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iPhone 5 render

Unsurprisingly, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 as of late, with many focusing on whether or not Apple will increase the handset's screen size. Today more evidence of an increase has seemingly emerged via iDealsChina, the same source of a previous iPhone 5 display leak. As you can see, the renders look exactly like an iPhone 4, save for the fact that there's a bit less bezel on the face of phone. The site says that the drawings were just sent over to them and are used to create various kinds of cases for a device.

When the iPhone 5 bezel leaked out a few weeks ago, some folks called the authenticity of the image into question. As MacRumors points out, though, iDeals China has been the source of a few correct leaks in the past, too. Considering how long Apple has stuck with a 3.5-inch display, it makes sense that they'd at least think about creating an iPhone with a 3.75 or 4-inch screen, especially in the face of 4.5-inch Android phones. What do you all make of these leaked images? Are they the real deal?

iPhone 5 render


More information about the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 cases begin appearing online!

A metal backside and a larger display for the iPhone 5

Will the design of the iPhone 5 change completely?


Via MacRumors, iDeals China

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"If the iPhone 5 sports nothing but a larger display, is it going to be worth buying?"

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Eddie Gutierrez
Eddie Gutierrez nope same thing no difference
Norleena Davies
Norleena Davies No way! Too many other phones have way better specs, They need to update them there way behind time.
Wit BoonHan
Wit BoonHan 3.5" good for pocket!
Muhammad Aamir Sayeed
Muhammad Aamir Sayeed It might has dual core like ipad 2...if true tht would be so cool...=D
Nyt Walker
Nyt Walker Nops its not worth buying
Corey Artis
Corey Artis no. all it proves is that while apple may create a market, they don't innovate. these incremental changes don't make the phone that much more desirable. it appears that for the first time, an android device released at the same time as the iphone 5 will be hands down clearly better.
Cheng Ting Jacob Lee
Cheng Ting Jacob Lee My iphone 4 is great i dont need a iphone looks justblike the forth generation
Teron Facey
Teron Facey @ Miles Lark you do there are perfect android sizes under 4 inches too.
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Nope... Just got rid of my iphone4 got bored of it in less than a week lamoe
Corey A. Mayo
Corey A. Mayo The iphone no, the ipod touch h€lls yes!
Raw-drigo Crudo
Raw-drigo Crudo I have a Galaxy S and let me tell you, Iphone doesnt stand a chance.
Carl Chamberlain
Carl Chamberlain No, if it doesn't have 4g and doesn't have anything but a larger screen, its not worth it. Then again I don't care entirely too much about the iphone anyway.
Christian Crow
Christian Crow Yes depends on what you want, I would want a 4 inch screen with quad core CPU or dual core and same gpu as iPad 2, 1gb ram
DeMonte Greene
DeMonte Greene wat screen size its gon b
Douglas J Kmiotek
Douglas J Kmiotek Hey, the iPhone 5 w/a Zune UI = WIN!!! #WINNER!!!
Steve Alvarez
Steve Alvarez Stupid iOS is lame...the need to blueprint it...something over the top it's the same shit since it started....hmmmm ain't no evolution there...wtf is up with that, can't say it's all useless but damn time for a change
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Suckphone
Kevin Koshy
Kevin Koshy It will still be awesome for first time users (iPod touch experience or not). I still want an iPhone since it's everything my iPod touch is without the need for wifi (besides FaceTime anyways). But at the same time I do have to agree with some of the comments here, apple needs to do more than adjust the hardware, they need to adjust the UI. Maybe a high quality UI that can be upgraded for free from the main UI (you pay plenty for the phone and the cell phone features). or even the ability to make your own interface through iTunes. And btw, iPhone users aren't dumb for choosing the iPhone. They just like quality phones with a stable (and simple) UI that actually has a lot of apps to offer. Plus there are more products in the world that are compatible with iPhones. I hardly see any other products fitting for android phones besides cases, chargers, and car mounts. That's economics in smartphone terms. iPhone rules the smartphone market share and other companies cater to iPhone standard products :P
Bryan McHenry
Bryan McHenry iOS 5...Please be something fresh and new :(
Renee Hare
Renee Hare Lol at Tony lecturing on stupid iPhone users...while using "people are more dumber" in the same post. Wow
Samson Muthami
Samson Muthami Uh, yes. As wonderful as my 3GS has been, I was planning on upgrading my device this June anyways.
Gerard Talamo
Gerard Talamo Iphone kicks ass, had droid not even close to iphone
Mark Ciancimino
Mark Ciancimino its apple product... which we all know is backed up by cheap quality and very low customer service.
Kenny Flagg
Kenny Flagg Prob an A5 processor too eh?
Alex Zhao
