Poll: Do you think HP's decision to pre-install webOS on its PCs is a smart one?

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| March 9, 2011

Lee Apotheker

At HP's webOS event in San Francisco last month, CEO Lee Apotheker touched on HP's long-term plans with the media, claiming that webOS would be coming to select PCs in 2012.  In an interview today with Businessweek, Apotheker shifted his claim and admitted that ALL PCs shipped in 2012 will have webOS pre-installed along with Windows to "create a massive platform," which should give way to an increase of webOS apps in the App Catalog.  Like anything else, there are pros and cons to the decision, but at the end of the day, we're watching the convergence of the mobile OS and the desktop OS.

Do you think HP's decision to put webOS on every computer is a good idea?  Cast your vote, and sound off in the comments section!