T-Mobile G2x supports AT&T's 3G/4G bands?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 22, 2011

T-Mobile G2x AT&T 3G 4G bands

When T-Mobile announced the G2x earlier this morning, they touted its 4-inch 800x480 display, Tegra 2 core, and HSPA+ speeds. After examining the device on T-Mo's site, though, there's one feature that Magenta failed to mention that may be one of the most exciting to potential customers. The G2x is listed as supporting both T-Mobile's AWS/2100 bands for 3G/4G, but the page also lists the 850/1900 bands that AT&T uses for its HSPA+ network. This has lead many to speculate that T-Mo may be future-proofing its devices, prepping them to work on both T-Mobile and AT&T's high-speed networks.

After hearing AT&T explain yesterday that owners of T-Mo 3G devices will eventually stop getting a 3G signal, there were quite a few users that were understandably peeved. It's not clear if this'll become a trend or not, but if T-Mobile can stuff AT&T-compatible bands into at least some of its handsets, I bet customers would be a little less hesitant to buy a new phone from them. What do you all think? If you could buy a T-Mobile phone knowing that it'd work with AT&T's 3G/4G networks later on down the line, would you?

Via TmoNews, T-Mobile

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