Since 2007, Apple’s iPhone has had a pretty standard design element to it. While the back and sides of the smartphone have changed pretty dramatically over the years, especially in the revision that launched with the iPhone 4, the front of the handset has stayed the same. A standard 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, with spaces at the top for the earpiece (and now a front-facing camera), and a space at the bottom specifically reserved for what’s called the Home button. It’s a single physical button right there on the bottom that allows users to exit applications, or reach their home screen quickly from a different page. The home button also has other features, all of which is made pretty simple by the physicality of the button. Double pressing is easy and you know when it’s happened thanks to the feedback of the button. But, new leaked images suggest that Apple may be changing the Home button, at least as far as it goes on the iPod Touch.

The leak suggests that not only is Apple shoving a ton of memory into the device, but that the Cupertino-based company is looking to add a capacitive touch button to the bottom of the device. And while there are some differences between the iPhone and iPod Touch line-up, Apple has been making those differences less and less over the years. With that in mind, it’s not too far-fetched to consider that Apple may be thinking about adding that capacitive touch button onto the bottom of the newest version of the iPhone, too.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of capacitive touch buttons, simply because they can be activated without really trying. There have been times when I’ve been playing games like Fruit Ninja on other devices with capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen, and my swiping finger has accidentally activated one of those buttons and I’ve lost my game. A physical button makes an issue like that non-existent for the most part, and that’s one reason why a lot of people prefer a physical button. And it’s probably one reason why Apple designers have chosen to stick with the physical button, despite all of the iPhone’s revisions.

But, if Apple does indeed launch the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch with a capacitive button on the bottom, it could leave a lot of room for Apple to include a lot more interactive elements to the device, and iOS. We’ve seen patents in the past for touch and gesture-controls from Apple, and this could be the easiest way for Apple to include those features just below the bottom bezel of the device. That capacitive button could be used to open a whole new world of interaction with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Or, it could just be a capacitive button. And, if that’s the case, many people may think it’s a great addition for the iPod Touch, but would you want that type of button on the next version of the iPhone? Or would you prefer Apple stick to the physical button design, and leave well enough alone? As that old saying goes: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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"Should the iPhone 5 get a capacitive button?"

