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We've heard rumblings of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger in the past, and today a bit more fuel was added to that rumor's fire. According to "people with knowledge of the matter" speaking to Bloomberg, Deutsche Telekom, owner of T-Mobile USA, has considered selling T-Mo to Sprint. The sources say that they aren't sure whether or not the deal will actually go through, but Deutsche Telekom said that it's considering all options and would be open to selling either part or all of T-Mobile. If the deal were to go through, Deutsche Telekom says that it would like to own around 50 percent of T-Mobile/Sprint. If no deal can be reached, T-Mo may buy spectrum from Clearwire as an alternative.

Sprint buying T-Mobile would certainly be a big deal, and considering how both carriers have been struggling as of late, it could be beneficial to both carriers if a deal goes through. T-Mobile's latest quarterly report saw them losing quite a few customers and, while Sprint did manage to actually see an increase in customers for the first time in a while, the growth was small. Verizon and AT&T, meanwhile, are adding millions of new customers each quarter and have almost reached 100 million subs each. What do you all think of a possible T-Mobile/Sprint deal?

Via PhoneScoop, Bloomberg

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"Should Sprint buy T-Mobile?"

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Facebook user
Facebook user Yes, and they should move everyone to the T-Mobile GSM network if possible so you can have the portability of a SIM card. Since we buy used phones, it is a pain in the neck to deal with the CDMA phone companies since they can lock up a cell phone.
William Smith
William Smith Yes and make all there phones gsm and cdma compatible! There coverage wood be great!
Dick Morris
Dick Morris No, no! Don't mess with T-Mobile's success! Its the best value for high-speed smartphones AS IS.
Jose Fonseca
Jose Fonseca Yes its an awesome idea if you can choose between the two sprint has a decent network tmobile has better phones and with gsm u also have the ability to get unlocked phones this would be awesome!
Armando Servantes
Armando Servantes So they want to take simcard phones out and keep cdma phones on the market?
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III Lte and gsm hell yeah double the coverage hell yeah! More phones hell yeah! Will it happen? Doubt it it'd be very complicated with the whole CDMA and gsm fusion. But we will see..
Terry Knab
Terry Knab Actually converting sprint and tmo to one standard could be cheaper in the long run....
Aaron Early
Aaron Early Yea Sprint is great.
Jabin George
Jabin George Yes they should. So they can compette with verizon and att as a unit.
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony Mitchell hell no!! why would i want a CMDA provider?! sprint has the worst service next to att did i mention its CMDA
Deron DeFreese
Deron DeFreese NO Sprint Sucks!!
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla No, because Sprint doesn't need little old T-mobile to keep gaining customers. In-fact, they would probably start losing customers again.
Jeff Green
Jeff Green Ill leave tmobile if this happens
Michael Aguilar
Michael Aguilar DT should buy AT&T.
Frantz Joachim
Frantz Joachim Better variety of phones...better coverage...and faster speeds...maybe...
Gina Guerra
Gina Guerra Hell No!! T-mobile sucks!!
Bill Gillespie
Bill Gillespie @justin young, fcc would never allow that.. I think a merger would be good for both carriers
Anthony Alecseenko
Anthony Alecseenko I love both so WIN WIN!
Luis Miguel de Antunano
Shaunta Lovejoy Weems
Shaunta Lovejoy Weems No I don't thinks so I think a better pairing would be another CDMA carrier then T-Mobile. I feel like ATT and T-Mobile would be a great fit.
Justin Medina
Justin Medina If they do they better refund my phone I just bought
Justin Young
Justin Young i think Verizon should buy Sprint and t-mobile, wait a while and buy other small cariers and then leave it between at&t and Verizon.
Alan Jae-Hun Yi
Alan Jae-Hun Yi CDMA + GSM Network = Worst idea for us consumers. Plus how can they make a CDMA + 1X + EV-DO + GSM + HSPA+ + WiMax phone??? Then again if possible then coverage would be like amazing.
Matthew Harman
Matthew Harman ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Does anybody remembr the mess Sprint got in2 when they bought out Nextel?? Sprint is just now gettin bak on their feet aftr all of that...Leave Tmobile alone and let them sink!!
