Many Android developers still feel that fragmentation is a problem, report finds

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 5, 2011

Android fragmentation

The word "fragmentation" has been associated with Android for some time and, although the issue does appear to be slowly getting resolved, a new report shows that many developers still feel that it's a problem. Baird Research recently spoke with 250 developers and asked them whether or not they thought that fragmentation was still an issue plaguing Android. After all was said and done, nearly one-fourth of those polled said that they thought fragmentation was a "Huge Problem," with 87 percent of total respondents viewing fragmentation as a problem. The research firm also found that developers thought that iOS was easier to develop for than Android, although both beat out BlackBerry and Symbian.

Although nearly two-thirds of all Android users are currently running Froyo, it seems that there are still plenty of devs that feel that fragmentation is still a problem for Google's platform. Luckily, we recently heard that Google is working to fight fragmentation by making manufacturers sign non-fragmentation clauses and forcing them to get approval for tweaks made to the OS. What do you make of this survey's results? Do you think fragmentation is still a problem for Android?

Via MobileCrunch, Fortune