the same. Finally, the Flyer would make a welcome addition to Sprint's lineup, especially since their tablet lineup is a bit lacking compared to the other national carriers. What do you all make of Sprint's rumored CTIA lineup? Is there something in there that piques your interest?

UPDATE: Care for more evidence of Sprint's CTIA plans? If you go to "now.sprint.com/nexus" you'll get the image you see below. Substituting "evo3d" and "evoview" for "nexus" in that URL directs you back to the Sprint home page rather than giving an error, giving credence to those two devices, too.

Sprint Nexus

Via Engadget (1), (2)

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"Do the Android-powered HTC EVO 3D and the Samsung Nexus S 4G interest you?"

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Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III If the evo 3d has to have glasses no plus the name sounds like a battery hazard. I own an evo but this is meh I don't like samsung one bit. I just want an evo 2 dual core 12 mp camera and a great 1900milaamp battery with a better display not no 3G phone...but well see
Emmanuel Castro
Emmanuel Castro Sammy's GS 4g sounds okay...
Corey Baldwin
Corey Baldwin Yeah. That will make it 5 4g phones on sprint!
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes I will love to see a new evo but I'm not to impress with the nexus s in t-mobile, so if Samsung make the nexus s 4G with the exact same hardware of the original version, I will keep my evo for long time...
Luis Leon
Luis Leon 3D cellphone? Nah I'm good. Now the Pre 3 on Sprint? That would catch my interest.
Larry Lambert
Larry Lambert Yes
Danny Spaide
Danny Spaide Nexus s 4g....mabe
PH Lam
PH Lam nope.
Aaron Early
Aaron Early Yes very much so. I want the pure Google experience.
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla For all you idiots saying bad things about Sprint. Why are you on Sprint's fan page?
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh Evo 3d or Evo 2 is temtping to see..Nexus 4G..nothing special..I wanna keyboard phone..tired of shlepping a screen in my pocket
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz No!!!!!!
Austin Hawthorne
Austin Hawthorne I think ill go for the nexus s 4g because since the "nexus" line is made by google it gets all of the software upgrades first now if I could get some specs on the 2 phones then it could be a different story and it better have a 2 year upgrade price available , unlike the other nexus phones when they cost 600 dollars , but for now ill keep my blackberry tour until sprint officially realeses either of these 2 phones ; these are just rumors :)
Reverse Sorrow
Reverse Sorrow Nope, I'm waiting for the Optimus 3D for T-Mobile..... that will blast all other phones far away
Jerry Sanderlin
Jerry Sanderlin Nope!!!!!!!!
Jerry Adney
Jerry Adney Neither of the handsets sound like a big enough jump from my OG Evo to warrant using my yearly subsidy but I am kind of interested in the new HTC Flyer. Only downside is that if it's at a Sprint event it will probably be only with a contract and no wifi-only version for sale...bummer. Having to deal with Sense in order to get all the nifty note-taking apps and getting one more monthly bill are enough to put a damper on any desire to buy the Flyer this summer. I'll probably have to wait until there are some less expensive (than the Xoom) Honeycomb tablets out. Some are already out and just need Honeycomb. Others are still waiting on a release date and price.
Anthony Alamia
Anthony Alamia Excited...both sound great..caint wait.
Ivan Woods
Ivan Woods hmmmm evo 3d ... nice nice
Christopher Hill
Christopher Hill Nothing from Samsung will ever interest me, and my next Evo will have a quad core processor ;-)
Ylla Quezon Pansacula
Ylla Quezon Pansacula I hope that we can do an update on original Evo for this evo 3d shit...i dont care for the battery life coz I got 6 batteries back up!.
Danel Abera
Danel Abera I think the Evo 3D cuz thyr gonna have bigger camera and dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor i thinkkk
Carlos Valenzuela
Carlos Valenzuela what is evo 3d
Edward Madera
Edward Madera yes I would be curious of wat the had to offer!
Marcus NinersEmpire
Marcus NinersEmpire Would b time tite to c how da htc evo 3-d works. HTC 4 life. Dnt know y ppl b hatting sprint if sprint sucks well stay da fck off there service and go get rip off from at&t or Verizon
Clint Winstead
Clint Winstead EVO 3D no, Nexus S YES.
Jean Pacrim
Jean Pacrim Windows phone all the way
Jamel Pegues
Jamel Pegues O yeah bout to trade this epic back in in get my upgrade back lol
Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan I need my 2.2 froyo epic update. WTF
Tristan Justin Pierce
Tristan Justin Pierce any EVO sounds interesting to me(although I'm not that big on 3d) but I was kind of hoping no new,good phones would come out for sprint so I could actually keep a phone for the length of a contract and not have to shell out 500+ bucks for a phone that i keep for a year lol
James Chambers
James Chambers Only if it were for tmo
Brad Haislip
Brad Haislip Yes I want both
Joshua Andrus
Joshua Andrus Not really. I don't like Samsung phones, and I don't care for 3D anything.
Neil Hussey
Neil Hussey Anyone else think that Amber Lace, who commented above, looks like a God damn sexy porn star?
Ian Mcclendon
Ian Mcclendon And the battery life.
