HTC ThunderBolt

Android smartphones.  They're a dime a dozen these days, but the HTC ThunderBolt is quite the looker, and it's no slouch under the hood.  With a 1 GHz next-generation Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch display, 8-megapixel camera, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, Android 2.2 with HTC Sense 2.0, and the ability to access Verizon's blazing fast 4G LTE network, it's the best smartphone on Verizon, despite the exorbitant $249.99 price tag (and a wallet-busting $599.99 for those purchasing without a contract).

That said, there are more LTE smartphones on the way, and they're dual-core devices, which may force the HTC ThunderBolt onto a pathway to obsolescence.  Keeping all of that in mind, did you bite the bullet and purchase the ThunderBolt today?  Or perhaps you're holding off for another LTE device?  Do you even care about Android?  Throw your vote into the pot (it is St. Patrick's Day, after all), and comment on your decision below!

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"Poll: Did you buy the HTC ThunderBolt today?"

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Jamaine Bond nope dont like waiting on the samsung galaxy s2
Tony Fischer Nope, ive had mine for about 8 months now, its called the EVO.
Matt SnowPaw Dalton *waits for PreĀ³*
Flako Ramirez Hell yeaaaaa and it rocks
Christopher Thompson Waiting for the bionic. Maybe droid 3 if going back to a keyboard fancies me.
Steven Quinlan Still happy with my evo, and Verizon is to expensive
Rob Woods Negative.....HTC evo is the king
Casey Lovell Nope, have friends that did though
Jamel Pegues I want this phone but I'm stuck on sprint bout to be in debt cuz ima have to go to verizon
Carina Capuli Kagan Yes! My husband is bedided himself this morning when he got the email. Now, he is like a little boy on Christmas day...sheesh!
Joe Garcia HTC evo all the way
Andrew Parrilla no but maybe getting it in 2 years
Gerardo Ortega Can't wait for the EVO 3D coming very soon and going to smoke the bionic and the thunderbolt at the same time.
Danny Giang Nope id rather have the droidx
M.j. Magee Nope I brought a laptop instead
Beth Smith-Resnik Tip and loving it
Ron Bragg Duh! Winning!
Onix Rodriguez The best part I like from the article is this one: "Android smart phones. They're a dime a dozen these days...". All against only one, iPhone 4 and still no match for it...
Samuel Lytle Nope instead I bought faygo ftw.
Sam Rick No...lame device with 2011 standards.
Kevin Henderson Hello yea. I'm posting from it shit faced on st. Pattys day!!!
David Hore Will b this weekend hopefully
Norleena Davies why would go to the iphone4 from a droid x, man ur an idiot talk about a major downgrade.lol ha ha ha.
Norleena Davies nope waiting for the samsung 4g lte or samsung galaxy s2
Kelvin Reid Just got it and I must say I am quite impressed with the download speeds I'm locked in no matter what phones comes out after this GOOD JOB VERIZON
Carlos Roldan No way jose!!!
Michael Jarvis I've had an LTE phone since before Christmas...MetroPCS!
Jeff Jay Yup love it!
Alex Shubert iPhone 5
Lance Johnson GOT IT! Love it 100X's more than my damn Crapberry. Finally got it activated after 3 hours was the only downside, but hey I waited this long. Cant wait to try 4G when I get to Orlando next time.
Bob Fitzgerald Not yet.. but will in January when my upgrade is ready.. unless HTC comes out with a better phone by then.
James Shurtleff But of course, switched from the Inspire "4g"
Kenneth Moody Nope. Had the droid x but rocking the iPhone 4 now!
Izgil Mardahayev Enough swapping out the batteries with the Incredible every damn day. Waiting for Droid Bionic.
Marti Ruiz noo look great but im on t mobile im wainting t galaxy s 2
Kevin Scoggins No, just got an Incredible a couple months ago and and afford it at full price :(
Emilio Rivera Yes I did. Love it. Had a Droid X, but this works for me!
