Rumor: Revamped MobileMe to include "music locker" service and $20 price tag

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 28, 2011


Apple has traditionally charged $99 for a year of its MobileMe service, but how does a revamped MobileMe that costs only $20/year sound to you? That's exactly what The Music Void says we can expect to see as soon as next month. The site says that Apple has sealed a deal with Warner Music Group that would allow MobileMe users to upload their iTunes music to the cloud and then stream or download them to other iDevices, similar to the "music locker" idea that's rumored to be appearing in iOS 5, and that the company is in talks with the other labels to ink a similar deal.

While MobileMe has definitely enjoyed some success in the past, many feel that it's not worth the $99 that Apple asks for it. We've heard whispers in the past claim that Apple could be making MobileMe free, which would be the ideal solution, but I'm sure that more people would be willing to sign up if it were reduced to $20, especially if it were to include the "music locker" service that The Music Void details in their report. Have any of you used MobileMe in the past? Would you be willing to sign up for it if it were priced at $20/year?

Via BGR, The Music Void