Ian Mcclendon
Ian Mcclendon Nexus S no, its Samsung built. EVO 3D yes depends on the cost
Jonathan Carrillo
Jonathan Carrillo Buajajaj
Aaron Bennett
Aaron Bennett The hardware doesn't mean shyt if the service sucks
Luiggi Dujarric
Luiggi Dujarric evo 3D, that sounds like 5 minutes of battery life
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr not till we actually SEE the phones
Natasha Artine
Natasha Artine C'mon Sprint, PRE 3! :)
Natasha Artine
Natasha Artine Meh :/ Pre 3, plz! I have an EVO, but I hardly use it...don't know why I got it in the first place.
Asheryl Gutierrez
Asheryl Gutierrez Only if they are dual core.
Steven Crisostomo
Steven Crisostomo Evo 3d? Yes please.
Corey Barrs
Corey Barrs I love my Evo, and I'm a gadget phone hoe. So yeah the Evo 3D interest me.
Kevin Colon
Kevin Colon EVO 3D cant wait for that!!!!
David Preza
David Preza Evo 3d definitely interests me. I have an evo had it since launch day and love it, look foward to seeing the specs on the evo 3D, hoping for dual core processor
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla Sounds awesome
Phillip McGriff
Phillip McGriff Wow! A 3D Phone, sounds interesting! Ummm I would love too know the battery life on this device? Cause the battery life on the EVO sucked! Blackberry Rules! LOL
Anonymous meh
Marwan J Sayegh
Marwan J Sayegh Heck yeah!
Audrey ODonnell
Audrey ODonnell Give it up on the 3D crap already!
Ernie Shaw
Ernie Shaw I have first Evo and I have a 3d tv so I will be sure to get it on launch day when available
William L Wells
William L Wells The original EVO is the best phone on the market can't wait for the next gen
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone Nope. I'm not on Sprint and I have a Motorola Atrix that I'm satisfied with.
Issa Hirsi
Issa Hirsi Nexus S disappointed me when it didn't come with 4G. Decent phone otherwise.
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck hell yes
Ali Fazel
Ali Fazel Also, I'd rather have an Optimus 3d than an Evo 3d. That phone is just amazing with its 4 GB RAM.
Daniel Marcano
Daniel Marcano It says HTC evo 3d. -_- @Jeremy. And red the evo 3d, I wait on but if the evo 2 takes too long to be announced ill go with the 3d. My evo seems alittle outdated already. Come on Sprint!
Will Gonzalez
Will Gonzalez Once again PhoneDog.com its Google Nexus S not Samsung........ Samsung was just the manufacturer...the Nexus S its a google experience device that belongs to google not the manufacturers........ so once again get it right.
Yasir Sohail
Yasir Sohail Nope, Sprint has shitty service. Atleast in my area.
Ali Fazel
Ali Fazel As long as the Evo is rootable and dual core, I'm on it. If the Nexus S 4G turns out to be more than a Nexus S with WiMax, ie more if a Galaxy S II, I'm on it. So yes, my interest has been pique, but I need more details.
James Thomas Bowman
James Thomas Bowman the LG optimus 2X has been out for the longest time lol .
Jeremy Schneider
Jeremy Schneider Only if the Evo 3D is a HTC device.
Chris Cole
Chris Cole Nope doesn't interest me at all for two reasons. One they're Android devices which I hate and two they are on Sprint and Sprint sucks.
Jeff Labash
Jeff Labash how about Gingerbread for the Evo?
Rick Jackson
Rick Jackson Sprint doesn't interest me - they cannot seem to cancel an account ... then tell you they owe you and will send a check ... then send a collection agency after you for $30
Blake LeBlanc
Blake LeBlanc The Nexus S is the only phone I would take instead of my iPhone but alas it's not on AT&T.
David Piepho
David Piepho The Evo definatley! !!
Damarcus Harris
Damarcus Harris Evo "4 Life "
Jennell Bisenius
Jennell Bisenius Not even in the least. By the time the nexus s comes to sprint it will have been out to long overall. And 3D? Please. Weak sauce all the way around.
Eric Mitchell
Eric Mitchell @Amber Lace I thought the LG Optimus 2X is going to T-Mobile...?
Manny LaughsAlot
Manny LaughsAlot I woild def purchase especially if they come equipped with larger battery
Jaz Lasa
Jaz Lasa I still want my LG optimus 2x c'Mon sprint ;)
Henry Prz
Henry Prz None of them interest me
Simon Lyxell
Simon Lyxell Yep, starting to feel my Legend is getting a bit outdated. Still the best Android phone i've ever tried though, the size is perfect. Not too big and not too small, simply perfect.
Dominique D Barr
Dominique D Barr Evo 3D
Fan OfDreaming
Fan OfDreaming I think it would b interesting But I still <3 my EVO
Noe Zuniga
Noe Zuniga Motorolla razor 3D with android 3.0 cant wait!!!!
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Evo 3D, I really hope it is follow up of the Original Evo
Tim Moore
Tim Moore If the Nexus S wasn't Samsung I'd probably be all over it.
Derrico Brown
Derrico Brown Yes very excited for my next 4g device. Only had my Evo for 2 months, but 1 of these should be my Fall season phone.
Dallas Johnson
Dallas Johnson The Nexus S sounds good to me!
Lieb Chol
Lieb Chol Evo 3D
Matt Zelazo
Matt Zelazo Not at all.
Derrick Soares
Derrick Soares too bad there network sucks in my area ... it was great till all these people started buying boost and virgin now i get dropped calls and texts not sent
Chansey Chiang
Chansey Chiang
William C. Brooks Jr.
William C. Brooks Jr. yes im getting the nexus s from the evo.
Brian Ace Brooks
Brian Ace Brooks Yup first
Chansey Chiang
Chansey Chiang only if it were free

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