The NoDo update is coming!

Darren Humphries
Columnist from  Oshawa, ON Canada
| March 25, 2011

NoDo update

In the last couple days users in parts of Europe with unbranded Windows Phones have been getting the much-anticipated NoDo update.  At the time I am writing this there is no schedule on who is getting the update and when but it will be slowly rolled out to keep from overloading servers.  Actually, is there really a threat of overloading servers considering the number of Windows Phones sold?  I suppose that depends on the servers.

Last month Microsoft pushed out it's first update, and it wasn't exactly smooth.  To be fair there were only a small percentage of users, specifically Samsung owners, that had problems with the update but the roll out was VERY slow, leaving users a bit frustrated.  For Microsoft's sake I hope things go more smoothly this time, encouraging them to bring updates more quickly.

The "NoDo" update is the one including cut and paste along with faster load times for apps, improvements to Marketplace searches, improved WiFi and new Facebook syncing capabilities.  Certainly nothing earth shattering about this update but they are welcome changes.

There is also nothing in this update that will bring in the masses; it's really more to appease current owners.  While most have been talking about the cut and paste feature I have to think the faster load times for apps will be a much more welcomed addition.  Either way, this is a tiny bit of polish on Microsoft's mobile OS and it will take a LOT more to bring in new users in quantity.  Perhaps by the time the next update comes later in the year and we see new hardware from Nokia there will be a bit more excitement over Windows Phone again.

The update later this year will include fast task switching (in lieu of multitasking) with some new backgrounding capabilities.  The changes sound great but with this big update being so far down the road you have to wonder what the competition will trot out in the meantime.  Microsoft needs to roll out updates and new features at a much faster pace if they want to get ahead of some very tough competition.

Hey, I'm still looking forward to seeing how much the NoDo update will change the Windows Phone experience but I'm not expecting much.  Of course, that's not keeping me from plugging my phone into my computer to check for the update every 5 minutes...

Sound off in the comments if you have the update and let us know what you think.

(Image via TechPetals)