Luis Robles Figueroa No... I am not in the Verizon network but like the phone. Eventhou it has battery issues
Ele Garcia Nope my evo shift is all I need until contract is up or evo 2 comes out..3g speeds are already fast enough on this device plus 4g kills the battery in no time!!!
Alex Simmons No but I will later...
Michael Forbes No no 4g coverage here n no netflix waiting for better stuff
Jory Simonds Hell yes and its blazing fast
Lupie Lupie Ash No still sticking w/ Droid X :)
Jean Pacrim Hell no!!!!!
BigChuck Rossetti I ain't wasting money on old evo technology wrapped in a new case... if you're gonna upgrade why not get the latest processor... I still have an original Droid rooted and overclocked running stable at 1.25ghz and the thunderbolt couldn't play a youtube video as fast as mine.... not impressed with that at all
Jeremy Black Heck no, blackberry for life, who needs 100000 apps that do the same thing. When most folk use like 3-4. Plus bberry has the best notification system
Walton Siler Jones Yes, iPhone killer all the way its what I switched from and the thunderbolt is 10 times better
Dylon Douglas Friend did.
Mark Balcher Now vzn customers will realize what the evo and epic hype is all about. Until Sprint jumps back out in the lead with another groundbreaking device.
Lupita Guzman I went to go see it but can't decide because I have my sumsung and it works good but is it worth it to change it for the thunderbolt? ;)
Blair Henning Yes!!! Love it!
Molly Thayn HelloMoto Bionic is the 1 4 me
Shawn Karg Yes I did love it.
Jeffrey Conrad Yes, and I love it!
Zach Cline @Roberto. iPhone 4 hands down
Gaylon Asha love my droid x.
Anthony Douglas Switching from our slow wimax Evo's to the Thunderbolt today
Roberto Villatoro I am stuck between to the tunderbolt or the iPhone help me
Nichole Maldonado Hows the battery life??
Chris Mojonnier !HTC EVO OWNS!
Nico Pajor Hell yeahhhhh HTC rulz!!!! :3
Kitty Foxie My son did he loves it!
Ethan Jantzen Htc EVO 4G ftw
Mark Balcher Why, I'm getting amazing 4g signal with my lovely Epic w launcher pro. Doubles as a free 4g modem for my laptop. Sprint ftw. I am a bit jealous of all that ram though.
Terry Nolting Nope, waiting to see what the Bionic has to offer.
Kym Lemke not yet, waiting to read all the customer reviews lol
Mackenzie Davis Schemel I did!! On it now!! On Facebook and on my phone at the same time on LTE. Love it!!
Ben Keen Yep!
Dallas Johnson Nope, I ordered the Droid X.... I didnt want to wait for this...ill get it upgrade it later on...
Jennifer DeAlmeida Nope. Stuck with Sprint. But if I had Verizon I would get an iPhone. ;)
Willie J Crudup IV I sure did! I needed to replace my old busted OG DROID with some new honest!
Monique Renee Heidenberg Nope. Y pay that much for a phone I can't even experience 4g with yet?. I wanted it so bad but I realized how silly I was to spend that much on a phone that can do what my phone does now with 3G service. Maybe after the price goes way down.
Karen Franklin-Jackson yes and it is nice!!!!
Glenn Stern yep! So far so good! Love the way it auto-installed all my old apps from the Droid's SD card.
Sam Platz Got mine a few hours ago.So far I'm quite impressed.
Becky Baker Reynolds Yea I bought mine $249
Shaun David I went and looked at the THunderbolt...Nothing special...I'm waiting for the POyramid to be announced next week
Julian Vaughn I did faster than my laptop speaker issues. Look into it phonedog.
Benjamin Gehlke Heck no techno
Shawn Lozoya !HTC EVO OWNS!
Musaab Black bought 2 ;)
Mike Miller Too expensive for me right now, and I'd like to see some more 4g phones on verizon
Ryan Rhodes yes sir i did
Nick Saladin lmao no\
Sunny Rana Yo shut up!! na im just playin and nice phone!!
Adam Longwill If I bought as many phones as you guys ask about, I'd need a utility belt to holster them all. And god help you when my Shaggy ringtone goes off.

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