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Earlier today we learned about Sprint Direct Connect, the carrier's iDEN replacement, and now a rumor has emerged claiming that Sprint has already begun another network upgrade. According to consulting firm Gerson Lehrman Group and the folks at GizmoFusion, Sprint's "Project Leapfrog" is underway, with the carrier  agreeing to deals with infrastructure suppliers like Ericsson and Samsung to roll out service over the next two to three years as it phases out its 800MHz iDEN network.

Continuing with the Sprint rumors, GizmoFusion has heard that they'll be launching both the Bold Touch and a full touch BlackBerry later this year (we've heard end of Q2). Additionally, they claim that the WiFi-only BlackBerry PlayBook will be launching between late March and mid-April, with the 4G model supposedly arriving in Q2 or Q3.

There's certainly been no shortage of rumors claiming that Sprint would be moving to LTE at some point in the future, so it wouldn't come as too much of a surprise if they began the initial steps necessary to begin building that network out. Of course, all of this is still a rumor right now, so I wouldn't go saving your pennies up for a Sprint LTE smartphone just yet.

Via Engadget, Gerson Lehrman Group, GizmoFusion

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"Looks like LTE is coming to Sprint. Is anyone surprised?"

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Jason Mason I don't think the 4g speeds are that much faster than 3g,in my area in wash dc so if lte is faster then its all good
Steven Coté What about the wimax deivices Sprint better give us a free cell phone for LTE cause most people bought it for its new technology and now they'll up grade it and most likey wimax will go Bye Bye wich would suck if u just got a phone in december of last year
Ivan Woods I guess Wi Max is nt vutting it for them
Scott Showalter This has been known for the longest time now, albeit in rumor form. I have an EVO 4G in a place where there is no 4G. What sucks is that Sprint TV forces you to use their connection rather than your own WiFi. So the quality is terrible.
Cody Moore No because they are big copy cats cause they suc
Conrad Kovash About time...
Matt Weber @Rickyo they didnt test a verizon 4G phone in the test.
Gary Ballard-Toney Not surprised at all. WiMax on Sprint is not that great.
Rickyo ODaniell Those of you who think your Verizon smartphones are faster... think again. Verizon 4g actually scored the lowest in the latest PC WORLD testing... T-Mobile fastest, then Sprint, ATT, and Verizon. On the Netbook test with a 4g modem, Verizon came ahead - Sprint was last on the notebook scores. Don't believe me? Read 'em and weep, crybabies; http://www.pcworld.com/article/221931/4g_wireless_speed_tests_which_is_really_the_fastest.html
Byktor Urvaes I just understand why, I don't know how fast is this lte, but I'm pretty happy with wimax, my only problem is that I can't use it all day cause will kill the battery of my evo
Jean Pacrim Give us a 4g batterry
Oscar Sorto You got to respect my honesty. But Im only going to break your heart.
Matt Weber How much do ya wanna bet that they call it 5G
Rc Cavin No. First with 4G this was just the next step. And my 4G is great.3G is too never had a problem with either
John Villanueva Should I be?
Robert Olsen Nice move.
Jason Ramos Told you so
Anthony Douglas So now in OKC which doesnt have wimax will never jun on 4g wimax unless I go to Dallas or upgrade to a LTE device...thanks :)
Jeramie King Man people really are stupid and just talk out thier ass just to be saying something.
Aaron Couts Lousy traffic evidently
Mike Kennedy No rollout in Omaha as promised. I'm thinking about filing a lawsuit
Jonathan Carrillo Lte much better
Christopher Bailey @eddie Cobb why not? LTE is a superior tech. Quite frankly the only reason why Sprint went with wimax to begin with is because it was really fast to roll out.
Jason Phillips Cool so does that mean my 4g phone in a 3g area will me better. Expand faster coverage. I'm 20 min from Charlotte nc.
David DjDsour Goldbach Great move by sprint
Kendrick Taylor Did Sprint buy T-Mobile
Eddie Cobb nope not at all, smart movie in m opinion.
Brandon Meier I'm surprised but very minutely, they seemed to be doing fine with their original 4G network but more power to them I suppose.
Christopher Bailey my next question is how will this effect the sprint 4g that's already out.
Christopher Wesley Yeah. It seemed like they were standing by WiMax. Never had any experience with lte and its speed. Hell I never used 4g because its not faster. If they offer it then I'm getting it. I love sprint
Jay Fleet Its a proper network upgrade especially if 4G is going to be the standard for most carriers so...not surpised at all. Better to start now than later.
Phillip Walker Sounds like a desperation move to jump ship to a easily expandable GSM technology. Moving themselves to merge with Tmo? Clearwire and Sprint never really saw eye to eye they just had a mutual agreement to survive off Sprint's income and Clearwire's "4G" spectrum. Considering LTE is a GSM technology I would not be surprised if Sprint moved full LTE then T-Mobile moved to their discussed "HSLTE", give the spectrum rights to sprint, and boom the companies roam off each other for a year or two for all their customers to get "HSLTE" Phones and boom they merge with no tears or fears.
Joshua Bender Horton maybe 4g wimax will be 4g lte 2 support evo n epics
Brad Nielsen I still dont have 4g in detroit like I was supposed to, now this lte shit? Im about done with sprint. Payin 10 bucks extra a month for something I cant use.awesome
Zach Cline Sprint sucks
Gabriel Fernandez No.. I'm not surprised. WiMax wasn't going to make it very far.
Ken Scott Kletzin AT&T isn't crappy, Sprint & T-Mobile are horrible only outdone in terrible service by Metro PCS & smaller regional carriers....
James Stockett not at all
Fan OfDreaming N I don't think that it is so surprising that Sprint OS considering LTE; it does have it's advantages
Jamel Sankey So what about all the evos and epics people got....will have to go out and buy new phones for this Shit.....
Matt Weber Sprint doesn't have the most money in the world. I'm referring to them almost filing for bankruptcy more than a few times. They've put so much $$$ into wimax. I really don't think they can afford to make the switch. They should just upgrade to wimax2 and call it good
Julius Mawoussi All carriers are following each other.
Daniel Bogarin verizon 4g is still gona be better tho, sprint is gona be second and then at7t wit der crappy service
Curt Popejoy that sprint/tmo combined network is going to be beefy.
Daniel Bogarin nooo, it was bound to happen
Victor Rios Nope now they'll follow in Verizon's footsteps and fail! Lol

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