Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept

Although there's no solid launch date for Nokia-branded WIndows Phone 7 devices just yet, we've heard that they could begin arriving before 2011 is up. Today Nokia CEO Stephen Elop reiterated that information in an interview with Reuters. Elop explained that Nokia is hard at work on the company's first WP7 devices, and that he's aiming to release at least one of those products before 2011 is up, even though another Nokia exec has said in the past that we shouldn't expect a WP7 handset from them until next year. Nokia's CEO also touched on their partnership with Microsoft, explaining that he doesn't expect Microsoft to try and buy Nokia outright and that, before the alliance was formed, Nokia considered adopted Android but ultimately passed out of fears that it would be too difficult to stand out.

There were concerns that Nokia's Windows Phone 7 handsets could be pushed back due to a rumored delay with the platform's Mango update, but it's good to hear Elop say that they plan to push a device out this year. Of course, now the big question is, will anyone buy them? We'll just have to wait until later this year to find out, but the renders we've seen so far look pretty intriguing.

Via SlashGear, Reuters

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"Will you be buying a Nokia Windows Phone?"

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Riduan Erikson Pasaribu
Riduan Erikson Pasaribu nope
Dave McLellan
Dave McLellan Nope I'm waiting for Verizon's iPhone 5 for my birthday in June ish when it comes out!
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee no i don't think windows phone is worth it anyway
Stuart Luther
Stuart Luther I have Verizon so I guess not, I'm hoping WP7 will mature so Nokia can be a player in the U.S. Market. All Nokia has to do is make an Xbox gaming phone. Every phone pretty much looks the same now, Nokia can make a unique phone that would appeal to the gaming community. Windows is putting a ton of money into WP7, Nokia got a sweet deal. My only concern is that it takes Nokia too long release a phone. Nokia makes beautiful phones, but they lack in Processor speed, this should change now that they don't have to waste time with an OS. Maybe they can incorporate some of their Meego ideas with Windows. I wish them all the luck!
Rohith Savana
Rohith Savana no.
Jun Yu Tan
Jun Yu Tan With good hardware and a nice OS, Definitely. :)
Christian Crow
Christian Crow Hahahahahahahaha no way , idk about you all but I kinda need multitasking
Javier Segura
Javier Segura Better than Crapdroid- heck yeah
Mitch Harris
Mitch Harris No way
Jovence Gunawan
Jovence Gunawan Stubborn Nokia, never seem to learn from their past mistakes. Let's bot buying any of their phones, such an ignorance and let's our voices to be heard. Lol, hated you nokia and mw7.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Nope only if it's HTC. The htc trophy is coming to verizon and it does look pretty decent. Im just so sick of android.
Talon Meyer
Talon Meyer definitly! awesome OS + awesome hardware= awesome sauce!
John Krinkle
John Krinkle Si al 100%!!!
Nick Koval
Nick Koval No nokia iz dead... Blackberry next than apple ifon
Nicole Yang
Nicole Yang Not really..
Kealy Gutteredminded Rolle
Kealy Gutteredminded Rolle nope dnt think so nokia has failed 2 deliver the goods from my perspective wit their very low cpu n screen resolutions..... but than again teamin up wit microsoft cud open up a huge window of possiblity. Well my hope are up for the lg optimus black! ANDROID ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Steve Tabaluyan
Steve Tabaluyan Nokia produces great hardware and still is coveted in developing countries, like Indonesia, Brazil, Africa. Wait...wait, before you curse me...not everyone is a smart phone user. They are still regular phone users out there. WP7 is a new OS and still has its bugs. I don't quite get why Nokia paired up with WP7 though. Regardless, the answer to the question is a big NO. I am happy with my Android.
Noel M. Rodríguez
Noel M. Rodríguez Nope
Andrew Bui
Andrew Bui Hell no
Huzefa Jamali
Huzefa Jamali Yes, but not the first generation
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters No
James Patrick
James Patrick Hahajahahahahahahahahahah. Wait ...you were serious?
Anthony Alecseenko
Anthony Alecseenko Yea after they bring a little more customization.
Ryan Lee Ayres
Ryan Lee Ayres I sure will, if it runs android.
Hector L Torregrosa-Ramos
Hector L Torregrosa-Ramos Heck No!
Ken Balich