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Jiburn Back Just leave it
Facebook user We see a lot of phones since we buy used cell phones and my vote is for a capacitive button / track pad. Blackberry is behind the curve on most technology but the track pad is a nice alternative to navigating on screen only!
Marti Ruiz iphone need a back botton
Steve Doric Yes, physical buttons can stuff up over time
Kyle Lippard I agree w/ the Notifications sentiment, but I totally disagree w/ having capacitive buttons, if I cant help it, I won't buy an Android phone w/ one.
Joel Gomez Either capacitive or hard buttons there should be a back button. One button is too limiting and inconvenient
Kennedy Navarrete Com on on apple get with the game here okay if u r going to make a new Iphone make it better change the frame and a Around the home button have a notifaction geuster that has 12 colors like the nexus1 make it more customizable don't y'all agree with me ya apple is a pretty danm good company but it just laks some stuff now who agrees with me
Johny Alvarez No easier to accidentally Pres it
Mike Johnson No more button!
Mathieu Omoregie IPhones are garbage..you all get gipped with newer versions of the same damn phone with maybe a simple new feature that'd standard on android!!!! Android is life quit hanging on to what's inevitable.....
Zohaib Iqbal I hate the button.. always messes up on all my iPhones..
Tony Abiama I capacitive button won't save Apples destruction to Android /joke, don't kill me fanboys
Javier Segura I don't think so it would look like too many of the crap Android bricks infesting carriers today. If I want my iPhone to act like an Android device I'll only charge the battery to 35% and install a skyfire browser so that flash can ruin the web experience.
Timothy Klerkx Nooo..!!!
Aj Green No, to easy to accidentally hit.
Matthew Fleisher Battery cover release ...that's funny. And don't forget about the SD card slot, oh wait, you don't have one of those either.
Zach Cline Droid doesn't. And yes Apple does need to switch the design up. It was cool back in 2007 but not now.
Gaylon Asha Droid dose nuf. Said
Jannie Chan No! or no more DFU
Sam Rick Should I give a crap??!
Matt Phillippi @Josh Zhong, I don't know of a lot of physical buttons on phones that don't rely on software. Except maybe the batter cover release button, which iPhones don't have.
Marti Ruiz Icant believe .is iphone still alive?
Moaz Bambi Who still cares about iPhones beside grandmas...?
Wit BoonHan I like that part, trust a button which bring you home..
Josh Zhong Well, I reckon the button gives a sense of assurance, because you can trust a button to bring you home, but capacitive buttons are shallow and rely on the software, that, when it crashes, wont work. :)
Phillip Dill haha its funny because all the things yall iphone users are saying androids have it already.You want the best? then go to android, as simple as that, no jailbreaking or anything
Kevin Pizana What the hell does a button have to do with jb???
Adam Knutson I think that all phones should have a way to scroll around without putting your fingers on the screen. So maybe they need something dual purpose like HTC and Blackberry have in their track pads.
Aldo GaGaism it should if that can makes it better
Vincent Del Pizzo Yes. But it should switch to a resistive touch screen so it can be used with a stylus. Either that or a keyboard accessory.
Audrey O'Donnell It would make me consider switching to iPhone even more.
Kenny Hernandez Its like a button that you touch instead of press down on. Most phones have it already
Andrei Jelin Hell no! iPhone is iPhone!
Frankie Panda Gonzalez NOOOOOO!!! how about an LED!! notification gesture area...!! Come on bring in LED notification!!
Zach Sykes I don't mean to sound stupid or anything but what is a capactive button? Please I would love to know
Blair Hagen Cases like the otterbox will still work, they just need to put some type of conducting material on it. Aside from that, I think they should so us android users can laugh at them for not getting them till now
Jared Brock Yea a touch button that would be awesome and if it had a light on it
Karlton Sadang captivate design w/touchscreen features ?
Joshua Bender Horton Yea it would b nice
Nic Gruwell no physical button much better. customizable notification light would be cool tho
Basim Zaidan No, it needs a freakin' antenna.
Raj Karan are u joking mean we want better technology above than capacitive ?
Chris Carrucini Nooo, leave it, perfect the way it is
Kyle Knight No. I hate capacitive buttons! I think keeping the traditional Home button is a much better way to go. I think if they want to switch it up a bit, they should come up with new colors. Like a summit silver, granite gray, pearl white, and dare I say chrome. :)
Darryl Mouzone Apple needs to do something new with the design of the iPhone so I say yes.
Phillip Dill i phones are wack....Androids are definitely on top these days....the iphone needs a new design and some features that the top androids have
Nick Pederson Hey Oscar, apple was the first company to use a capacitive button I the g4 cube in 01!
Anh-Tuan Le Capacitive pad with gesture controls. Now, I know Android has had gesture controls for a while now, but the iPhone has to catch up at some point.
Adrian Fernandez No. Just put a light around it for notifications.
Wasim Mazahreh No, cause capacitive buttons piss me off.
Richard Davis Hell no. Apple should keep it traditional with the button in place. Adding a captivate button would make it look like other devices that are it's competition. There already rumored to have a bigger screen.
Matthew Fleisher Iphone is so old it needs a funeral.
Derick Williams The iphone is still to feminine I think.. The original iphones looked like a womans compact for make up and stuff. The newer iphone doesn't look as feminine but, it still lacks an industrial look or feel to it.. If anything I think they should take a que from the 4" phones.. the HUGE button equates to a lot of wasted space on the bottom and for balance, the same amount of space is wasted at the top.. I could be wrong, everyone has different opinions but, I look at the wasted space in the iphones and cringe.. other phones have much better total size to screen size ratios..
Matthew Shoop Multi touch gestures there would be interesting...but still gimicky, I was already not a fan of just one phys button on the iphone (besides power)
Alvaro Valdez Gonzalez yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am with you no more jailbreaking OMG :O
Brandon Foster Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! It needs a button
Conor Corcoran No that would be a plan to try and stop jailbreaking
Christian Crow Not sure how the otterbox will work ?
Matthew Shoop They are gimicky at best and unless there is some way to lock it, you may accidentally press it in landscape mode, I don't even like androids capacitative buttons but at least I have a phys trackball/pad button to press for stuff (on some phones :( )
Oscar Ortega They will say its just new and magical.
Ryan Hunter Yes, they are less prone to damage.
Rex Tippin JR Oh hell no!!
Hunter Monn Yes. Buttons are so 2007... ;)
Jason Vargas Yea. But not the sane old capacitive buttons we see on EVERY phone. I don't really like the iPhone but Apple does have a way of sticking out all the time
Phuc Le no, physical buttons are much more better
Carlos Quinones Yes. Too many times those home buttons break.
Christian Crow Yes this would be a good Change
Arvin Medina maybe, but that's just the trend, i think they should stick with the button :)

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