One of the biggest issues with Android to date is the painfully slow update process and fragmentation. While the fragmentation issues are slowly dissipating, updating remains an agonizing process. For those not daring enough to test out custom ROMs, waiting on the next official version of Android can be a long, frustrating wait.

Froyo, or Android 2.2, was released back in May of 2010. Only three months later, HTC's EVO 4G was updated to Froyo. This, in actuality, was a very quick update. Several other devices also followed rather quickly in late August like the original Droid and HTC Incredible, and the Droid X in September.

Samsung's Galaxy S series, however, is another story all in itself. It wasn't until 2011 that the Galaxy Series in the US got their official Froyo updates after months of hollow promises. And just this Monday, the Epic 4G finally got its dose of Frozen Yogurt.

Now we are on to Android 2.3, or Gingerbread, which was released by Google back in December. Unlike the Froyo update, we are nearly four months past its release and are just now hearing rumors of devices being due to get their Gingerbread updates. The Droid X is said to be getting its dosage as soon as next week, and the XPERIA X10 should be updated "later this year,” referencing a Q2 or Q3 time frame.

It will be interesting to see if Motorola will be the first to update one of their devices to Gingerbread. We all would have expected HTC to be leading the pack to 2.3, seeing as they've generally been the fastest about updating. HTC upgraded 50% of their eligible phones to Froyo in 2010, which is a lot more than any other manufacturer can say. Motorola followed with a measly 15.4%, Samsung came in third with 11.1%, and Sony Ericsson, LG, and Dell upgraded a whopping 0% of their devices to Froyo in 2010.

We were whole-heartedly hoping – only half-believing – that manufacturers would be getting better with their update processes. But with no word from HTC and Samsung just finishing up their Froyo update, it appears as if this will be another round of a spread out update process.

The bigger problem is, Google is churning out updates faster than the carriers and manufacturers are able to release them. There are rumors suggesting that Google's Ice Cream Sandwich update will hit sometime this summer, which would undoubtedly be long before many devices even see Gingerbread. This would only add to the frustration, considering most Android users would be two versions behind the most current build.

If rumors hold true, we might just see an official build of Gingerbread on a non-Nexus device as soon as next week. I feel the rumor is a bit flimsy, but there is still hope. What do you guys think? Will the Droid X be the first non-Nexus Android device with an official build of Gingerbread? Will it happen next week?

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"Where are our Gingerbread updates?"

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Mohamed Ibrahim Fouad Rahal That is why i will buy a Google phone like nexus to get updates quickly :D:D
DeMonte Greene Wen is 2.3 coming for the evo 4g
Prabhath Jay yeah ..
Jith Raj @Nitin: how did u get gingerbread for your desire?
Gainaako Munyal Some Of us are still waiting on froyo (samsung galaxy s fascinate)
Robert Simmons I just flashed Jujubee onto my mytouch 4g.
Mike Jaros @george but i am not locked to itunes. Winning....
George Espinosa @ Carmen - haha...so true!
Nic Gruwell Don't buy an android phone if you ever want an update without rooting your phone..
Jp Morais Cyonogen on evo with wimax working. Dont really care right now
DeMonte Greene I want 2.3 on my evo
Robert Centennial Android is for people that want 4.3 inch screens and nothing to watch on it
Rob Woods My touch slide??!!!Wow get a grown up Android....LMAO
Adonis Reyes Evo with no 2.3 :( i doubt it'll get it
Enrique Pascual I have an android device but will always admire Apple for building a sable OS
Jose Pablo Islas I've been on gingerbread for a while now..thanks to cm7...funny how he can get all of these devices ported before the manufacturers can get even 1 done
Tony Abiama You tell me
Jarrod Lowe Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread... ALL good...
Brandon Johnson Funny how someone thats supposed to be happy with their ipad not only took the time to cime to an Android PHONE update article, but also posted twice that they don't care.
Daniel Shavchook Stop being lazy. Root and flash a custom ROM. They're always better than the ones phone manufacturers make anyways.
Mathew Alejandro I just got Froyo today and your all crying about Gingerbread?
Robert Centennial Who cares if it's on 1.5 or 2.3 it's still does nothing....sent from my ipad2
Robert Centennial Android is junk who cares w
Joe Corrao @Manny I have the same phone and am going on 1 yr with no support from T-mobile. Big disappointment.
Jarrod Lowe Rooted Samsung Vibrant running Froyo 2.2, Bionix v-1.3.1 ROM (Touchwhiz version) by Team Whiskey, Overstock kernel 2.0, Darkys RAM tweak and the Fugu tweak. Don't even need 2.3... Android4Life.
Zach Cline Mike I'm.not taking the chance of bricking my Droid by rooting and voiding my warranty at the same time And those custom roms are not the real gingerbread so its stupid. I would rather wait and get the real deal and keep my warranty.
Mike Mota If you complain about updates then you are wasting your time, root and install your own custom roms, it is easy and much better than waiting on the companies to do so. If it's that big a deal then do it! If not then shut up and enjoy what you have, I can guarantee that the large majority of you don't really know why you want the update or what is in it so don't complain
Nathan Parks I think a phone should be supported for at least 2 and a half years so that way you have a supported phone for your entire contract until you're able yo upgrade to a newer phone.
Manny Diaz What happened to the froyo update on the mytouch 3g slide?
Mario Gonzalez dang i got Gingerbread 2.3 on my HD2 along time ago. you guys need to research and do werk son!
Dan J. Quiñones Wow android users are spoiled :) if you want it faster, root your phone and install a custom rom using GB. Otherwise is it really that big of a deal? 2.1 and 2.2 are GREAT operating systems.
Brandon Johnson SE has ecerybody's gingerbread (apparently since they're the only ones to ship with and even announce 2.3 is coming to a phone from last year).
Penestro Jones I would even be happy with a Froyo update for my myTouch Slide which was promised many many months ago
Zach Cline Who knows. I'm waiting on gingerbread for my Droid incredible.
Jose F. Barbosa what do ya mean? I got 2.3.3
Dominic Jessup Reid 2.3 is not that special.
Marti Ruiz i dont know
Joseph J Richardson It got crushed by Apples iPad 2
NemOry Oliver Martinez spica user here, no update
Jose Medina My nexus one ate all your gingerbread updates lol
Joshua Bender Horton the bee honest with you, I don't know where my gingerbread update is for my htc evo 4 g on sprint is. I'm getting tired of them pushing it off and waiting and starting to get annoying.
Victor Rios That's what I'm wondering...I have a myTouch 4G running on Froyo waiting on Gingerbread
Alex Abawi Zydykd
Nick Claros fucking pissed off cuz of it apple isnt a bitch and makes me wait
Marc Forrest Well my galaxy s was suppost to get it on march 20th but now Its April the 29th grrrrrr
Esa Edvik Buy a Google phone or use custom roms if having the most up to date phone is important to you. Some manufacturers just can't handle success too well. I'm looking at you Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola...a year to get from 2.1 to 2.2 is just unnaturally lazy.
George Espinosa Ha! Good luck!
K-ManTell Aoyagi When's the 2.3 froyo?!
Michael Stewart i just got froyo and i'm happy as a clam.
Nick Saladin I was given up on long ago when I first bough an android phone
William Almes answer my question and maybe ill stop berating you guys!!!
Nitin Rai Htc desire running 2.3.3 with sense here super fast
William Almes who cares, yal dont care

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