Nokia holding Symbian-focused event on April 12th

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 5, 2011

Nokia Symbian smartphone event April 12th

Hold on to your hats, Symbian fans. Nokia just sent out invites for an event with a Symbian focus that is taking place on April 12th. Of course, that just so happens to be the same day that HTC is holding an event of its own in London, meaning that next Tuesday could be a big day for those of us that obsess over mobile tech (which, if you're reading this site, you most likely do).

There's no word on exactly what Nokia has in store for the gathering, but it's entirely possible that we could see some more of this interesting new Symbian UI that leaked out back in February. As usual, you can be sure that, whatever Nokia has up its sleeve for next week, we'll be covering it all for you. Until then, don't be scared to drop your guesses, wishes, hopes, or dreams for the event in the comments below.