Ken Balich No....the email support is lacking compared to Blackberry, just like iPhone and Android. I would love to get off Blackberry
Andy Ramirez
Andy Ramirez I have a few Nokia devices and their hardware is top notch. While Windows 7 may feel incomplete I'm sure Microsoft has the financial clout to fix/address any shortcomings. Afterall they did seduce Nokia with quite a large financial compensation. So this is definitely for the long haul.
Rene Rivas
Rene Rivas Nop... Satying with IOS. ....Nokia will be another wp7, what new can they bring to the table, only a sharper design?
Mikkel Thøgersen
Mikkel Thøgersen I already got an omnia 7 and it's awesome. And I love nokia hardware, the n95-2 was the best phone, until I dropped in the toilet :/ but the omnia 7 and wp7 is def. Doing the job :)
Michael Jacob
Michael Jacob yes.
Joshua Castro
Joshua Castro If only it where nokia android phone it would be great
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Nope happy thunderbolt owner
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Android hi end is the way
Saket Rungta
Saket Rungta no
Nic Kolas
Nic Kolas No
Noel Lv
Noel Lv Idk about the Nokia one ..but the Windows phones that are out now they seem to have pretty good ass features ..I was kinda amazed ..cus Evo can't do nun of that ..such as the netflix streaming .and xbox live
Willis P Nguyen
Willis P Nguyen No
Raul Toledo
Raul Toledo Nah.
Eric Brown
Eric Brown NO!
Marcus NinersEmpire
Marcus NinersEmpire Oh would I get Nokia fone nope. If not HTC standard not getting it
Douglas J Kmiotek
Douglas J Kmiotek Maybe,...this is the only combination that I might dump my iPhone for: Nokia+WP7
Marcus NinersEmpire
Marcus NinersEmpire Phonedog should do a thing who's platform better android witch is #1 or lame iPhone I mean iphone. IPhone not even n da top lol 1. Android 2. Android and 3. Android
Zhang Yang
Zhang Yang maybe if android stick around
Leighton Chappell
Leighton Chappell If it ever comes to sprint
Jason Weaver
Jason Weaver Nope!
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone Not me.
Wendy Wagar
Wendy Wagar I wish!
Howard Sherburne Sr
Howard Sherburne Sr KNOT?? Android -- Galaxy S 4G ++++
Ruben Casillas Jr
Ruben Casillas Jr Had a Windows Phone for a little over a month ans hated it. Had Android since the G1 and never leaving it again!
Imani Jamil Franklin
Imani Jamil Franklin As long as it works with PC and Ovi Suite and I can backup everything as I do now and I can use my custom ringtones I don't see why one won't be in my hands. BUT I still gonna get the N950 long as they do that right.
Will Gonzalez
Will Gonzalez Hell no......... Nokia should have pick android............
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz No. Absolutely no.
Jack Willis
Jack Willis yes w7 on a nokia sick
Dharry Mejico Fraga
Dharry Mejico Fraga Yes by a heartbeat. Change is always welcome with me:)
Dave Trivino
Dave Trivino No.
Jason Allison
Jason Allison I recently moved from an over-apped, battery killing HTC G2 to a Dell Venue Pro, and I have to say WP7 isn't a finished product, but niether was Android 1.5 on my G1. It's a fluid, stable OS that's not bogged down by useless widgets. the Zune interface and Zune pass is worth the money, I have to admit, I've become a fan.
Pamela Segelhorst
Pamela Segelhorst I love my zune HD. I plan to get a wifi android tablet and the Nokia WP7. Please let it be on Verizon and have a kickass camera.
Jv Iar
Jv Iar i heard one was going to be very very cheap
Laurence Kit de Castro
Laurence Kit de Castro if it's incredibly cheap, then yes.. :D
Paul Hooker
Paul Hooker the RnR people already declared the deal will take up to two years though so how's he going to bang em out without it all set up?
Marc Hill
Marc Hill No
Dillon Blair
Dillon Blair No.. The Pre3 will be my next phone
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Ya I wll surely get one.... In fact I m waiting for it's launch, I m really excited what Nokia and Microsoft can do together........ Nokia makes really good phones, and with Microsoft going the apple way with their Mobile OS we can expect quick updates and good OS.........and with mango update coming by fall this yr. Microsoft wll move over most of restrictions they put there in first place.......
Rafael Ache
Rafael Ache I have owned G1, Blackberry Curves, Nokia N95, Nokia N86, Samsung Omnia I8910 HD, Nexus One, Touch Pro 2, HTC HD2, Samsung Vibrant, and currently a Nexus S. Will pick up the G2X next month, all while waiting for a Dual core Nokia Windows phone. I know phones in and out, over clocking kernels, custom roms it all gets old. Don't need 2 billion worthless apps they also get old. What wont get old is xbox 360 content and zune library on a Nokia build phone.
