BlackBerry 2011 software roadmap leak reveals BIS upgrades and BB 7

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 7, 2011

BlackBerry 2011 software roadmap

We've seen plenty of BlackBerry hardware leaks so far this year, and now we're seeing some new information on the software side of things, as well. RIM's 2011 software roadmap has leaked out onto the Internetz, and it certainly looks like the Waterloo-based company is going to have a busy year. BlackBerry users can expect BIS 4.0, a new beta of Facebook 2.0, and App World for Playbook in the near future, with BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry News, and Social Feeds all getting updates before Q2 is up. Things become a little sparse after that, although two of the most notable updates are coming later on in 2011. According to the document, we can expect BIS 4.1 around July/August, while social networking "core integration" for BB 7 and will begin some time near October.

It's pretty exciting to see BlackBerry 7 appear on this leaked roadmap, but exactly what it means is still unclear. Will it be meant for devs or is it something that'll see a consumer release? It's all tough to say right now, but 'Berry addicts are certainly going to have a lot of new software to keep them busy this year. Now we just need some more info on those new handsets, like the Dakota/Montana. How about it, RIM?

Via N4BB