Corie Borie
Mohammad Tayyab Khalid
Mohammad Tayyab Khalid I just don't see how this would work so I say no
Gidon Halbfinger
Gidon Halbfinger Idk how it would help either one. A phone for sprint's cdma network can't run on T-Mobile GSM and vice versa, so nobody gets improved coverage.
Lupie Lupie Ash
Lupie Lupie Ash Nope.Sprint sucks
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith I've had both tmobile and sprint and they are both horrible. With tmobile, I had the worst service of any carrier I've ever had and I've had just about all of them. With sprint, they had so many hidden charges and made me pay for things I never used on my phone. So needless to say I'm with Verizon now and couldn't be happier.
Tanner Carone
Tanner Carone No sprint is already a big enough company
Cameron Tanner
Cameron Tanner I can see the ups and downs, I am neither of them, AT&T or verizon all the way
Willis P Nguyen
Willis P Nguyen nooooo
Bo Haney
Bo Haney They are trying to buy T-Mobile Because i left Sprint 4 months ago.. And they just can't stand it. No Contract/Competitive pricing/gsm/better selection of phones/Option for nexus S(Future,My hardware/My software/I buy your service, duk off)
Johny Alvarez
Johny Alvarez Ahh CDMA, GSM. ones using WiMAX...
Lelhani Morris-Pouessel
Lelhani Morris-Pouessel Good lord, I sure hope not. I like not having my phone tied to US shores.
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega Can't wait for the EVO 3D and the EVO View TABLET on Sprint.
Christopher Blaine Erb
Christopher Blaine Erb Sprint is amazing! Tmo sucks!
Christopher Blaine Erb
Christopher Blaine Erb Nnnnoooooo
Benjamin Gehlke
Benjamin Gehlke No t-mobile is gsm
Michael Beastmode White
Michael Beastmode White this happens ill cancel my account with tmobile. i hated sprints BS
Leo Colque
Leo Colque yes
Rick Jackson
Rick Jackson Wasn't there a feed about a week back that said DT was NOT considering selling Tmobile and everyone was relieved?
Harold Bias
Harold Bias Sounds like a smart move to me.
Elijah Roberson
Elijah Roberson Yep!!!
Ryan Downey
Ryan Downey T-Mobile would ruin sprint's good name!
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega Verizon and At&t are threaten by this.
Jc Chavez
Jc Chavez Yeah people who are saying sprnt sucks are the people that had sprint way back when the old CEO was ruining sprint.....dan hesse will make a great decision on this matter....
Rebecca Muro
Rebecca Muro Yes.. then I could use my 4g with sprint
Anthony Benjamin Stidd
Anthony Benjamin Stidd i would say yes because t mobile is kind of being left in the wake of other cariers, verizon
Wendi Martin
Wendi Martin seems a bit iffy to me..
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua I say yes maybe with them colliding i can finally get some bars on my phone ha I'm on wifi on the time because of T-Mobiles crappy service. :( ...California
Suchan Dongol
Suchan Dongol no, sprint just know how to overcharge the customers
Lisa Helling
Lisa Helling I'm on Sprint, works great for ne. Tmobile was overpriced and didn't work in my area.
Peter Piantini
Peter Piantini To the people who say "NOOO SPRINT SUCKS" that's the only argument you have. The people who say yes actually provide intelligent reasons for a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. In the end both businesses would achieve a much greater service to the entire nation and truly go up against two companies (VW and AT&T) that do not deserve all the praise they get. Sprint, if you acquire T-Mobile good on you.
Sambath Luy
Sambath Luy SprinT-Mobile!!!
Jaz Lasa
Jaz Lasa T-mobile has a good line up of phones coming out so yeah the should def do it. More profits. Sprint service works lovely in my area. If you dont like sprint or t-mobile why did you click the link? C'mon sense!
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims Why would a cdma and a GSM buy each other out? Its retarded because it makes no financial sense because you would have to switch everyone to one technology and spend billions on a hybrid patch work network. Anyone working at sprint can tell you that would be a nightmare
Tiki E
Tiki E I like the idea. Stick with gsm then move to LTE not Wimax
Syuid Abraham
Syuid Abraham Sprint service sucks. I would be forced to go to ..Verizon
Jason Weaver
Jason Weaver If Sprint and T-Mobile don't merge, they will both be crushed by (1) Verizon, (2) AT&T, and (3) each other. If we're practical, instead of emotional, we should all come to the conclusion that this better happen ASAP.
