Alleged iPhone 5 cases begin appearing online

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 16, 2011

iPhone 5 cases

Lately we've been seeing some leaks that purportedly show off the iPhone 5 and its iPhone 4-like design, and today more possible evidence of the iPhone 5's form factor has come to light. Cases that claim to be intended for use with Apple's next generation iPhone have begun appearing online, and they look fairly similar to something that would fit an iPhone 4. There are holes for the headphone jack, power/sleep button, camera and LED, volume buttons, dock connector, and, strangely, the SIM slot, but there's no way to tell if a larger screen will be included in the next iPhone by looking at these cases.

It'd certainly be easy for these to be iPhone 4 cases listed as iPhone 5 cases but, as 9 to 5 Mac points out, Alibaba posted images of an iPad 2 case that ended up being accurate in the past. Some folks may be disappointed if Apple ends up reusing the iPhone 4's form factor in the iPhone 5, but if they can squeeze in a bigger display in the design and bump up the processor, I've got a feeling that a lot of users will be alright with the decision.

iPhone 5 case

Via 9 to 5 Mac, Hard Mac, Alibaba