A few months back, some of HP's future plans with webOS were leaked. They later confirmed the leak by telling us that they plan to include webOS (alongside Windows) with every PC that they sell in 2012. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea. Who would want a mobile OS on a netbook or laptop? Then it hit me that this will only mature our favorite mobile platforms and help them flourish and into much more than just a "phone and tablet OS."

Running a mobile OS in parallel or atop a desktop OS can be both entertaining and useful. Even before all of this webOS news, I knew it would only be a matter of time before Android found itself being used on PCs. Though it isn't the first time we've heard of Google's platform running on a computer (Android SDK emulator among others), these newer methods are less like hack-jobs and more polished and user friendly.

One version is provided by a company by the name of CUPP. They aim to make use of an ARM – the ARM took the place of an optical drive in the demo – in an existing machine which will allow you to switch between a desktop OS and mobile OS by the flick of a switch or press of a button. As Darren Murph of Engadget explains, you could be on your last ten minutes of juice on OSX and switch over to Android, which might last another hour, two, or more. CUPP's product is expected to be out by no later than Q4 of this year, but there is no word on pricing.

The other method is by BlueStacks, which offers Android visualization – this actually appears to be more of an emulator of sorts – over the top of Windows. This method allows both operating systems to share utilities and drivers, which can extend the capabilities of the Android software. For instance, if you want to print a document while in Android, you can use the desktop's existing drivers to print. Currently, BlueStacks is only available in test form and comes without access to Android Market, though the test builds come with Amazon's Appstore to boot. Again, no word on any pricing yet.

As application support surges, it is giving mobile platforms a leg-up over our desktops. Mobile applications are more lightweight, less resource intensive, generally cheaper, and more abundant. As this trend continues and mobile platforms become more desktop-like, running these featherweight platforms alongside or atop a full OS will be able to serve a multitude of purposes.

I'm one of those crazy individuals that feel that mobile operating systems have a lot more potential than most of us realize. This is the first step in discovering what can be accomplished with the software. I don't expect to see Android taking the place of Windows anytime soon. But with as many PC manufacturers as there are that are making both Android phones and tablets, it is only a matter of time before we see HP's theory expanded to all PCs with several mobile platforms as bootable options.

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Michael Mita oh and FB lacks an Edit button ;P * EDIT: So, we would only get Games and maybe some Applications, which only will work if our PC do offer the required hardware.... BUT: If Android finally offers a more complex eco-system for their Android devices for WIN (like osx 10.7 may show) it really will be an alternative to any other OS out there.
Michael Mita Wouldn´t make much sense on OSX at least. Almost any new application should come to the Appstore to bring constan updates. So, if Apple lets an Android VM or native Android app is really doubtful (at least for me, you may hit me if i am wrong) Also, they´ll get 10.7 which will bring both of them more together. So in the future, there won´t be any place for them. Win really lacks stable pricey mini games. (At least it was like that when last time i checked) On the other hand, i really believe WebOS will have a HUGE impact on Win as well as OSX (yeah, even though they have mobileme and stuff)
Wutthichai Rit-Uan @Danyal/Tomeczek- be care full what you write then you will see which one is number 1
Matt Weber If I ran android on my mac. Would my mac spontaniously combust?
Tim Miyashiro Already have x86 support on my netbook. This isn't news.
Zach Cline Tomeczeck android has overtaken. Apple is number three as of now.
Devlin Robear That would be AWESOME!
Ryan DeClue I see Android being integrated into the next major ubuntu release...
Anh-Tuan Le Yeah it's called Chromium OS.
Matt Phillippi @Ivan Alvarado, yeah, I really hate it when PhoneDog grabs my head and holds my eyelids open so I HAVE to read the question/story. There really is no avoiding/unliking it. The only solution is to get super angry in the comments. Go you!
Chuck Xu That's how u know were taking over! Were infiltrating the pc world now..sorry ifail ur slowly losing grasp in terms of popularity and usage among the masses. Go team htc/team android!
Craig Duke Lion Jones @ Tomeczek gimp apple minion. Lets look at the stats who is the most popular os is it android or apple answer me minion
Tom Lis Android is a shitty OS.
Ivan Alvarado Phonedog shut the fuck up already, with your stupid ass questions.
Ryan Ruth I don't see the point.
Ricardo Contreras Jr. As long as the security on it is top noch
Jimmy Pop Hp and android were talking about doing something. optional mouse, touchscreen. it looked cool
Danyal Lkzn that will be shity
Phillip Walker A mouse on the android interface would be disgusting unless they do a massive overall and make it a bunch of crap hacks like what they did to honeycomb. Chrome os is there use it ElGoog.
Nic Gruwell That'd be gross
Esa Edvik Got android on my netbook, had it for ages. x86 froyo on a acer aspire one. Not the snappiest, but usable.
Matt SnowPaw Dalton Android on PC's? Copying WebOS again android?
Prabhath Jay it would be soo great
Adam Schulte please let this happen!

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