Elliott Rodriguez
Elliott Rodriguez nah decaf doesnt give me the energy to deal with these fuckhead idiots
Curt Popejoy
Curt Popejoy @elliotttry the decaf bro, it tastes just like the regular.
Curt Popejoy
Curt Popejoy yes. sprint service where i live is fantastic and tmobile is well...bad.
Xiomara-Rosa Fernandez
Xiomara-Rosa Fernandez I don't like tmobile phones
Elliott Rodriguez
Elliott Rodriguez These idiots saying T-Mobile is bad... obviously never had T-Mobile ... Unlike AT&T members i get all my text messages and never have my calls dropped... and unlike Sprint members I get ALL of my incoming calls... and unlike Verizon members I pay less for the same thing their service does.. and no phones are you kidding me? Someone still thinks this is the 90's
Hector Ivan Hernandez
Hector Ivan Hernandez @Billy Bane Lmao! XD
Brittany Marie Weddle
Brittany Marie Weddle i tmobile is doing fine on they're own. besides, what would happen to current tomible and sprint costomers???
Dwight L. Burton
Dwight L. Burton Why in true world would this happen. Tmobile trumps sprint in every aspect. No way would they let sprint buy them. They would buy sprint which would make more sense.
Jason Walker
Jason Walker Not at all, I see T-Mobile getting lost in the shuffle
Jennifer DeAlmeida
Jennifer DeAlmeida They need a merger for either of them to survive. ;)
Chris Vaughn Bey
Chris Vaughn Bey A T-Mobile, Sprint merger would be a good idea if they moved all of their future phones to world phones like the touch pro 2, Sprint would have world phones on their newly acquired network and have access to both gsm and cdma technology here in the states.
Peter Dudycz
Peter Dudycz If the put the Evo 4g and epic 4G on T-Mobile GSM, sure.
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone I'm not on either carrier but if it's for the better then yes why not? If service is improved then yes.
Rick Jackson
Rick Jackson He'll NO! Sprint sucks!
Dishant Shah
Dishant Shah Hell yeah!
James Geraci
James Geraci Sure.. so sprint can have a third different technology to support (CDMA, iDen, and GSM)
Sayeed Gallant
Sayeed Gallant F. Sprint they screwed me out of hundreds.
Alexander Acosta Del Valle
Alexander Acosta Del Valle Yes more coverage
Rc Cavin
Rc Cavin It would be nice cuz the network would be even bigger with better call quality. If they worked out their deals/prices it could be good. I also would just like more options for phones.
Billy Bane
Billy Bane No, i owe sprint lol
Joseph Wells
Joseph Wells Sure, as long as it doesn't mean their plans will be more expensive.
Bob Hart
Bob Hart He'll no sprint sucks ther are some nice phones but that it they suck
Eric Alvarez
Eric Alvarez No then tmobile's prices would up
James Brian Carrera
James Brian Carrera YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES it will make sprint and t-mo that much better and give sprint so options for world phones it would be a genius move for sprint
Tracy Haynes
Manny Morales
Manny Morales nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Alex Ochoa
Alex Ochoa Oh noooo sprint sucks
Bryan James Wadman
Bryan James Wadman This would be a huge mistake. Glad its only a rumor!!
Brian Soberano
Brian Soberano Yeah and Verizon should buy At&t
Jennifer Lynn Rodriques
Jennifer Lynn Rodriques Yes a big Yes
Ray Dejesus
Ray Dejesus yes that would b a great powerhouse to go up against vw n att
Curtis Love
Curtis Love Yes.
D Yvette Stanley
D Yvette Stanley Still not enough info but I can speculate. It would be quite costly for Sprint to take over T-Mobile as Sprint would have one hell of a conversion process considering the two different wireless systems used by Sprint and T-Mobile. Also, there are many places where sprint's service is not up to par and t-mobile is and vis versa (network updating and retro-fitting- costly). But, if DT holds on to enough of T-Mobile to continue to maintain their customer base and network, it might be a good thing for tmobile, giving them the funds to continue building their network. Just brainstorming.
Savidrath By
Savidrath By No but T-Mobile should buy Sprint.
Emmanuel Lopez
Emmanuel Lopez I could see it happening
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones yes but i just left tmo for verizon
Mark Gittens
Mark Gittens Man hell no sprint sux!
Christopher Joiner
Christopher Joiner Yes that would be a great move for sprint and their 4g footprint being lte/wimax

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