comScore February 2011 smartphone platforms

Ready for your monthly update on smartphone platform market share? comScore just released some fresh numbers and, although the final standings haven't changed much from last month, there's still some interesting info to be found. As usual, Android finished February 2011 with a market share of 33 percent, up from 26 percent in November. BlackBerry continued its tumble, falling 4.6 percent before settling at 28.9 percent at the end of Feb. In third place is iOS, growing 0.2 to finish at 25.2 percent, only 3.7 percent behind second place. Finally, Microsoft and Palm claimed 7.7 and 2.8 percent market share, respectively.

As far as manufacturers go, Samsung finished in the top spot again with 24.8 percent market share, while LG isn't far behind with 20.9 percent. Motorola is in third with 16.9 percent, RIM took fourth place with 8.6 percent, and Apple finished in fifth with 7.5 percent. Apple did manage to see the most growth since November, though, thanks to the fact that the Verizon iPhone 4 was the most acquired handset during February.

It's pretty interesting to learn that the VeriPhone, which was essentially eight months old when it was launched, managed to outsell all other phones in February. That trend may not have continued into March, however, as one analyst recently claimed that the ThunderBolt outsold the iPhone at many Verizon stores. Much of the remainder of the report is the same as it's been in the past few months, although if these trends continue next month, expect to see BlackBerry and iOS trade places as RIM's OS continues to lose market share at a rapid pace.

comScore February 2011 mobile OEMs

Via The Loop, comScore

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"Will Android continue to grow?"

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Prasenjit Zankar yes the android will grow more and more and there will be an incredible increase and avability of apps from android market
Apocalypses Victor Oineza I don't like the concept that the android 2.4 ice cream is only for duel core phones. Will all the phones on single core stop at gingerbread
Brian Barker Ok, NUMBER ONE, almost EVERY android phone EVER made, has horrible battery life, the iPhone does not, I would think that the battery life of your phone would be a pretty important factor in terms of how well it performs, I mean, what good is a phone if you can't use it because the battery is dead, NUMBER TWO, the iPhone is literally the only phone that let's you FLAWLESSLY sync with iTunes, and I know ALOT of people use iTunes as their primary music program, so in essence, the iPhone is the only phone that let's you have 2 MAJOR devices in one, your phone and your MP3 player, I know SO many people who complain all the time about how they have to carry around their android and their MP3(BTW, that MP3 player is almost always an iPod touch and of not that, some other type of iPod), NUMBER 3, to all you people out there who say that you are SO SURPRISED that apple is still in the race when they only have, BASICALLY one phone with iOS on it, did you ever stop and think that maybe, since iPhone is so BADASS, it can take on about a zillion android phones at one time, by itself, and still come out swinging, I don't know, I just thought I would share my opinion.
Antonio Chong @Cody Sulouff: word
Anthony Alecseenko Ios is the Shit!!!! No really, it actually is crappy!
Nyt Walker Yes it is.....
Jean Pacrim Oh for sure, more law suits........
Breambeem Beem Sure, y not?
Kri Orbito yes! yes! yes!
Ahmed Alshaiji Yes it will
Prabhath Jay hell yeah....
Erik Bradford If Android developers can work out the notoriously bad battery life, HELL YEAH!
Todd Campbell Dumb question!
Dalton Aeschlimann Oh yes indeed
Anthony Peña Androids rule and I'm tired of those iphone commercials talking like their phone is the best thing ever when they don't do anything special.
Marti Ruiz si señor seguirá creciendo
Abhay Singh Rawat may be..........for some time...
Flako Ramirez Yup android FTW!!!
Teron Facey As the magic 8-ball would say All signs point to yes!
Steve Wyatt Actually my prophets will come from the intire smart phone line up since my accessory line is universal for all smart phones
Jesus Ramos Hell no apple is the shit
Steve Wyatt I hope to prophet from the growth
Marti Ruiz I love it lovet love it
Gerardo Ortega It will surpass apple if it keeps on growing like it is right now.
Marti Ruiz Apenas esta comenzando
Wutthichai Rit-Uan I love an android :+
Bridget Williams Yes. Andy is KING!
Lennes Shaw @Phonedog..... Is the evo 3d suppose to drop on june 4th? According to sprint web site
Zan Qairul Android will continue to grow! Where, Apple has the same old homescreen that will never change a boring device. But Apple's App is fun than Android. Where Android is IMPROVING its Android Market to a better one.
Tim Miyashiro Of course it will, since it's on 2058104720 different phones. I still don't see how iOS can compete with only a few devices running it.
Joel Diaz I hope so, although I'm seriously dissapointed with honeycomb. It looks like garbage threw up all over.
Chung Yew Android will continue to grow explosively, if not, exponentially.. iOS grows well because it's animations and transitions between apps are eye candy to consumers who didn't bother what the heck is going on anyway. If Android masters the sleek animations, iOS will be doomed. So Android developers (esp home replacement app) have an important role for Android's destiny!
Carlos Roldan Yes. Its better than iphone.
Richard Davis Android will continue to grow for the simple fact that it's on just about every device except for the apple ones. And STILL iOS is giving it a run for it's money. So go ahead droid heads celebrate with your crappy battery life.
Billy Johnston Yes I say that android is going to stay. .... it is awesome
Nick Koval Android all the way:) i had an iphone for a week and got bored....lamoe
Darryl Mouzone I say yes, although I have to agree with Cody about some of these questions. It's like PhoneDog wants to fan the flames and bring out the people who choose sides between IOS and Android like it's some kind of war.
Misael Oneill Jr. Of coarse android will continue to grow, but they must be careful on how they saturate the market. Fragmentation of their os is also a problem. Apple IOS, if u think about it is actually doing better considering it's only on 4 phones(all iPhones). If the iOS software was available for all phone manufacturers there would be no one even close.
Cody Sulouff You ask some pretty stupid questions. I used to like Phone Dog, but now it seems like your just making this whole "phone war" into much more than it really is. Just buy whatever phone you want...
Daniel Scott I just got an Android and after experience with the iPhone I wud say that Android is excellent and will continue to grow maybe even past Apple.
Marti Ruiz Of course
Chris J Is that a question. Android capabilities are limitless
Stephen M. Knipe II Faster and more than iOS and Blackberry and WP7
Melvin Mejia Who cares!! Iphone dominates all! NUFF SAID
Tim Gruber android is better hands down so yes
Corey Lewandowski I love how the picture used for this is an iphone xD
Jonathan Rash yeah android will keep grow because android device's have a lot more thing that apple does not want ont the iphone and i am a i phone holder and i am can't wait to get raid of it and steve jobs will never bet android
Joseph Thelmas Or five if you still count all the people who wont upgrade
Brad Nielsen Even as a die hard Android user and fan, I must say that iOS is doing very well just for being on one device.
Jason Wilkinson Cough Cough, Wrong Picture PhoneDog...
Mike Chiou Of course!
Stefan Chapman Larger than any OS...
Larry Smith Jr. call me crazy but anit android giving iphone a runs for it's money.
Joseph Gubbels @Kerleem Shah So you're saying that if iOS had a high market share, then iOS would have a high market share?
Monique Renee Heidenberg Yes yes it will.
Kerleem Shah Of course it will. If iOS was on 2323234234 different phones, it would have a high market share too

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