Chris Mathews
Chris Mathews No. EVO All the way!
Joe Black
Joe Black No way...!!!!!
Arun Perregattur
Arun Perregattur Yes will buy and load Android on it because Nokia has the best hardware.
Richard Neil Lund
Richard Neil Lund No, it seems as though they may make some good phones soon. It's a big risk imo, given the poor start wp7 has had so far. I don't see mass adoption to wp7 happening. Nokia's going to have to provide something amazing hardwarewize that would put them above the curve (I.e. Week long talktime battery life, 20mp 3D camera, etc). The software alone won't help. I'll be watching, but won't put my money down for one.
Dave Uchiha
Dave Uchiha May be..
Maurice Hall
Maurice Hall If it doesn't suck.... maybe
Anthony Mcfarland
Anthony Mcfarland If one comes to sprint yeah
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez is this a joke?
Jason Chappell
Jason Chappell Double No!!!
Rafael Ache
Rafael Ache For sure
Shylo Desloovere
Shylo Desloovere Staying with bberyy :)
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull And most people dont care if they spell it correctly, jus textn on a post from a phone most likely, and who spells correctly when on da phone
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull Prolly get the Evo 3d if it really comes out wphones are to boring for me, i dont wanna look at lego blocks or whatever that crap is
Zane Fairbanks
Zane Fairbanks Also - if you can't spell, you probably shouldn't have a smartphone.
Zane Fairbanks
Zane Fairbanks The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. If you have never even used a WP7 phone you most likely don't have any right to say "No- Windowz phons suck. I love andRoid! Get androiD! I'm an iPhone fanboi! iOS is the best!"
Ellery Arellano
Ellery Arellano Yes I would buy a Nokia with windows 7 ... then root it to run Android. ;)
Noah Fechter
Noah Fechter Nooope.
Jean Pacrim
Jean Pacrim You all obviously dont know what you talking about, nokia chose WP because it is the best platform for them, although Android is the most popular right now,it doesn't make it better choice for nokia, Android is full of features put together with manufacturers widgets with carriers widgets, there's no control from Google, its full of fragmentation. On the other hand windows phone has a lot of restrictions, msft has a tight control on its platform wich makes the os non glitchy, non sluggish, and slow,. Some one said wp7 is a move back from winmo, I say you are wrong!!!!! Nokia is the n0.1 phone maker in the world just FYI. Zune hardware is still alive, and the Zune software is perfectly integrated to wp7os.hd7,droid x here
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León No
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson If the N8 had WP7 on it I would have swiped one up a long time ago...
Diggy Bui
Diggy Bui In 4 words .... "hell to the no"
Frank Rivera
Frank Rivera Hells no!
Cory Wood
Cory Wood hahaha! NO! wait..........still no! What free!!! Um NO!! haha! NO! I truely feel sorry for anyone that does get one.
Wilhelm Haas
Wilhelm Haas ...No... stick with Android...
Jasé Phillip
Jasé Phillip @Mj williams your re right verizon took android to that next level like att did for apple google should of preserve there os it would of been a better competitor to ios ...
Mike Chiou
Mike Chiou Ha ha... no way!
Israel Leiva
Israel Leiva Windows and Nokia are both lame.
Jamille Browne
Jamille Browne I didn't buy an HTC nor a Motorola or Samsung windows phone so why the hell would a Nokia windows phone make a difference to me? Who on earth buy a phone just because its made by a certain manufacturer?? well except for those millions of people who buy apple products because they are associated with "luxury" but Nokia doesn't have that kind of name in america
Lee Hopkins
Lee Hopkins i would take one for free. but i would never buy one.
Jourdan Fletcher
Jourdan Fletcher Hell no!!!! Once you've gone android there ain't no other OS
Paul Kim
Paul Kim I will never buy a windows phone or iphone ever....android rules.....
Lee Hopkins
Lee Hopkins no
Brian J. Moore
Brian J. Moore Nope.
Alvaro Valdez Gonzalez
Alvaro Valdez Gonzalez MAYBEE
Mj Williams
Mj Williams json its been like 7 months...it took two+ iterations of android before android became popular and in part the popularity lies in verizon advertising sectioning the population that was so anti apple. I would buy any device with strong homebrew development

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