It's amazing to look back at how fast Android has taken over. Entering a market full of powerhouse veterans and dethroning nearly all of them in two and a half years is impressive to say the least. Not only has Android grown in the form of software, but it has gained the attention of several reputable hardware manufacturers and even given startups and unknowns a chance to compete with the big dogs.

While all of this has been going on, we've been introduced to some of the best and most advanced wireless devices in history. Arguably the most popular Android device to date is HTC's EVO 4G running on Sprint's WiMAX network. Released on June 4, 2010, the EVO gathered a huge following, selling out in most locations in no time flat. Stock was in short supply everywhere for months.

I worked in wireless sales at the time, and to put it lightly, the months surrounding that device's launch were pure chaos. Even a month after the launch, we would get 20 in stock, and they would be gone within a few hours.

Even though Verizon claims to be the sole reason for Android's success, the EVO 4G and HTC have a right to a large chunk of that claim, too. Anyone who has paid any attention to wireless news over the past year is well aware of that.

The EVO almost seems timeless as it surprises many of us in how long it has “stuck around.” In popularity and sales, the device has outlived the expected Android device shelf life, and fended off numerous Android counterparts for the crown.

The first flagship Android phone we saw after the launch of the EVO was the Motorola Droid X in July. Sharing many of the same specifications and riding on Verizon's larger (subscriber) network, some of us imagined this device would make quick work of the EVO. However, that was not the case. Motorola's MOTOBLUR user interface was the Achilles' heel of the Droid X.

Shortly thereafter, Samsung's Galaxy S line came in both August and July. In several different forms and the 4-inch display with Super AMOLED technology, the Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate, and Epic 4G were bound to woo the market and possibly steal the crown from the EVO. However, Samsung sent these devices to market with Android 2.1 with the hollow promise of a quick Froyo update. It wasn't until recently that all of those devices finally got their taste of Froyo.

Next came the Motorola Droid 2 in August and the HTC G2 in October. The HTC myTouch 4G hit the market in November, and the Google device of 2010, the Samsung Nexus S, was introduced in December. In January we saw the EVO's smaller, keyboard wearing brother, the EVO Shift 4G. The HTC Inspire 4G and Motorola Atrix 4G have also released on AT&T, and the Samsung Galaxy S 4Ghit T-Mobile just last month.

Though all of these are excellent phones and seemingly popular among our readers, their launches went by without much hype in comparison. Even nine months after its release, the EVO is still one of the most highly regarded Android phones around. So what is it that makes the it less susceptible to Android's Law – or the dreaded short shelf life?

There is no one aspect that makes the EVO so great. It's the combination of several different benefits the phone brings. It was the first Android phone to wear a 4.3-inch display, its design falls under the very popular HTC design we have all grown to know and love, and it bears HTC's popular Sense UI. Sense UI organizes Android a little better, polishes the UI, and makes it easier for smartphone newcomers to understand. To add the icing to the cake, it was the first 4G phone to hit the States, and the plans on Sprint are about as affordable as they come. Starting at $69.99 per month with a $10 Premium Data fee, you can't beat that price for what you get.

Just like any device, the EVO didn't come without its faults either. It hit the market bearing Android 2.1, too. And like its upcoming cousin the ThunderBolt, it suffered from poor battery life. HTC was quick to fix the battery life issues and update the device to Froyo.

As more powerful devices make their way to the market, interest in the EVO will eventually begin to wane. It's impossible to predict how much longer the EVO will be the poster child for Android, but I think it's safe to say the title is rightfully held and will remain that way for a while. Or at least until the ThunderBolt hits shelves (if it ever does).

What to you guys think? Is the EVO 4G still the best Android device out there? Has another device superseded it? If not, what device do you think will?

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"Follow-up: Nine months later, is the EVO 4G still the best Android device?"

