DROID Charge, DROID Incredible 2 minimum advertised pricing leaks?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 31, 2011

DROID Charge, DROID Incredible 2 minimum advertised price

News on Samsung's DROID Charge has slowly been trickling out lately, with the most recent leak showing off the device's unique DROID red eye. Now more info on the newest member of the DROID family may have leaked, along with details on another DROID that we could see shortly after the Charge. According to a document sent over to the folks at Droid-Life, the DROID Charge has been given a minimum advertised price of $299.99, while the DROID Incredible 2's MAP is a tad lower at $199.99.

If you're a little taken aback by the $299.99 price tag on the DROID Charge, you're not alone. One would expect that Verizon will actually price the Charge at $249.99 on-contract like the ThunderBolt, but it's worth noting that the TBolt has a MAP of $249.99 and that's the price it's sporting right now. As for the DROID Incredible 2, a $199.99 price tag sounds reasonable and, considering how popular the original device was, I'm sure that folks will gobble it up just like they did with the DInc. Both devices may be launching within the next month, so we should be hearing more on them soon. What do you all think of the DROID Charge and DROID Incredible 2's potential pricing?

Via Droid-Life