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Apple introduced the iPhone 4 in both black and white in June of last year. Fast-forward nine months later, and there's still no white GSM iPhone 4 to be found. Apple promised last year that the device would be coming this spring, and today one analyst has tried to narrow that launch window down just a bit. According to Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, production of the white iPhone will kick off sometime this month, with the device launching in early April. He claims that Apple finally made changes to the "film material to solve the full-lamination problem" which caused all of the handset's delays. No mention of a white CDMA iPhone was made.

Yesterday we heard a rumor that Apple may hold an event in early April to show off iOS 5 for the first time and, if true, that would be a great opportunity for them to announce the availability of the white iPhone 4, too. Some folks may not really see the point in even releasing the device at this point, but I'd be surprised if Apple decided to just can it altogether. After all, it may not sell like hotcakes, but I'm sure there are a few folks out there that would like to buy a snowy white iPhone.

Via MacRumors, AppleInsider

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"Given that the iPhone 5 is so close to launch, will anyone buy the white iPhone 4?"

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Lineke Verboven Im happy with my black iphone4 :)
Jon Jerico Calanio @Sergio: Same could be said with Apple guys who constantly nitpick on Android, while not taking criticism against the iPhone lightly.
Sergio Rubio Wtf? If you like android, cool...there's no need to go crap on every article that mentions iPhone about how much you like android. Makes it look like you are trying pretty hard to like your own device
Omar Lmt ANDRIOD!!
Tony Ward This is only for isheep fanboys, who don't like change or don't have a mind of there own and are remotely controlled by Steve jobs lol. People who lack creativity and individuality buy icrap, people who rather buy a shirt for $600 just because a movie star owns one, that describes you, yes you , the bored looking lemming with the ibrick in your hand, and the most saddest thing of all is that you are even contemplating to buy the same phone but a different shade at a higher price all in the name of fashion. Buy a android device and be a individual and not the bored isheep you are now.
Douglas J Kmiotek @Benjamin - I agree, as all that Android was too buggy & fragmented. iPhone + iOS - FTW!!!
Benjamin Pastrana Ive had all the highend android devices and I'm done with android. Stept up to iOS. I don't care if they have a 7inch screen or more anything. The android OS lacks games and good apps. and a few games doesn't cut it android
Benjamin Pastrana What a dump post. What a Dumb question. The iPhone 3GS even though we have the 4 is still being sold so why would the iPhone 5 effect iPhone 4 sells? Specially a white iPhone 4?
Ben Garcia What's a iPhone?
John Cruz No because iphone is old
Thomas Benjamin Robbins iPhone 5 will be no different
Brent Hayes The question should be will anyone buy a iphone 5...I am still amazed how popular iphones are now days. Same phone renamed 5 times.
Marti Ruiz No 4 no 5
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi I wll wait for iphone5 and check it's specs, if iPhone5 has some good features over iphone4 then I wll surely go for iphone5, otherwise I wll get white iphone4 after launch of iphone5, bcoz after launch of iphone5 they wll surely decrease the price of iphone4 by 100$......
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés No. I will not.
Alfie Pugh I will as soon as I find one available & get rid of dis white evo.
Matthew Gonzales Landry No, I'm happy with my black iPhone 4 but I might consider a white iPhone 5. I think they should just call the next iteration iPhone. No need for the name at the end. Just iPhone.
Sam Platz Who cares.Most people buy cases for their phones.So you probably won't be able to tell if it's black or white anyways.
Jon Jerico Calanio @Michael McDaniel: Ever heard of the Atrix, Inspire or Galaxy S2? No? Too bad.
Tim Miyashiro Sure, don't need a 5. I'll just wait till the 5 is released and the 4 will drop in price, like when the 4 was released the 3GS got cheap.
Cody Sulouff My guess is it will be called the iPhone 4g, probably not 4gs and definitely not iPhone 5. And no, i will not buy the white iPhone because i have the black one already.
Cameron Jones I see so many smashed iphone4 screens its not funny. 3gs didn't see many. And yet to hear about an android phone screen be smashed yet hell I have drooped mine a few times no issues. Android ftw! (Yes I had an iPhone)
Shirley Mercado I'm more into a black iPhone... Never liked a white one. So, I'm still waiting for the new iPhone 5 to come out! (
Duldulao Ryel Hopefully Tmobile will gonna have iPhone 5 too......