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Leighton Chappell YEAH. It is so good it doesn't even compare to the other phones because they are Crap( no offense)
Cory Kay I love my Evo. All it needs is Sense 2.0 and Gingerbread.
Pete Galluzzo Droid x all the way
Sirwarren Moreland Duh evo iz da sh#t
Patrick Finch The epic 4g is the best phone, custom syndicate rom overclocked at 1.2 and underclocked at 200mhz. Running on ext 4 partition, bench marked on quadrant at over 2200! Theme, lock screen flashed too! Seriously the evo?
Ryan DeClue I see a lot of haters here giving thumbs down to Android and the evo, while giving either no valid reasons why, or no reasons whatsoever... we call those people trolls. Somebody get me a +5 vorpal so I can make short work of them. :) In all seriousness though, it is insane to see the way people are talking about the amazing evo... especially you phonedog, SHAME on you! This is an amazing device. Stop applying the techy version of obsolete to it. Just because a phone is more than a week old does not make it obsolete anymore!!!
Michael Diaz It never was!
Sheila Mzunderstood Harris Ive owned all the 5 top smart phones through my carrier, my latest is the Evo. I have to say, it is missing Windows 7, and also the design on the back cover could have been better. Hut since I've had it, I haven't wanted a upgrade, and I upgrade usually every 3 months. Now tmobile has some nice phones too, but there service, argh. Verizon good service, but expensive with cheap phones. Let's not get on At&t.
Byktor Urvaes I think is personal taste, is definitely the best phone in the sprint network, but I know that there is a lot new android phones that in can be better than the evo, all depends what you looking for. The reason why the evo is so successful is because is no the best in anything, but is very good in everything, and I use to play with a lot android phones and the iPhone in the past.
Dominique House Evo Shift is much faster and more responsive than the Evo 4G & the screen looks a lot better.
Dominique House No in fact it never was. I've owned an Epic 4G, Evo Shift 4G, My Touch 4G & G2, all are better than the Evo 4G. They banked too much on the washed out 4.3in. Screen. I'm currently using my Epic 4G & G2 gave my son the Shift & his mom hates her Evo 4G. So I've had all these phones in home to compare. My Touch & G2 ftw.
Broderick Whitten I LUV MY EVO its my top phone for now.
Carl Johnson The ego is so overated. Too many force close on android devices. Great camera but editing pictures bites while taking to long to take pictures as well. Video quality is ok. Now I've had both htc and motorola android phones and they behave the same. Im going to the iphone next and see how it works. For now I have the big daddy droid x.
Troy McKinney I love my EVO I may not say It's the top dog still but It's up there and a few of the new phones that just came out with the same specks shows that It's still the bomb!
Jose Hernandez Evo FTW!!
Dennis Caunce Apart from the battery life, Yup!
Karen N Edgar Garcia Hell yeah it still gets attention. Watch out evo 3D is around the corner.
Justin J. Carrasquillo The best phone by far! Baby can't wait till they announce the evo 2 in a few days! It's coming...are you ready? I am! I love my evo!!!
John Cruz No because soon the droid bionic will come out
Zach Cline I would say it is. The nexus S is made by samsuck which automatically makes it a piece of shit. The Evo, HTC droid incredible etc... Are still some of the best android devices put there.
Marti Ruiz Galaxy s. Is the best
Angel Miguel Peguero Yes. Still.the king
John Smith track record baby.... have always owned moto phones over the years never had problems...htc phones battery issues not with the droid x...that's why htc is having such a prob with the thunderbolt, which is just another evo, that's coming to verizon but has been delayed several times due to what? batt life issues!!!!!people say Verizon is to expensive well so is Mercedes... u get what u pay for....but who's the best????? VZ baby.....need I say more>>>>
Joaquin Guerrero It never was
Zac Hooper Hell no. it lacks in so many ways.
Marcus NinersEmpire I will say all HTC fones r da best and wat makes dem da best is ANDROID. HTC ANDROID 4 LIFE
Dishant Shah Hell yeah!
Mike Tilton It is...it will be even better if we get the new version of sense
Jean Pacrim Droid x, the real DROID!!!!
Austin Holloman Droid X wins....
Paul Tancock I'm also waiting for Duel Core processors, Samsung Galaxy S 2 has been delayed in the uk until May - patience.....
Daniel Kavanagh Dell streak baby! Seriously....I love my streak....and its freakish size.
Marco A Sandoval Evo all day! Not even interested in upgrading this yr cuz I love my evo that much.
Naram Moshe Its ok but with the Nexus S and soon to b Evo 3D it will b decent.
Santiago Alexander Cruz For now, till they roll out them dual core devices. :)
Etienne Armond No, but arguably still "ONE" of the best!
Tony Abiama The Evo is killing it still, not many out there that I'd have over the Evo
Jesus Salomon The evo is a great phone ,the HTC flagship for sometime but new devices are coming,(inspire 4g with HTC sense cloud services ,the thunderbolt from verizon,phones that wear newer or fastest processors and very soon a sea of duocore phones
Jason McClellan I love the mytouch 4g with the cm7 rom... It's faster stock than the evo and with the cm7 rom it's that much better. Ever only thing people don't like is the screen size. It is also funny seeing people people say that, yes it is the best but are using the g2...
Kenny Flagg Atrix all the way. Root it and use TB to freeze bloatware. Perfect phone no lag. Especially with the Adeo rom over it all is the cherry on top
Robert Harper even the Evo shift couldnt beat the first Evo smh iphone mtyouch 4g WACK
Yasir Sohail Yes it is, but since we dont live in a perfect world, its on a shitty network.
