Nook Color destined to get Android 2.2, Flash, and more in mid-April update

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 26, 2011

Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Barnes & Noble's Nook Color has always been a bit more of an eReader than an Android slate — unless you decided to hack it, anyway — but thanks to an update coming next month, the Nook Color will turn into something that's a lot closer to the tablet that a lot of folks want it to be. HSN revealed earlier today that the Nook Color will receive an update to Android 2.2 in "mid-April" which will include Flash Player, Angry Birds, push email, and "Nook apps." There's not much info on what kinds of apps that entails, but we did get a sneak peek at a sketchpad that'll be included. HSN also said that folks buying a Nook Color from them will get access to the update first.

While most folks that want to use their Nook Color as a tablet have probably already hacked their devices, this should be a pretty welcome update for the rest of the NC owners. I mean, who doesn't love Angry Birds, am I right? Plus, with the possibility of Amazon launching an Android-powered Kindle/tablet in the future, it's probably not a bad idea for B&N to beef up their own device to try and attract more users to the platform.

Via Engadget