If you're the proud owner of a Windows Phone 7 device here in the U.S., you probably know by now that, while NoDo has finally been released into the wild, it hasn't been rolled out to any handsets here in the U.S. just yet. However, that could all change tomorrow if a report from TmoNews is to be believed. The site claims that the HTC HD7's NoDo update will begin rolling out tomorrow, although there's no word yet on how long it'll take before every HD7 in the wild has gotten its piece of WP7's latest and greatest.

Last we heard, the HD7's NoDo update was in the "Scheduling" stage of the release process, so it's good to see T-Mobile working quick to get the update out to its customers quickly. There's no word on when the Venue Pro's flavor of NoDo will roll out, but it's also listed as "Scheduling" on Microsoft's site, so it should hit sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you HD7 owners will let us know when NoDo comes to your neck of the woods, won't you?

UPDATE: Looks like the rumors were dead-on. T-Mobile just announced that HD7 owners will begin getting NoDo today. It's a two-part update, and you can find all the info you need right here.

T-Mobile HTC HD7 NoDo update

Via TmoNews, @TMobile

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Christian Crow
Christian Crow nope more crap from micro crap
Zi Wang
Zi Wang WP7 is like a piece of crap right now. No apps, few language support.
Lincoln Parker
Lincoln Parker Cant wait untill it hits T-Mobile
Jean Pacrim
Jean Pacrim I got my nodo already, I can smell Mango!!!!
Simon Kirshon
Simon Kirshon I bought the phone unlocked from some store on Ebay.
Simon Kirshon
Simon Kirshon @Chris Seaman, can you help me please? I bought the WP 7 from At&T but It's not my carrier. My carrier doesn't yet have a windows phone 7. How do I update the phone when NoDo comes out? I live in Israel
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Yes
Celin Juan
Celin Juan No, I have it already. Go HTC arrive! Lol
Chris Seaman
Chris Seaman In most ways that truly matter to me, WP7 has already caught and passed the competition. I've used "WinMo" devices for about 10 years. I've also spent some "quality time using iOS and Android (my oldest son has an iPod Touch, my younger son has a Captivate, and my daughter has a Droid X). But, while there are certain apps and features of Android I would love to see on WP7, the new OS itself is so far beyond everything else that there isn't even a comparison. Copy & Paste? Yeah, between my two previous smart phones and the two pocket PCs before them, I think I used C&P a total of 4 or 5 times. It'll be nice to have, but it won't change my experience much at all. The other enhancements and bug fixes will be very welcome. The big problem right now is the STOOPID carriers (AT&T, I'm looking at you!) and their pathetic incompetence. Just approve the update already!
Steve Moore
Steve Moore It's all personal choice. I've had them all. From the first Win Phone (when it wasn't cool to have a smartphone) to Ios to Android. WP7 shouldn't have rushed releasing an unfinished product. I currently use Android and it has its share of quality control issues too. You just have to find what works for you. That being said, when WP7 catches up to the rest, ill go back. So the more updates the better.
Craig Anthony Puckett
Craig Anthony Puckett I would be if at&t got off their behinds and certified it for release!
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone So many fanboys, so little time.
Rafael Ache
Rafael Ache G1,nexus 1,vibrant,nexus s,and kernels from xda to Team Whiskey. Nexus S oc to 1.7ghz and quad score of 4100. But after using an HD7 I made the switch. So "Android rules" from people that don't know adb sounds no different than the I-sheep posts.
Rudie Henderson
Rudie Henderson Is that for the HD7 or the Samsung focus?
Javier Segura
Javier Segura Heck yeah, and it does it better than any sucky Android phone...nice to see the Androne trolls out and about hating on every OS they can. No worries their batteries will die in the next couple of minutes, hope they get a chance to check their cute little email and weather widgets since just opening a real app takes 20% of their battery life ;-)
Mj Williams
Mj Williams tomorrow but its been leaked for weeks
Rudie Henderson
Rudie Henderson Does anyone know when NoDo will come out for the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile?
Kirk Lange
Kirk Lange No, who cares!! WP sucks!
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade No.........I don't have a windows phone
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore Does anyone know when nodo will be available for the Samsung focus
Brain Roopull
Brain Roopull Can I get it on my WinMo 6.5 phone? Oh... wait... it had copy & paste six years ago. Ahhh... progress!
KoDy Designed ByCrime
KoDy Designed ByCrime ANDROID FOR THE WIN!!!
Edward Lee Sims
Edward Lee Sims hell no
Ramon Quintero
Ramon Quintero Yeah I am
Ross Silva
Ross Silva i cant wait for some NOKIA wp7 hardware!! :D
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue Evo I mean
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue Ego 2.3 update you say? Oh you didn't... then no, I'm not excited.
Ray Sital
Ray Sital The oS is sweet already, honestly don't use copy n paste on any phone to much. I have the mt4g and the hd2. Not really important but im loving this phone. All the android users that are hating haven't sampled the goods yet.
Fan OfDreaming
Fan OfDreaming Not really. It does nothing 4 me.
Anthony Scott Pancurak
Anthony Scott Pancurak no not at all, the system cloud on it sucks, yet alone developement is horrible
Mark Gittens
Mark Gittens Not really I feel bad for people who bought tha HD2 knowing they were bringing out windows 7 in a matter of months and they weren't going to be able to upgrade..... FAIL!
Joe Gates
Joe Gates Windows Phone 7? Oh, the Zune 1 Phone. No, not really excited.
Nathan Kendall
Nathan Kendall I absolutely love my HTC Surround. WP7 is utterly fantastic and simple. I do not know why anyone would dislike it. I have no problems with it whatsoever. O just think it needs to be advertised a little better.
Larry Williams
Larry Williams yup.. roll out
John David Carey
John David Carey If it ever makes to AT&T I will be impressed probably bought another captivate with the luck there devices minus the iphone get updated.
Chris Seaman
Chris Seaman Oh look, the second-graders are out of school.
Jamille Browne
Jamille Browne Zomgggggggg copy and paste like I do that with my android
Jean Pacrim
Jean Pacrim NODO now MANGO LATER ...... Let's do thizzzzzz
Mj Williams
Mj Williams running nodo already its a good update and it offers a quite a few fixes
Jabin George
Jabin George Windows who. ;-)
Mike R Greco
Mike R Greco is anyone excited about WP7 yet? lolol
Jamie Spraker
Jamie Spraker What's windows 7? *snickers *
Steven Milton
Steven Milton first
Jackson Sanger
Jackson Sanger come out already...
Danny Menendez
Danny Menendez yes
Stefan Chapman
Stefan Chapman Can't wait...
John Cruz
John Cruz No I want the droid 3

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