HTC EVO 3D to gain a kickstand thanks to official case

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 26, 2011

HTC EVO 3D kickstand case

Sprint unveiled the HTC EVO 3D at CTIA last week to mostly positive initial reactions, but for all of the high-end specs included in the device, there was one thing missing that many of HTC's other bleeding edge handsets have had: a kickstand. The move surprised a lot of folks, especially since the EVO 3D and its big screen is a pretty media-centric device. The reason for the omission, according to Androinica, is that there wasn't any room after the dual cameras and battery were included.

Luckily, HTC is planning to rectify the situation by crafting a case for the EVO 3D with a kickstand built-in. The downside? Like the ThunderBolt, the device's charging port will face down while the kickstand is in use, meaning you won't be able to charge the EVO 3D while it's in kickstand mode. That's pretty disappointing, especially since most folks that use the kickstand will likely be using it during potentially battery-draining activities like viewing lots of media. Still, someone that's grown accustomed to the kickstand with a device like the EVO 4G could end up missing the feature after moving to a new handset without one. There's no word yet on pricing, launch, or if the final case will even look like the one above, but we should be hearing more as the EVO 3D launch nears. Is the EVO 3D's lack of a built-in kickstand a big deal to any of you potential buyers?

Via Engadget, Androinica

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