Alex Zhao Steve Jobs is just laughing at you guys now. Pumps out bigger screen and a few new specs and watches you guys squirm as you try to keep up with the "next big thing"
Talon Meyer
Talon Meyer typical apple. BIGGER DIPLAY! BUY IT! AND ITS SHINY! BUY IT!
Asyraf Razali
Asyraf Razali Most of the people buying just buy it cuz it frm apple,
Greg Smart
Josh Foster
Josh Foster No but 35 million idiots will buy it anyway.
Häkker Mchäck
Häkker Mchäck No.but it wont have just bigger screen. it will also have better cpu,gpu,ram and battery.when it comes out, it will be nothing big.nothing new to be crazy about.!!
Justin Peahi
Justin Peahi The fact is that apple opened the door to application and development. There devices remain cutting edge in both form and function. What ever the new iPhone is, or any product released by apple you can be assure of one thing.... It will lead the industry and android will copy it. iOS FTW : P
Silvestre Sanchez
Silvestre Sanchez Not as go retnia display
Tony Ward
Tony Ward Do we need to worry about wp7, they seem to be the dark horses in this war and are the tales about Microsoft, Nokia and Google joining forces? Something about dual boot devices like the ones on winno devices??
Renee Hare
Renee Hare I would. I love Android but if the 5 had a bigger screen and in white, yeah I would.
Anthony Peña
Anthony Peña Apple only makes money because they put cameras on their products a year after they release the prototype and people buy it...Hello! Wake up people...Apple is milking you like cows!
Mathieu Omoregie
Mathieu Omoregie Its another gimmick to sell the same.damn from...ie...8gig 16gig 32gig...3g...3gs..lmao they find ridiculous ways to ssell the same.damn phone
Omega Missingno Octagonapus
Omega Missingno Octagonapus "If the FAiLPhone 5..." Nope.avi.jpeg This conversation has been terminated.
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez It's about time for a bigger screen. Safari must have text reflow to be readable and usable. Fix the death grip problem . There should be Adobe flash so I can watch all the news about the earth quake. Hello Apple. Im nit
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama I'd never get an iPhone but I hope current iPhone users would want more than a bigger screen to seal the deal. The UI is boring now..
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok @JON That is true. You never know right? I mean if Nvidia could get a slice of apple's iPhone in their portfolio im sure they wont mind. Big slice of cash right there And hell to the yes. cant wait for the new tegras to come out, as long as they dont screw it up with the TDU and powerusage like their desktop counterparts
Thomas Benjamin Robbins
Thomas Benjamin Robbins People like APPS. The iPhone is definitely a beast, great battery, beautiful screen, and some nice picture and video editing software. But no matter what, Apple needs to ease up on the cost of their apps. Apple will always be towards the top but if they want to remain number one, thats what they need to do as well as allowing more customization. I dislike how the phone "is what it is."
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio Well, unless Apple strikes a deal with Nvidia, I don't see that from happening. And Nvidia has the new Kal-El architecture which does 5x better performance than the Tegra 2. Then the last iteration is the Stark chip which can beat out Intel's desktop Core2Duo processors. Let's not forget AMD with its Fusion APU's, possibly heading for mobile devices.
Seaedge Val
Seaedge Val question: If the iPhone 5 sports nothing but a larger display, is it going to be worth buying? answer: No The end.
Noel Lv
Noel Lv Are you serious O.O !!not even one added feature !..again like I said I phone stays in the present and never aiming for the future ,like android does ..just had the xoom in my hands for the first time yesterday ,and its like the future was in my hands .and the speed was crazy ! ..all the Apple loverz need to just get over it and switch over to real innovative technology ..android baby
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok Gotta love them fanboys with their 1 sided arguments.
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone The fanboys are coming out of the woodwork with their high school jabs again. Thanks PhoneDog for stirring up all this stupid fanboy bullshit on both sides.
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok Tegra is still using a ARM design chip. meaning the A8 series which almost ALL high end models of 2010 smart phones used, are the same. Tegra is just Nvidia's GPU tech embodied in a single chip to aid with the graphical interfaces and calculations. Which if u havent noticed.. Most smartphones still use the PowerVR. Tegra's new and no 1 ever said it wont make it to future iPhones as well.
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok @tony Actually I have both, an iPhone and an Android Phone thank you. Sure its more customizable with all the Edits and its definetly a thrill to mod the phone. But is it as stable? And i never said the iphone is god to android. infact the android is better until the iOS is jailbroken and hence open to the same things android is capable of. minus flash. Btw. Apple is larger than Microsoft now. Insense of Company Assets so yeah.. But microsoft's still got got the business end of computing.