Audrey ODonnell No. HTC sucks.
Ian Mcclendon @jackson getting ANY Samsung phone is a mistake
Darryl Mouzone No. I have seen the mytouch 4G in action and it owns the Evo. It's still a good smartphone though.
Cristina Uribe II owned 2 previous android devices , by far EVO Is best! Fuck all the other fones, iPhone especially, cuz all my friends have iPhones and those shits cnt even give us the right directions we got lost 5 times, EVO Sooo much better.
Dave Torres The EVO 4G will be taking a seat when the Pyramid/Doubleshot from Tmobile comes out in May. Doubleshot, get it as in dual processor.
Oscar Diaz no the epic is!
Roberto VIllatoro Fuck the evo I hate iPhone all the way
Ryan Douglas Evo sucks!!! Nexus S blows it out of the water!!!
David Hilgendorf @ Patrick the phones are pretty much the same size. Both have 4x3 screens and evo has that ugly big red camera on the back. As far as updates evo was out longer and yet the x is still on the same froyo update as the evo. If you got faster updates you would have gingerbread already
Steve Ludwick Nope. Atrix once the 4g is working...
Russell L Lowe II Not at all
Gainaako Munyal The people that say it's the best don't realize that it runs on the outdated first generation snapdragon like the nexus one. Galaxy S phones like the epic, vibrant, fascinate, captivate completely beat it out. The mytouch 4g, G2, evo shift which all run on second generation snapdragon processors also completely beat it out. The droid x and droid 2 global on their TI-omap processors beat it out.
Mike Mota When it first came out yes. It's just another phone to me now. I'll settle with rooted nexus s until something great comes out.
Jason L Naylor 100% yes and can only get better
Jesus White Jk it was great and development was good besides the processor nothing really tops it yet spec wise
Michael Beastmode White Mytouch 4g kicks the evos ass. even more so when rooted, custom rom, and overclocked to 1.7.....
Pan de Sal Was it ever? I'd of taken the Nexus 1 over the EVO and now the S over it. I'd take any Tegra2 phone over the EVO as well.
Jesus White Fastboot oem unlock ftw
Jesus White Never was
Mark Gittens Yes it is and I don't even have it but reconize itz still one of tha best phones on tha market but just with tha wrong carrier
Chris Ruben Avila its still in the running, companies are barely catching up to the Evo. EVO FTW!
Kent Masias Mytouch 4g...
Alex Godinez Of course!! That's not even a question all other android phones are behind as of now ! TEAM EVO!!!can't forget f@*$ iphones!
Patrick Taylor Yes...and it kills the droid x by a landslide the droid x is big and clunky and is missing features that the evo has and the evo is made by htc so u know the updates will be coming...if I didn't need a keyboard I would be all over this but I am completely happy with my G2!
Bethel Jacob Houston Mytouch 4g+cm7= BEST PHONE EVER!
Juwon Howard Half the people saying yes probably have never owned any other android device outside the evo so their opinion is bias
Luke Schumacher Yes evo is the best
Gainaako Munyal There are soo many superior phones from a hardware perspective. Three galaxy s line are far superior in hardware, the mytouch 4g, the G2, the evo shift, the droid x/droid 2 global, so many phones have it beat in hardware.
Israel Leiva I love my droid x. It would be even better with a front facing camera though. Battery is good even with live wallpapers running.
Ryan Lampkin Even though the Evo had 4g, I'll still take my 3g Droid X any day.
Tavonte G Drakeford Tmobile G2 is the best android phone out
Shawn Meadows I love mine
Miguel Rodriguez i love my evo. what i love more are the custom roms. and what i love even more , is that it's android. and i love android.
Juwon Howard For a straight touchscreen I would say so. I really want to see what the top android device with a keyboard is.. I personally have my favorite..
Ernie Shaw Ok for the shit talkers, if the evo is the building block for the 2 phones coming to at&t and Verizon both those HTC phones are made from the evo and wait till the 3d evo come out
Nathan Parks I always thought the nexus one was better. If HTC had better battery life and better cameras then I'd pick HTC every time
Robert Mathias Its one of the best ones. And for every person out there that complains about battery life, you are telling me you have an android phone with good battery life? All android phones have poor battery life, just buy extra batters.
Gainaako Munyal It's not the best on sprint even, the epic 4g is better
Darrell W. Crethers Mytouch 4g is the best android phone.
Jason Kierna Nothing compares to iOS and iPhone 4. If you respond to this you'll be wasting your time! Keeping convincing yourself that Android is better than iOS, but when you find your self in line to purchase an iPhone remember this post! You can throw meaningless statistics out there and compare 3G to 4G to 9G but at the end of the day iOS is the most seamless and fluid experience on the market. So keep wasting your time with android and remember I TOLD YOU SO!!!
Justin Swatchick Nope. Still takes Horrible video quality clips. That brings the phone down a lot.
Jabin George Can wait to see an evo with dual core with better battery life and improved screen.
Oliver Halmos-Risko no it is not
Rc Cavin It could be. look wise I like it for the most part but I still don't like Android. It's something that's to good to be true. It's amazing then it sucks. It does so much but their is so Much that could slow it down or make it crash so idk. Personal opinion I guess.
French Twist Android, baby. (You know someone was gonna say that, right? ;)
Mandy DuBose H-E double hockey sticks NOOOO!!
David Hilgendorf NOPE....DROID X
Shawn Meadows Heck yea
Hunter Remington No, still a great device, but I will take my Mytouch 4g over it.

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