Michael Mcdaniel @ chuck a poor mans version of an android who come up with that u cause your too poor to have an iPhone it's the most high end phone on the market idiot
Joshua Castro Dudes the so call iphone 5 or 4gs, whatever, is the white iphone 4 so daaaaa everyone who have an iphone is gona want it. Because it changes everything.....again!!!!
Scott Cauley Probably not im just gonna wait till iPhone 5.
Cody Dee Burachenski Still wont beata BlackBerry thats forsure and for that person that said androids r better THERE JUNK
Jon Jerico Calanio iPhone 5 already? Talk about milking a franchise. Nope. Will wait out cash for an Atrix 4G or Optimus 2X.
Nat Rice wat the point?¿
Steve Doric Hell no!
Tony Ward If Apple are up to its same tricks then it will probably say they invented the shade white and they are in the process in inventing black too and you know all the Apple fanboys will think this is a revelation and buy one, they did it with the face time when really they technology was video chatting that has been around 5 years before lol. Sad people buy Apple, clever people buy android.
Andy Hall No. Will wait
Craigg Alexander Jones Is the white iPhone even still a plan??? Seems pointless. The glass won't hold the color. And who cares about the iPhone 5! Its the same shit different year. Apple needs a drastic change or android will continue to. Beat them in the mobile world
Israel Leiva Behold the White iPhone! WTF?! Who cares?!
Bill Felice That will just show you how behind the times Apple is, sell the white one when they launch Iphone 5, and then blow out the Iphone 4 for $50.00 like they are the 3GS version, and life will be ok in Apple land.. Hey Apple stop operating biz like you are the only cell phone maker out there..
Joeana Marie Bush Ohhh i would i hate my iphone 3 gs black
Ross Silva fuck apple and fuck the iphone
Jeremiah David Thompson Moser I'm still waiting on the thunderbolt forget the iPhone
Donovan Blink Vejar I doubt there will even be a White IPhone 4!
Jannie Chan Absolutely NO
Joshuah Landazuri I would like to see a white iphone 5 running Android OS with iOS as its UI. That would be beast, but then again, Apple isn't beast.
Nick Koval No way
Ai Nguyen android sucks. iPhone all the way!!!
Tomas Drexx You can buy white cover in black market around $30 :P
Kyle Ring I really don't like white....
Malik Untracable Brock Nope I'm all with Android
Marcus NinersEmpire I prefer a pearl white android iphone no at&t or verizon android iphone with a slide out keyboard lol
J Litz Van I wouldn't buy an orange, green or yellow iPhone 4, 5,6 or 7. What am I saying? I don't like the iPhone.
Seth Techmanski Droid ftw
Jason Ramos Of course. A few sheeple will buy it for bragging rights
Joseph Leon Depends on how good the iPhone 5 is
Trae Day Apple suck n iphone suck and iphone cnt get flash player there swick on there shit n iphone 4 small galaxy s is better
Stephon Christopher Thompson This is a stupid question, people still buy the 3Gs so yeah I'd someone wants they will get the white iPhone 4
Brandall Hickman How bout a WHITE I5 ..
Darryl Mouzone Nooooooo!!!! Why would they release a white iPhone 4 now when the iPhone 5 is right around the corner?! I know I'm not buying it. Then again I don't need to.
Danny Mastropierro yeah. but only the dumb people who dont know anything about Apple and want a white iPhone 4
Alejandro Treviño I've just bout had every kind of phone out there. Every service but Verizon. I love the iPhone. I just don't like bein careful with data usage. :/ So I guess I'll see Verizon soon to see what they got.
Douglas J Kmiotek Nope!!! iPhone 5 will be my next baby - I'm praying for a 4" screen + 64gb!!! Oh yeah!!!
Chuck Xu Hahaha...lol ifail4. Epic fail on apples part not to acknowledge and even have macromedia flash on their garbage fone. Its been widely know and stated that the iphone is a poor mans version of android. Go team htc/team android
Brian Busyapongpakdee I still don't understand the fascination over the white iPhone 4
Jerimiah Reece I don't want an iPhone anyhow. But why buy an iPhone 4 now? Apple is almost stupid to finally release a white version of 4 right before they release 5. Hopefully 5 finally fixes their antenna issues eh?
Stiven Cabrera I don't buy iPhones.
Steve Hartsock Yes, it's rated over every other phone out there.. ;)
Omar Lmt Ummm hell no! Andriod is what I need
Victor Rios Does it matter? The iPhone is overrated!
John Alves Is it really an iPhone 5? or iPhone 4S? lol
Eric Kroh NO..when you want or need voice n data sametime u will regret not having it!
Justin Young Yes, the price of iPhone 4 will drop so people who want an iPhone will get it cuz the can't afford the iPhone 5
Nathan Crenshaw I WILLLLL (:
James Gray We wont see a white iPhone 4...they will bring out a white iPhone 5 though
Buckner Demetrius Dont make idols!
Steve Hartsock Nah... will wait for the iPhone 5. Already have an iPhone 4.
Buckner Demetrius Can u say Android?!? Lol
Francis Bolivar hahahahaha... NO!
Michal Borowiec i will : D

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