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By now, just about everyone is well aware that AT&T's Android handsets, including its 4G phones like the Atrix and Inspire, don't do HSUPA out of the box. It's not that the hardware isn't capable, it's just that ATT doesn't allow to them to achieve high upload speeds because of the way that the phones interact with their network. Ma Bell hasn't really said much on the situation, but in a statement to PCMag, they did hint that things are going to change at some point in the future:

"As you noticed, we have a number of HSUPA devices today and we will have more HSUPA-enabled devices in the future—new devices and updates to existing models."

From the sound of things, AT&T's Android devices will simply need a software update to enable HSUPA capabilities. Unfortunately, there's not really any indication as to when those updates are going to come to help the folks that bought a 4G phone expecting 4G speeds. For AT&T's sake, I hope they hit soon.

Via Engadget, PCMag

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"Are you having upload speed issues on your Atrix 4G or Inspire 4G?"

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Abi Gopal Yes :P
Johnny Tooter Shackelford And people wonder why I hate AT&T....this proves my point!
Jabin George Don't have an axtrix or inspire! Not a fan off att
Jay Ortiz Sucks to be on AT&T right now!!!!!
Nick Koval Nope only on my galaxy ass phone
Arnold Herrera I don't care what anyone says I LOVE my HTC inspire. Yes it gas a few issues but every single smartphone does. And even with those issues it beats The crap out of any ATT phone, except the atrix. Now even the matrix that has dual core isn't even that great. My 1ghz snapdragon processor is really close to it. So I think to really criticize a phone u have to have had it for a week or so or least compare the phone PERSONALLY! And not just repeat what other people say in different forums and websites
Jean Pacrim Att doesn't even have a legitimate 4g. Bunch of liars
Edder Grimaldo . . . Oh and you gotta love how they advertise themselves as 4G when in reality THEY DON'T OFFER IT YET!!! lol wow Read the fine print and you'll see that it says 4G this and 4G that (when we actually offer it)
Edder Grimaldo @James Oliver Hate one what?? Poor reception, dropped calls, dead zones, over paying for data, shitty cell phone selection, and the list goes on. I had T-Mobile and I'm dying to go back!! Only good thing about ATT is the customer service, other than that, they got nothing going for them.
Alex Rodriguez At&t sucks that's why!
Ed Covert No upload speed issues at all... anywhere from .8-1.4Mb/s up. Oh... wait... that's on my G2 with TMO. Sorry Death Star Android subscribers, but you should have learned At&t will always favor the iPhone.
Matt Kurtyka Upload sucks dicm
Charles Humble Anybody switch to Atrix from iPhone4?
Marcus NinersEmpire Yes I am very much wait no Haha at&t weak sauce
James Oliver Haters gonna hate on AT&T Lol damn haters don't be jealous
Stephen M. Knipe II They are both capped, and the Infuse will be too unless everyone calls and complains so they can't ignore it... like the iPhone 4 users did, and they got their update enabling HSUPA
John Cruz Every phone company is better than at&t
Christopher McAtee T-Mobile, baby!
Esteban Ramos When is the new samsung infuse coming out?
Lance Rhoads I like the phone, hate the upload speeds!
Mitch Evans At&t blows chunks.
Steven Jay Jackson Jamie just go and play with both and find out for yourself. On paper the Inspire is better....
Ever Alexander Iraheta Att sucks....nuff said...
Angel Achilles Mejia De puta madre
Nick Fischer The inspire is better Jamie and yes I have no hsupa
Luis Sahagun No my atrix is pretty slow for uploading
Jamie Sherron What is a better phone the HTC Inspire 4G or Samsung Captivate?
George Rodriguez Not really but then again I don't upload much on my Inspire.

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