Jon Allegrezza
Jon Allegrezza Apple doesn't need to do anything. Robots will go buy it no matter what. In fact, I can already tell you what the next commerical for a future iPhone6 will be like : "The iPhone6. We did literally nothing to it, seriously, nothing, except increase the digit in its name by 1.", and the line will form around the corner...
Tony Ward
Tony Ward Uneducated iPhone uses like yourself to understand how to use one, apple is on its way out I'm sorry to say and the reason why is in 2 words "tegra 3"
Steven Crisostomo
Steven Crisostomo Is that all apple is going to do? Smh.
Tony Ward
Tony Ward @Ashley, I see you are a brain washed iPhone fanboy, and yes people are more dumber who use iPhones, why oh why do you want a device that is regulated by apple, a poor company that failed to Microsoft and make over priced computers that stupid people use, android caters for clever and dumb so its not hard of uneduc
Samuel Carroll
Samuel Carroll iPhone is going down. Android is taking over!!!!!
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio Android makes it easy for people to do something more than just customization. You can break the OS down into its most core bits, which developers can take advantage of in coding apps, fixes and improvements. Hex edits, programming languages, etc. are possible with the provided SDK.
Chris Issac
Chris Issac They trying to make that quick Buck! They don't care about us consumer. All they want is to make that quick buck!
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok
Chris Issac
Chris Issac I love my iPhone 4, but apple needs to step it up man! It won't be worth buying a iPhone 5 if it looks the same as the iPhone 4. " just a bigger screen and A5 chip" please!!! Go f*k your self Apple!
Ricardo Contreras Jr.
Ricardo Contreras Jr. Android don't need to be jail broken to be good
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok Well unfortunately Tony.. My iPhone's UI looks nothing like an iPhone.. I find it too simple as well. so i like to mix it up, But in all honestly. the iPhone is very simplistic. But whats wrong with that? Maybe the person doesnt like having too much to customize.. Android is for the younger group/ people who like to make it their own in their own ways. iPhone is just simpler. No use in targeting people and calling them stupid.
Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter It wouldn't be worth buying anyway.
Chayse Collier
Chayse Collier I think the iOS is good but I have a Droid 2 (like the keyboard and the flash player) But Apple has a way of convincing it's customers that they have to buy crap that they absolutely don't need!
Bryan Jeniel
Bryan Jeniel Yes i dont liike apple because the screen is too little they need to do a bigger one!
Tony Ward
Tony Ward IPhones are for people who don't like all the Modding and customerization things that android has to offer, iPhones are for people who only have the brain power to click,download,play. IPhone people have no imagination and no artistic abilities so they only like icon mooving and wallpaper changing, iPhone people buy phones that a celebrity has just because they do. What would you rather be ? A izombie? Or a intelligent person? Your choice!
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés Same features! Absolutely No!!
Jeff Alamillo
Jeff Alamillo Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
Adonis Reyes
Adonis Reyes Yes!!!
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok Okay.. Im pretty sure.. by using the iPad 2 as a bar for prediction.. iPhone 5.. confirmed using the Dual core A5. Possibly getting that 8mp camera.. as well as that front 1 to 2mp for facetime HD Screensize is a total mystery as the Screen resolution for apples "Retina" display.. to keep the dpi the same at 4 inchs.. looking at a full 720p screen? Hopefully they fix it and make it a GSM/CDMA combo. then it'll be a global phone.. But thats about it for the upgrade.. everything else is for the iOS5 which i hope to god its a huge redesign.. Getting kinda boring.. the UI.
Douglas J Kmiotek
Douglas J Kmiotek PS: I've had way less issues w/my iPhone than w/all the Android phones I've owned - there's 4 iPhones in the house now - so a new iPhone is a better option for my family. IMO, YMMV.
Mark Goodrich
Mark Goodrich People really need to get over the droid crap! Apple has been here and isn't going anywhere! iPhone rocks! Get used to it!!!
Joeana Marie Bush
Joeana Marie Bush Bigger display im up for that
Douglas J Kmiotek
Douglas J Kmiotek And if Android can finally pull off multimedia right, and improve the battery life (it sux compared to my iPhone 4) I'd go back to a Droid, or Atrix, maybe :-/
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez If not I'm getting a Droid bionic!
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez If the iPhone 5 has a dual core processor, 8mp camera, 3mp front facing camera,4 inch screen,improved battery life, all on Verizon's LTE network, I'm there. I'd prefer it over Android's less than secure OS, and not on att's fake 4g dropped call network.
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok BTW guys.. Android takes alot more work I know, because of all the different configurations it has to handle from the manufacturers. But that only means the OS can be optimized till a certain limit.. As for the iOS. my iPhone 4 runs smoother than any Android I've ever used.
Douglas J Kmiotek
Douglas J Kmiotek I'm getting older and really want a larger & easier to see screen, so I'd love the bigger viewing real estate. I'd REALLY love 64gb capacity tho, as I'm tired of having to carry another device for all my music & videos as well. And, a beefier battery wouldn't hurt either,... ;)
Kevin M Combes
Kevin M Combes What with all the menus and back buttons that MUST be displayed onscreen on iOS (vs. the convenient menu and back buttons on Android phones) the OS needs a larger screen. I used an iPod Touch for a long time, it was okay, then I got an HTC Desire. The next time I used an iPhone the screen felt so small I thought it was a Pre. The menus and back bar waste so much space that at 3.5 inch screen is more like a 3.0.
Tony Ward
Tony Ward I have just upgraded my HTC desire to gingerbread 2.3.3 oxygen 2.0.1 rom, and overclocked the CPU from 998mhz to 1210mhz and installed adw ex, so why oh why do I want a slow overpriced icrap like the iPhone 4 or 5, try doing that to the iPhone lol.
Matthew Steven Brideau
Matthew Steven Brideau Android is a joke when you have new flagship phones launching with 2.2 and GB has been out near 4 months. Ip5 will have a 4" screen but the size won't change because the bezel will just be smaller all the way around. This is coming from a longtime android user...
Daniel Timmons
Daniel Timmons It probably will have the a5 chip too
Patrick Souza
Patrick Souza Lol. Serious, wow just How Cheap is Apple becoming??? Every new product has a cheap lil gimmick. We want Revolution,, um like the one 7yrs ago w Iphone. Now everything is an iphone. My 7yr old has a better product than iphone 4
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok Some people forget that the hardware in Galaxy S 2 and Optimus 3D is the next generation hardware... The original Galaxy S had the same Processer as the iPhone 4
Pablo Aguirre
Pablo Aguirre Our apple overload commands us to buy it :D
Tomas Drexx
Tomas Drexx it will also have camera, multitasking like .... oh wait -__-
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones I would definitely give it another go. I currently got the Galaxy S 4g on T-Mobile and this size display is perfect for me. I guess it's that "sweet spot" they talk about. I would love an iPhone with this screen size
Ashley Tok
Ashley Tok lots of iPhone haters here. Its just preference guys. I've had an android and an iphone. honestly iPhones arent worth it unless its jail broken. NUF SAID.
Raw-drigo Crudo
Raw-drigo Crudo Iphone its over rated, you cant put it against to the Galaxy S 2 or LG Optimus 3D.
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio Nope.avi
Megan Pawlak
Megan Pawlak What I like about iOS is that there aren't a ton of versions. Even the 3GS and ipod touch get the current iOS4 version. Android has so many versions out at the same time the quality varies ridiculously. I just bought my iPhone 4 so I won't be upgrading most likely but ive had no problems doing everything I want. Apple makes up for not having flash by having everyone makes apps that are 10x's more stable than flash on the web. My big draws were weight watchers, Peapod, and various apps that need data such as the Cracked.com app.
Justin Medina
Justin Medina Hell no I give it a a year and a half Android will take over..
Char Frost
Char Frost Fixing the antennagate issue would be one if my biggest concerns. If they dont get their game up, I'll upgrade to Android.
Ai Nguyen
Ai Nguyen iPhone rules! Android wish they can be like the iPhone.
Matt Cain
Matt Cain Apple has to bring their A++ game with the next iPhone. Their A game won't cut it this time. I'm waiting to hear all I can before I upgrade my 3GS to an iPhone 5.
Jeffrey Vivar
Jeffrey Vivar Nothing from apple is worth buying...
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley Was it ever really?
Robert Newton
Robert Newton Um... no
Matthew Jamison
Matthew Jamison Apple has the best design can't really make it too much better. Android makes a new phone like every other week to compete with iPhone and obviously it's not workin too well. Team iPhone.
Stephen M. Knipe II
Stephen M. Knipe II Nope
Brandy Lemieux
Brandy Lemieux If you still have the 3GS, it will be. I will be buying the iPhone 5 to upgrade from my 3GS.
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams There are alot of iPhone haters here.
Javon Benimon-Jbee
Javon Benimon-Jbee @Charlie Pryor I think apple is currently losing this battle. Android is WINNNING.
Neal Daringer
Neal Daringer For the sake of the smartphone market I hope Apple brings it. This competition between Android and iOS is really driving both companies to put out their best stuff.
Neal Daringer
Neal Daringer @Charlie experience means nothing. You can't measure that.
Marcus NinersEmpire
Marcus NinersEmpire IPhone has a bigger display its called da iPad.
Adam Longwill
Adam Longwill was it ever worth buying?

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